About Sophia, Lady Dalby (Courtesan Chronicles)

I get a lot of questions about Sophia. She’s not a typical secondary character, that’s for sure. She’s my anchor character. Without her, there would be no Courtesan Chronicles because she’s the courtesan, or she was.

Sophia is half Iroquois and half British. She was born in the wilderness of upstate New York and lived in a Mohawk village for the first ten years of her life. Certain mysterious events ensue, to be revealed in future books, and she finds herself alone in London. She is very young and she is determined to survive; she becomes a courtesan. Perhaps the most infamous and most successful courtesan London has ever seen.

She marries the virile and exceedingly handsome Earl of Dalby, bears him two children, a boy and a girl, and lives happily ever after. Happily ever after does not last quite as long as it should for Lord Dalby dies. Sophia is more than able to bring her children up and see them out into Society, though having a mother who was an infamous courtesan and who is a devilishly provocative woman is not easy for them. Sophia is well aware of the difficulties her children face in having her for a mother, and she is able to manage things without too much trouble.

Sophia has a talent for management, to put it mildly.

It is Sophia’s skill at managing people and situations that forms the nucleus of each Courtesan book. While managing some young miss’s happily ever after, more of Sophia’s motives and backstory are revealed. By the end of the series, Sophia will be laid bare, her story arc complete, her own happily ever after achieved.

How many books will it take? How many men and women in Regency London need help acquiring the proper mate? That many books. I hope to be writing about Sophia for many years to come.

To view the family tree for The Courtesan Chronicles here.

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