The Courtesan Chronicles Family Tree

Sophia Dalby’s family treeThe Courtesan’s Daughter

  • Anne Spencer: Sophia’s grandmother and cousin of Georgiana (Spencer), Duchess of Devonshire
  • Elizabeth Grey: Sophia’s mother and Iroquois captive, married Iroquois warrior: two children
  • John (1764), Sophia’s brother, married Kawa (deceased): four children:
    • George and Elizabeth (twins—1782),
    • John the Younger (1784),
    • Matthew (1786)
    • Sophia (1766) married Stuart Trevelyan, 8th Earl of Dalby (deceased): two children:
      • John Markham Stuart Grey Trevelyan, 9th Earl of Dalby 1784),
      • Caroline Trevelyan (1785)

Earl of Westlin’s family tree—The Courtesan’s Daughter

  • Humphrey Sedgwick, 7th Earl of Westlin (1747), one wife (deceased)
  • Edmund Sedgwick, Baron Sedgwick (1752), unmarried, Westlin’s brother
  • Jem Sedgwick, 11th Earl of Ashdon (1772), Westlin’s heir
  • Anne Chester Warren (1782), Westlin’s natural daughter

Duke of Calbourne’s family tree—The Courtesan’s Daughter

  • Charles Reed, 4th Duke of Calbourne (1772), one wife (deceased): one child
  • Edward Reed, 7th Marquis of Alston (1795)

Duke of Hyde’s family tree—The Courtesan’s Daughter

  • Geoffrey Blakesley, 4th Duke of Hyde (1742) married Molly Adams (1752): five children
    • William Blakesley, 6th Marquis of Iveston (1773)
    • Robert Blakesley, 9th Earl of Cranleigh (1774)
    • George Blakesley (1775)
    • Henry Blakesley (1777)
    • Josiah Blakesley (1779)

 Marquis of Penrith’s family tree—The Courtesan’s Daughter

  • Augustine Aubourn, 2nd Marquis of Penrith (deceased) married Julia Lorenzi of Naples (1764): two children:
    • Gabriel Aubourn, 3rd Marquis of Penrith (1783)
    • Charlotte Aubourn (1786)

Whaley family tree—The Courtesan’s Secret

  • Baron Robert Whaley married Matilda Beckworth: three children
  • Mary Whaley (1757) married Baron Jordan (deceased)
  • Martha Whaley (deceased) married James Caversham, 2nd Duke of Aldreth (1753) two children:
    • Amelia Caversham (1781) and Horatio Caversham, Marquis of Hawksworth (1782); Aldreth has one child by mistress Zoe Auvray, Jamie Caversham (1782)
    • Margaret Whaley (deceased) married George Kirkland, 5th Marquis of Melverley (1742), two children: Louisa Kirkland (1782) and Eleanor Kirkland (1786)

Duke of Edenham’s family tree—The Courtesan’s Secret

  • William Austen, 5th Duke of Edenham (deceased) married Sarah Cowper (deceased), two children:
    • Hugh Austen, 6th Duke of Edenham (1764), thrice widowed, two children:
      • William Austen, 9th Marquis of Hillesden (1797) and
      • Sarah Austen (1799)
  • Katherine Austen Becklin, (1772) married Lord Richard Becklin (deceased), no children

Baron Prestwick’s family tree—The Courtesan’s Wager

  • Harold Prestwick, 1st Baron Prestwick (1750), one wife (deceased), two children:
    • George Prestwick (1779)
    • Penelope Prestwick (1781)

Elliot family tree—How to Dazzle a Duke

  • Timothy Elliot (1744) married Sally Adams (1754): three children
    • Jedidiah Elliot (1777)
    • Joel Elliot (1778)
    • Jane Elliot (1781)

Earl of Helston’s family tree—How to Dazzle a Duke

  • Ponsonby Thorn, 6th Earl of Helston (1736) married Yvonne Beaumont (1751): four children
    • Antoinette Thorn (1777) married Earl of Lanreath (deceased)
    • Bernadette Thorn (1779) married Earl of Paignton (deceased)
    • Camille Thorn (1782)
    • Delphine Thorn (1785)


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