Courtesan Series Cast of Characters

Sophia, Dowager Countess of Dalby: DOB 1766. Sophia’s mother (Elizabeth) is of the English aristocracy; she was captured by Indians in America and recaptured by a Mohawk of the Iroquois Confederacy. Sophia’s father is that Mohawk sachem. Through a series of events, Sophia found her way to England. Her mother’s family rejected her and she became a courtesan. She eventually married the 8th Earl of Dalby in 1783 and had two chlidren, John Markham Stuart Grey Trevelyan and Caroline Trevelyan. The 8th Earl died in 1795.

John Grey: DOB 1764. Brother to Sophia, same mother and father. John stayed in America as a youth, unlike Sophia. His wife is deceased.

George Grey: DOB 1782. Oldest son of John Grey, twin to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Grey: DOB 1782. Twin to George, Sophia’s niece. Her story is Taming Miss Grey.

John Grey: DOB 1784. Called John the Younger or Young.

Matthew Grey: DOB 1786

John Markham Stuart Grey Trevelyan, 9th Earl of Dalby: DOB 1784. Schooled at Oxford, Mark went to Paris at the 1802 Treaty of Amiens. Fearing that he is not learning what he needs to be a proper man, Sophia sends Mark to America with her brother John to learn the ways of the Mohawk.

Caroline Trevelyan: DOB 1785. Caroline married Jem Sedgwick, Earl of Westlin in 1802. Their story is The Courtesan’s Daughter. Mother of one daughter, Elizabeth.

Jem Sedgwick, 11th Earl of Ashdon and 8th Earl of Westlin: DOB 1772. Married Caroline Trevelyan in 1802. One child, Elizabeth.

Humphrey Sedgwick, 7th Earl of Westlin: DOB 1747. Ashdon’s father. Ashdon is his only legitimate child. He fathered many bastards. Died in 1803.

Anne Warren/Staverton: DOB 1782. Widow to naval officer who died in battle. Mother was Emma Chester, courtesan. Father is presumed to be the 7th Earl Westlin. Married Lord Staverton in 1802. He died in 1803. Anne marries the Marquis of Dutton in 1804. Their story is Much Ado About Dutton.

George Kirkland, 5th Marquis of Melverley: DOB 1742. Infamous womanizer, close friends with the Duke of Cumberland, Prinny’s uncle, who died in 1765. Widower. He is the last living member of Sophia’s raping “party” on Westlin’s estate.

Louisa Kirkland: DOB 1782. Older daughter of Melverley, once in love and in hot pursuit of Lord Dutton, she marries Henry Blakesley in 1802 in The Courtesan’s Secret. Cousin to Amelia Caversham and the Marquis of Hawksworth.

Eleanor Kirkland: DOB 1786. Younger daughter of Melverley. Deceased mother is Margaret Whaley. Eleanor Comes Out in 1804.

Amelia Caversham: DOB 1781. Oldest child of the Duke of Aldreth, cousin to the Kirkland girls, she married Cranleigh in 1802. Their story is The Courtesan’s Wager.

Horatio Caversham, Marquis of Hawksworth: DOB 1782. Heir to the Duke of Aldreth and Amelia’s brother. He has been traveling in America with John Grey.

James Caversham, 2nd Duke of Aldreth: DOB 1753. Father of Amelia and Hawksworth. Deceased wife: Martha Whaley. French mistress: Zoe Auvray. Their child is James Caversham.

Zoe Auvray: DOB 1766. She met Aldreth at Drury Lane theater soon after his wife died. They have been together ever since. One child, Jamie. Zoe is close friends with Sophia.

Jamie Caversham: DOB 1782. Bastard son of Aldreth and Zoe. His story is Encounters of the Ardenzy Heiresses (novella).

Mary, Lady Jordan: DOB 1757. Chaperone to Amelia, Louisa, Eleanor, sister to the deceased Marchioness of Melverley and the deceased Duchess of Aldreth, she is widowed and impoverished. She had a discreet affair with John Grey, Sophia’s brother. Her husband died in 1792, no children. Oldest of the beautiful Whaley sisters who came to London in 1778.

Jeffrey Blakesley, 4th Duke of Hyde: DOB 1742. Fought in American Revolution, father of 5 sons.

Molly Blakesley, Duchess of Hyde: DOB 1752. Boston Loyalist during American Revolution, father was in shipping. Sister to Sally Elliot of New York, aunt to Jane Elliot, good friends with Sophia.

William Blakesley, 6th Marquis of Iveston: DOB 1773. Heir to the Duke of Hyde. Married Penelope Prestwick in 1802. Their story is How To Dazzle A Duke.

Robert Blakesley, 9th Earl of Cranleigh: DOB 1774. Has been at sea with the Elliots, his American cousins. Marries Amelia Caversham in 1802. Their story is The Courtesan’s Wager.

George Blakesley: DOB 1775. Has been at sea with the Elliots, his American cousins.

Henry Blakesley: DOB 1777. Marries Louisa Kirkland in 1802. Their story is The Courtesan’s Secret.

Josiah Blakesley: DOB 1779. He is good friends with Markham, the Earl Dalby. He is also friends with George Prestwick and Lord Raithby.

Thomas Staverton, Viscount Staverton: DOB 1752. Good friends with Sophia. Marries Anne Staverton in 1802 and dies in 1803, childless.

Charles Reed, 4th Duke of Calbourne: DOB 1772. Widower with one son. Closest friends with Ashdon, Earl Westlin.

Edward Preston, 3rd Marquis of Dutton: DOB 1776. Marries Anne Warren in 1804. Their story is Much Ado About Dutton.

James Hampton, 5th Marquis of Ruan: DOB 1765. He is enamored with Sophia and harbors as many secrets as she does.

Gabriel Aubourn, 3rd Marquis of Penrith: DOB 1783. Friends with Markham. His mother and Sophia are good friends.

Charlotte Aubourn: DOB 1786. Penrith’s sister. She has been traveling with her mother since 1802.

Julia, Dowager Marchioness of Penrith: DOB 1764. Mysterious past that only Sophia knows about.

Hugh Austen, 6th Duke of Edenham: DOB 1764. Thrice widowed with two children. The mothers died in childbirth. Married Jane Elliot, American, in Daring A Duke.

Katherine Austen Becklin, Lady Richard: DOB 1772. Sister to Edenham and widow of Lord Richard Becklin. No children.

Harold Prestwick, 1st Viscount Prestwick: DOB 1750. He made his money in the West Indies and “bought” his way into the peerage. Widower.

George Prestwick: DOB 1779. Friends with other single men about Town.

Penelope Prestwick: DOB 1781. Married Lord Iveston, Hyde’s heir apparent in 1802. Their story is How To Dazzle A Duke.

George Raithby, 3rd Earl of Quinton: DOB 1756. Was an Army officer in America during the Revolution; knew Sophia as a child. Widower.

Humphrey Raithby, Lord Raithby: DOB 1780. Only child of Quinton. His story is Taming Miss Grey.

Ponsonby Thorn, 6th Earl of Helston: DOB 1736. Estate is in Cornwall, where he stays to hunt. Four daughters.

Yvonne, Countess of Helston: DOB 1751. Of the French aristocracy who lost it all in the American and French revolutions. Travels most of the year.

Antoinette, Dowager Countess of Lanreath: DOB 1777. Married a friend of her father’s in 1795 and widowed in 1799. No children.

Bernadette, Dowager Countess of Paignton: DOB 1779. Married a rake in 1796. He died in a duel. No children.

Camille Thorn: DOB 1782.

Delphine Thorn: DOB 1785.

Timothy Elliot: DOB 1744. American revolutionary, shipping interests, rich from the China Trade. Lives in New York.

Sally Elliot: DOB 1754. Raised in Boston with sister Molly. Three children.

Jedidiah Elliot: DOB 1777. Eldest of Elliot children. Ship’s captain.

Joel Elliot: DOB 1778. Ship’s captain.

Jane Elliot: DOB 1781. Marries the Duke of Edenham in 1802 and mothers his two children. Daring A Duke.

Elizabeth Ardenzy: DOB 1783. Older identical twin daughter of Sebastian Ardenzy. Marries Jamie Caversham in Encounters of the Ardenzy Heiresses.

Elena Ardenzy: DOB 1783. Marries Horatio, Viscount Redding in 1804. Encounters of the Ardenzy Heiresses.

Robert Donnington, 4th Earl of Lanreath: DOB 1776. Only son of 3rd Earl, Antoinette’s husband. Friends with Vasily Yusupov.

Prince Vasily Borisovich Yusupov: DOB 1780. Russian. One of many children in his family. He and Anne Warren lost their virginity to each other as teens.

Princess Tatiana Yusopova: DOB 1784. Sister closest in age to Vasily.

Robert Godwinson, 6th Earl of Aysgarth: DOB 1753. An old enemy of Sophia’s. Widower. Two children.

Susan Godwinson: DOB 1784. Elder daughter of Earl Aysgarth. Mother died in 1790 in childbirth.

Sarah Godwinson: DOB 1785. Younger daughter of Aysgarth.

Elaine Montford: DOB 1786. Her grandmother and the 4th Earl of Aysgarth were siblings. Two brothers: Robert and Henry. Susan and Sarah Godwinson are her cousins. She is friends with Eleanor Kirkland. Her story is Chasing Miss Montford.

Emeline Harlow: DOB 1786. Her grandfather was 3rd Earl of Dinsdale, title extinct. Three brothers: Pip, Sig, Harry. She is friends with Eleanor Kirkland. Her story is Accidentally in Love.

Christopher Culley: DOB 1780. Mother widowed, one younger brother. He and Raithby are friends from Oxford. His story is Accidentally in Love.

Roger Ellery: DOB 1780. Captain, 10th Regiment of Light Dragoons. Father was in the same regiment and died when Roger was young. Widowed mother, no siblings. Sophia knew his father. His story is Chasing Miss Montford.

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  1. Nancy Brantley

    OK, so I’m really ready to hear the stories of all the characters listed above that you have not told their entire story so far. Are you going to write more books in the Courtesan or More Courtesan series? Hope so.

    • claudiadain

      I am! I love this series. I’ve been (horribly) distracted in writing other things and am eager to get back into the Courtesan world. Taming Miss Grey, Elizabeth’s story, will be next. After that, I’m still pondering.

  2. Angela Sermons

    You. Probably get asked this a hundred times but will you or have you written Sophia’s story or Johns? I would dearly love to read about the events that shaped her. It is indeed a wonderful series, thank you!

    • claudiadain

      I have not written them yet, and I would love to delve into all that shaped Sophia into the woman she is. In the anthology PRIVATE PLACES, available through Berkley at Random House Penquin, there is a novella of Sophia’s early years, the night she met Dalby, her future husband.

  3. elena

    is there or will be there a continuation of Sophia-Marquis of Ruan relationship? I have not read yet all of this series so perhaps I missed it?

  4. Leslie

    On your website you indicate their is a free story to be accessed regarding Sophia and the Marquis of Ruan. But it is not accessible. Is there a problem or have you not written it yet?

    • claudiadain

      No, it’s written. It should be available. I’ll try and find the issue.

      • claudiadain

        This story is on the home features page–it should pop up when you’re on the home page of the website.


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