The Joy of Romance

I came to romance early. And by that I mean, I was interested in boys from the age of 4 to, well, now! At 4, my next door neighbor was Robert, who was an older man of 5. I would call over the fence, “Robbbbbbbert! Robbbbert!” Robert’s mother told my mother that Robert would hide… Read more »


Anne Staverton started life in a brothel. Her mother, beautiful and without a ruthless bone in her body, struggled out of the brothel and into the life of a courtesan. She was not very successful at it, lacking the ruthless streak so necessary to the trade. Anne, taken under Sophia Dalby’s wing, is determined to… Read more »

Lunch Hour Love Stories

Life’s fast. Days are hectic. Lunch Hour Love Stories is for those days when you only have time for a nibble of romance. These short stories, by your very favorite romance authors, are designed to be consumed during the school pick-up line and the orthodontist’s waiting room. Each and every story is an original! And… Read more »

Red Door Reads

What is it? It’s a coalition of successful and popular authors. It’s a place where readers can visit with authors familiar to them and discover new authors to love. And sometimes, Red Door authors (Reddorians), join forces to put together an anthology. Four of us did just that. Michelle Marcos, Deb Marlowe, Ava Stone, and… Read more »