Red Door Reads

What is it?

It’s a coalition of successful and popular authors. It’s a place where readers can visit with authors familiar to them and discover new authors to love. And sometimes, Red Door authors (Reddorians), join forces to put together an anthology.

Four of us did just that. Michelle Marcos, Deb Marlowe, Ava Stone, and I have each written a novella for the collection An Encounter At The Museum. My story, A Chance Encounter, takes place in the world of the Courtesan Chronicles and features the bastard son of the Duke of Aldreth and the love of his life, French courtesan Zoe Auvray. Each story in the anthology includes a scene in the famous British Museum, and did we have fun researching that fabulous place! It’s been around since the mid-1700s. I had no idea, did you? Anyway, I hope you’ll visit all of us at Red Door Reads.

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