Courtesan Series Cast of Characters

Sophia, Dowager Countess of Dalby: DOB 1766. Sophia’s mother (Elizabeth) is of the English aristocracy; she was captured by Indians in America and recaptured by a Mohawk of the Iroquois Confederacy. Sophia’s father is that Mohawk sachem. Through a series of events, Sophia found … Read the rest »

Historical Resources

I love research! Research is the engine that drives all my ideas and feeds my imagination, providing me with the perspective of the people of that time and giving me physical anchors to tie myself to their world. Without the research, I wouldn’t have … Read the rest »

About Sophia, Lady Dalby (Courtesan Chronicles)

I get a lot of questions about Sophia. She’s not a typical secondary character, that’s for sure. She’s my anchor character. Without her, there would be no Courtesan Chronicles because she’s the courtesan, or she was.

Sophia is half Iroquois and half British. She … Read the rest »

The Courtesan Chronicles Family Tree

Sophia Dalby’s family treeThe Courtesan’s Daughter

  • Anne Spencer: Sophia’s grandmother and cousin of Georgiana (Spencer), Duchess of Devonshire
  • Elizabeth Grey: Sophia’s mother and Iroquois captive, married Iroquois warrior: two children
  • John (1764), Sophia’s brother, married Kawa (deceased): four children:
    • George and Elizabeth
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A Trip to Mayfair

Pictures from a recent trip of Claudia’s and the setting for The Courtesan’s Daughter.

Mayfair, set roughly between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane, is at the very heart of London.

Mayfair’s expansive and handsome architecture has always attracted the very … Read the rest »

The Courtesan Chronicles Book Trailer

This is the trailer for The Courtesan Chronicles. Enjoy!… Read the rest »