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Anne Staverton started life in a brothel. Her mother, beautiful and without a ruthless bone in her body, struggled out of the brothel and into the life of a courtesan. She was not very successful at it, lacking the ruthless streak so necessary to the trade. Anne, taken under Sophia Dalby’s wing, is determined to be both beautiful and, if not ruthless, at least smart in her decisions.

It is for that reason alone that she won’t tumble into Lord Dutton’s bed. Even though she would love to. Even though it is all she thinks about. She won’t. Not until she can meet Lord Dutton on his own terms. In 1804, after years of effort, she can. Anne can finally have her way with Dutton. And Dutton can have his way, or so he thinks, with her.

Lord Dutton is in for the ride of his life. In more ways than one.

Book 1 in the More Courtesan Chronicles series. Available on Amazon and B&N.

3 Responses to “MUCH ADO ABOUT DUTTON”

  1. Sue Pace

    When is Dutton coming out in paperback? How about Ms. Gray publication date in paperback. Am anxious to read!!!! I have been a follower of yours for years!!!! I am looking forward to read about Sophia’s brother and three nephews – when are the paperbacks coming out on them? I read the series over many times and become more fixated with each reading. You are gifted in your imagination for writing!!!!
    Sue Pace – your loyal follower!!!!!

    • claudiadain

      Sue, I am the most tech challenged woman I know and doing the paperback version of Dutton has given me nothing but a big, fat headache! I have NOT given up. I am sorry it has taken me so dreadfully long. I am still writing Taming Miss Grey–and am so glad you are anxiously awaiting it. It will give me courage to face the paperback battle yet again. 🙂 Thank you SO much for loving the series, and telling me so. I live for comments like that; you are too kind! Thank you a million times over.

  2. Katherine

    I am just like Sue Pace – anxiously, impatiently, awaiting the paperback version of Much Ado About Dutton. I think there are a lot of us who have been waiting since the Kindle version was released more than six months ago. Please don’t forget about us. I guess we can’t understand how this is a ‘headache’ for you.


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