32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (2024)

The top stops along the way from Atlanta to Montgomery (with short detours) are Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and The National Infantry Museum. Other popular stops include Callaway Resort & Gardens, Fox Theatre, and Marietta Square.


Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

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History museum

Sights & Landmarks

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park commemorates the life and work of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most influential civil rights leaders in American history. The site includes a church where King preached, a fire station where he rallied support for civil rights, and other locations where he worked to empower black Americans. The visitor center offers exhibits on the history of the Civil Rights movement and tours of key historical sites.

We took our two children here during our Atlanta vacation, so they could learn more about this part of history. I think they've done a wonderful job with the upkeep with MLK Jr's birth home and ensuring the whole block stays within historic standards. His final resting place was beautiful, with the reflection pool and his wife by his side. The museum was informative and I loved that they included a hands-on section for children to learn about hardships of other children and those from the past have had to endure. I think every child should have the privilege to visit the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.

Jennifer Crawford — Google review

I had the honor of visiting the Martin Luther King Historical Park in Atlanta Georgia in January about a week before King's birthday. I would say the indoor exhibits and displays were well presented and laid out and representative of his life. The outdoor exhibits were moving as well. Admission is free. The highlights were the film, tour we signed up for to visit the house he was literally born in, seeing the neighborhood he grew up in and the awesome guide we had. I believe the church tour was temporarily closed. King is one of the very few people that I am in awe of and truly admire.

Nakia — Google review

Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Park is an absolute gem for anyone seeking a profound connection to history. This park truly excels in preserving and showcasing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.From the moment you step foot in the park, you are greeted with an atmosphere of reverence and importance. The meticulous care given to maintaining the historical integrity of this site is evident in every aspect. The park's dedication to honoring Dr. King's life and work is truly commendable.The park's exhibits are thoughtfully curated, offering a comprehensive understanding of Dr. King's impact on civil rights and social justice. The informative displays, photographs, and artifacts provide a vivid glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement.One aspect that sets this park apart is the interactive elements. Engaging multimedia installations and audio guides further enhance the visitor experience, making history come alive in a captivating manner. Walking through the park, you can't help but feel a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made and the progress achieved.The park's commitment to education is also worth noting. The staff and volunteers are incredibly knowledgeable, offering valuable insights and answering questions with enthusiasm. Whether you're a history buff or a casual visitor, they ensure that everyone leaves with a greater understanding of Dr. King's enduring legacy.Furthermore, the park's serene and beautifully landscaped grounds provide a tranquil setting for reflection and contemplation. It's a place where you can pause, pay homage, and be inspired by the indomitable spirit of Dr. King.In conclusion, Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Park is a beacon of history, meticulously preserving and sharing the profound impact of Dr. King's life and work. With its engaging exhibits, knowledgeable staff, and serene ambiance, this park truly deserves a five-star rating. A visit here is not only informative but also a powerful reminder of the importance of equality and justice for all.

Tomas Vacilevich — Google review

Quiet and less crowded historical park that is just a walking distance from the busy downtown. This is a free museum and site, managed by NPS. Inside the Visitor's Center is an exhibit entitled "Courage To Lead" follows the parallel paths of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement. You can also visit the final resting place of Dr. King, Jr., which in itself is a beautiful memorial.

Eric Salas — Google review

This spot is definitely worth the visit if you are in Atlanta! There are a few blocks worth of sites, including the birth home of MLK Jr, the tomb of him and his wife, the Ebenezer Baptist Church, and the Visitor Center. Although we went during regular hours, the birth home was not open; I think you may have to schedule a tour but it wasn’t clear. The Visitor Center is the best place to start, and includes an exhibit about Martin Luther King Jr’s life and his role in the American civil right movement. The tomb is across the street and is a beautiful, solemn site surrounded by a fountain and displays about the principles of non-violence that King preached.There is a large parking lot on the north side of the site.

Michael Busse — Google review

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr memorial park and historic center. His birth home, church and resting place in Atlanta region of Georgia. This place takes you on a journey back in the history and give you an educational experience which is so beautiful and at the same time painful.A true Leader, fighter and follower of Mahatma Gandhi 🙏🏼‘We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream’PS: Entry is free and free parking available.Might need booking for his birth home tour though.

nishant pillai — Google review

An absolutely amazing experience. Every child learns about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, but visiting the national park provides you with an up close and personal view into his life.

MaShannon Harris-Manogin — Google review

This is a very inspiring and emotional place. I was in tears twice. First while watching the movie. Second, looking at the carrier that carried the MLK dead body from Memphis to Atlanta.We have come so far in the journey, but so much has changed since. Every visitor to Atlanta or Georgia must have the opportunity to visit the place. Google maps takes you to the wrong place, and it may feel out of normal memorials, but it's there nearby, parking is free and not very crowded.For my little daughter it was good learning and for us a family too.

Laxminarayan Kulkarni (Lax Kulkarni) — Google review

Absolutely loved this experience. I hadn't been since the exhibit was complete but am so happy to have the experience. Wonderful job Atlanta!! It would be nice if the home tours started a little earlier but this exhibit is a must see. I'd say do this over the Civil Rights Museum. At least this paints a positive picture of the happenings of the times. If we are going to tell the story...tell it right or tell it right. Those that have gone to both will understand what I mean. Thank you to this center for being beautiful. Thumbs up👍🏽!

T Bessard — Google review

Simply amazing.Weekend trip w/ the minions. So much to learn and absorb- I knew the man but his wife just as incredible, I’d not known just how much! ❤️❤️BHM’2024. Please visit for yourselves.

Jay “Just Eat Smart Nutrition!” — Google review

Truly an amazing historic neighborhood that you must see if traveling to Atlanta!!! One of the greatest gems in that area!!!One of the stops if you take the Atlanta Downtown Streetcar 🚊The cost of the streetcar day pass is $3.00. Not bad!!

Brian Lawson — Google review

The museum is very informative and well maintained. There is a guided tour to the Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr.Everything is completely free of charge and the location is very convenient (approximately 15 minute walk from Five Points station).Highly recommend visiting the museum if you ever come to Atlanta.

Lawan Wijayasooriya — Google review

Extraordinary, wonderful. A story that impacts. Some newspaper articles that evidence facts. Some words from Dr King that fill you with inspiration. A national park that you must visit and maintain.

George Ortiz — Google review

I was surprised at the size of the MLK Jr Historic Park. The architectural design of the Visitor's Center is beautiful both inside and out. The inclusion of the neighborhood homes and fire house made this amazing journey so much more interesting. The videos, photos and audio-visual all worked together to make this an unforgettable experience.

Micki Kirkland — Google review

I had a great time visiting and exploring this historic site. It was not crowded at all. Not too sure if it is wheelchair accessible. I was climbing a lot of stairs. Not many railing available. Just a heads up for those whom have a mobile disability. Highly recommended for all ages.

Stephanie Sanchez — Google review

This historical museum is a must visit! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this museum as a MUST SEE!! Coming here and walking through each of the exhibits is eye opening. To hear the recording of the people from that time area speak about their experiences is educational. To see all of the items in this museum is amazing. Seeing the items from Rosa Park and Mahna Gandhi is amazing as well. You can spend hours here. There was some preservation being done to the waterfall, so one side of the museum was not accessible. Ebenezer Baptist Church was open to the public on a schedule. Parking is free a cross the street. Entry into the church and museum is free. I’m thankful to have visited this museum.

Marian Grant — Google review

Tremendously insightful visit with a much deeper emotional impact than I could’ve imagined. Honored to have had glimpses into the life of MLK for my own personal education, to some extent, of his inspirations and dreams.

Michael Benissan — Google review

Went on a weekend and it was an amazing experience. Getting to see what fire trucks were like back in the days, as well as the structure of buildings. Loved each of MLK’s important quotes being written on the wall as you walk down the waterway. I don’t remember buying tickets in advance, but it’s always good to be proactive. I gained a lot of insight and knowledge from this visit, more than some of the books told us to be honest.

Primetime Johnson — Google review

So glad we stopped in to visit this site. It's a somber and informative place to learn more about the greatest civil rights leader in history and pay your respects. If you haven't visited and are interested in this topic, it's a must. Thanks to the staff for keeping it beautiful and operating well.

David A. — Google review

A very well designed public space and museum with a lot to see. We planned this as a quick stop, but ended up spending our whole morning here. We came early on a weekday morning so it was not at all crowded. I found the exhibit of the civil rights march in the attached photo particularly impactful. Very immersive with lots of careful thought put in to the whole experience of the visitor as you walk from the back to the front of the deck. I couldn’t find the name of the artists or designer but I’d love to see more of their work.

Adam Thomas — Google review


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450 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, USA

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Fox Theatre

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Performing arts theater

Sights & Landmarks

The Fox Theatre is located in Midtown Atlanta and has been used for performances of Broadway shows, concerts, and other events. It features ornate interiors with a Moorish theme, 3,600-pipe organ, and capacity of nearly 5,000 people.

I had my wedding at Fox Theatre and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I worked with Steve and Ashley who were my saving grace during my stressful planning. They made my planning a lot less stressful with their expertise and ensured that the operation ran smoothly with a large show happening at the same time as my wedding.My guests were treated like VIP superstars from the police stopping traffic, to them walking the red carpet in their black tie attire. I feel like the team went above and beyond to make sure that my wedding day was special. I was happy to take photos in the theatre as well. I would recommend Fox Theatre as an event space to anyone and their staff.

Seretha Guinn — Google review

We always really enjoyed coming to the Fox Theater. This time we came for the Broadway in Atlanta show Ain’t Too Proud; the Life and Times of the Temptations. The show was fantastic. The seats are a bit cramped and are not the most comfortable, but the shows the theater puts on make it worth it. The staff at the facility are always really nice and ever helpful whenever we come here. The facility looks good, and is kept clean.

Michael H (Hamp) — Google review

We came to town to see the paw patrol tour so you can already assume that I had a child with me. Seats were great, theater was a bit chilly but we knew to plan for that! Restrooms were clean and plenty of staff to help with ALLLLLL the children! Loved this experience and will be back

Julie Williams — Google review

I have always wanted to visit the Fox Theater and am so glad to have finally made it there! The entire approach and entrance are absolutely beautiful. I felt like there was so much that needed to be seen before we enjoyed the show that brought us there. It really takes you back in time to imagine all the greats that performed in the theater. The theater which looked like the skies surrounding Alladin's Castle. Aside from the beauty of it all, the ushers were all very helpful and kind, and seemed glad to be there. If you ever get the opportunity to visit and take a look around - do it! You will not be disappointed.

Lindsay Prose — Google review

I attended the Kurtis Blow Hip Hop Nutcracker with my group of girlfriends. The Fox Theater is an absolutely beautiful venue. We sat in the balcony, and we had a terrific view of the stage. A great time was had by all!

Tyi Moultry — Google review

Great venue! Went to see Jo Koi the comedian and his show was awesome. They had several concession/bars available to beat long lines. The decor was absolutely beautiful. They do have elevator access for the handicapped and this facility was sparkling clean. This theater has a rich history and you can feel it in every room. They have a wide variety of performances here. From plays, comedians and concerts. You are sure to enjoy yourself.

Foushe Dotson — Google review

This was my first time here, to see Blue Man Group. I took my 4 year old son. This venue is incredible. I absolutely love the aesthetic and the show was incredible! Every part of the venue was perfection and the staff was everywhere to help and clean up and soooooo friendly. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and my son loved it too! Can’t wait to return for more shows.

Christina Weir — Google review

Visited the Fox theatre for a tour of the establishment! It was a great experience learning about how the theatre was built, the struggles it had to withstand over the past 94 yrs and how it has evolved to the mesmerizing place it is today. If you are in Atlanta, this is a must visit! Allen - our tour guide did a wonderful job of making the tour feel extra special. Hoping to catch a show here sometime :)

Suriya Thilipan Senthilkumar — Google review

An absolutely AMAZING venue! It’s absolutely stunning.Every seat offers an excellent view and comfortable seats, leg room and space between people (I’m short and not too wide).Bathrooms on each of the 3 levels.2 levels of snacks/drinks.Exit on each level directly to the street.Plenty of street parking even when football games are happening at the stadium nearby for as little as $8 a 5 minute walk away. Other lots are $40-100.

Alicia Burrell — Google review

They were well-organized for this event. You had to show your ID, and Vax card, then go through the medal detectors, then show your ticket. It went surprisingly fast. The vintage look of the theater is amazing. And the seats were very comfortable. I had 2nd row seating.

Michele Hammond — Google review

I went to the Fox Theatre to see Frozen. The show was amazing! I had I great time. The music was great and the view was pretty good. I sat in Row G seat 104. The theatre was clean and they had booster seats for young children. You can order drinks(alcoholic and non-alcoholic), snacks, and popcorn. I purchased a 20 oz bottle of Sprite for $5. Parking is $50 at the theatre but I found parking for $20 not too far from the theatre.

2Bryte Dayz — Google review

It is always a pleasure to watch a musical at The Fox. The building is absolutely beautiful. I've been coming here for years, and I still notice small details that I haven't noticed previously. The shows are incredible! Customer service is always excellent. Everyone that we interacted with either over the phone or in person (box office, parking, security, will call, ushers, etc.) is always very friendly and helpful.

Melissa Boettcher — Google review

Lovely theatre, very charming! I saw Hairspray here recently and was amazed at the sheer talent of the dancers/singers. There is not a bad seat in the house. No real food served so popcorn was our dinner (it's tasty) and I recommend the sparkling Moscato highly. Note snacks and drinks are cards only no cash accepted. Unless you are very wealthy avoid the $50 parking right next to theatre. There is much cheaper available if you do not mind a short walk. The immediate area seemed safe to us.

Suzanne Krupka — Google review

They call it the Fabulous Fox for a reason! After seeing many performances here, we decided to kick off the Halloween season with a ghost tour here. The walking tour was jammed packed with history and tales of reported ghostly sighting as we were led through the nooks and crannies of this gorgeous theater. MVP goes to the ghost of Roosevelt (10/7/23.)One word of caution, avoid the Espresso Martini...it's terribly frightful.

Chris J. — Google review

Wonderful experience during a comedy show. Very nice staff and it was easy to navigate through, even on a really busy night. They serve drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) and popcorn. I didn’t see other foods but I also didn’t wait in line. The building was clean and they have a smoking area. The surround sound and TV screens were working well and we heard/saw the comedian very clearly. We prepaid parking and it was pretty simple to get to and from our parking space at the venue.

Clarke Eads — Google review

Saw Hamilton here this review. Have been here at least half a dozen times over 10 years. It is honestly hard to find a bad seat in the entire establishment. The scenery and decoration inside the theater as well as the concession area is top shelf and absolutely beautiful.Do you go down to the bathroom area after you enter to find concession stands that are empty with no lines!Parking is always terrible here so be prepared to pay $10-$30 for a spot depending on how close. Highly recommended for in town and out of town. The show was amazing would definitely come back.

Shawn Toole — Google review

Parking was not difficult. Used the red lot. Arrival was not a hassle. Walked easily to the front of the venue. Made our way through concessions and to our seats via an organized flow. The venue itself was very nice, and we enjoyed Hamilton!

D M — Google review

Must go to place. The theater is amazing. Hamilton is playing here and what can I say. Amazing performance great seating. Now I recommend sitting in the middle area. Picture is from my seat which again sit in the middle when booking. I will not add anymore photos to ruin the experience. Planning the next show to see. Handicap seating is really available but the ushers and the staff of the theater are there to help. It is downtown area of Atlanta so cost on everything is much higher.

Carlos de Jesus — Google review

We love Myra!! We were welcomed by Marcellus as soon as we arrived, he’s super friendly and welcoming and made us feel we were no strangers. We signed up online for the 10 AM architecture tour and it was the best tour I’ve ever attended. We had a very luxury small tour group of 6, my husband and I, and another lovely family of 4. We are blessed with Myra as our tour guide, and her love for the Fox Theatre passed to us thru her enthusiastic introduction. Our tour supposed to end around 1 hour, but we could never get enough stories from Myra and she literally knows everything about the Fox Theatre. I love her “Ghost Tour” stories and didn’t get to share mine with her (I think that’s too personal and just waste everyone’s time). But I would like to add it here if she’d see it someday - I experienced once that my digital device was abruptly shut off when I was feeling something went wrong and called somebody for help. So when she talked about everything was shut off for no reason, I couldn’t relate more and believed every word she said about her experience.We love you Myra. You made us home even we were just here for the tour. I’m so glad I insisted to bring my husband here with me, I missed my chance to visit the Fox Theatre due to the pandemic in 2021, but here we are. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit again in the future and watch a show here next time. God bless beautiful people like Myra and Marcellus. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Alice — Google review

First time at the Fox! Took the wife to see The Nutcracker and the performance was amazing! The dancers were great, the story was pretty easy to follow considering it was ballet, and the sets were absolutely beautiful. The inside of the theater is amazing and one of a kind experience. It's $50 parking at the door but it makes it easy to get out so I do recommend it even though you feel a little jipped initially 😂. Lives up to its reputation!

Jonathan R — Google review


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660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA

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32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (19)


World of Coca-Cola

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Specialty Museums

World of Coca-Cola is a museum which is dedicated to the history and culture of Coca Cola. It features hundreds of artifacts, some of which illustrate the success and popularity of the drink in different parts of the world for 132 years. The museum contains exhibits about different aspects of Coca Cola's history from its invention to its current branding strategies. There is also a working reproduction of the bottling line that produces co*ke bottles all over the world.

A memorable experience like no other! We were guided each step of the way by friendly, knowledgeable staff members. You get a better understanding of the history of Coca Cola, which is presented in an entertaining way! Definitely worth your time and money.

Jenette Arreola — Google review

It was a fun experience. The guides were really cheerful and the tour included a wonderful 3D video and another heart touching video.There was a scent room where we could smell the scents of sweets, spices and fruits. Many coca cola artifacts were displayed very aesthetically throughout the place.The best was the unlimited tasting of different coca cola products. I think there were around 100 flavours around the world but unfortunately it was too much for me to taste on the same day.The experience was totally worth the money and I highly recommend you to visit World of Coca Cola at least once.

Lawan Wijayasooriya — Google review

The World of Coca-Cola provides an intriguing, albeit somewhat overly-glossy, look at one of the world's most recognized brands. Nestled in downtown Atlanta, the museum traces the history of Coca-Cola, from its origins to its global ubiquity, making for an interesting, if somewhat commercial, experience.The museum's standout feature is undoubtedly the Taste It! Beverage Lounge, where you can sample an array of Coca-Cola products from around the globe free of charge. The experience of tasting a diverse range of flavors, familiar and foreign, adds a tangible, interactive element to the visit.That being said, the museum sometimes feels more like an extended advertisem*nt than an unbiased exploration of the brand's history. It offers a wealth of artifacts and information, but the overall narrative seems overly sanitized, with little critique or in-depth exploration of some of the brand's controversial aspects.All in all, the World of Coca-Cola provides an entertaining day out, especially for those with a sweet tooth for the iconic beverage. Just be prepared for a largely sugar-coated depiction of this global brand's history and impact.

Abraham Kirkwood — Google review

Great place to visit for Coca Cola fans. The museum provides a great history about the company. All the old equipments and advertisem*nts displayed really takes you back in time. We loved the experience of seeing the co*ke being bottled. The best part is the co*ke drinks from around the world. You will taste the best and the worst drinks possible. My 8 year old really enjoyed the experience and she never had a sip of co*ke prior to this.

Anand — Google review

An incredible place for any Coca-Cola or soda fan. The invention, the expansion, the globalization all of it is covered exceptionally in this place. The vending machines, popular co*ke merchandise, sports and pop culture collaborations, there’s a lot to admire.Then there’s the secret vault, where century old Coca-Cola’s secret formula is securely kept.There’s the tasting bar, where you get to try 40 different popular flavors from around the world. To top it all, it’s the Gift shop, which is accessible without entering the museum. It a has all sorts of unique and magical coco-cola merchandise. Clothes, magnets, stationary, sports items, home goods, there’s so much to explore.

Nehal Ahmed — Google review

Very much a place to embrace your love of Coca-Cola. A lot of vintage advertising elements. The tasting room at the end of the exhibits offers many flavors of Coca-Cola products from around the world. It was very busy when we went, and the many children with lots of sugar and some caffeine in their systems was a bit much for me, personally. Parking w as already full by 11am, and I had to search for other options. I was able to find one, but it was a little frustrating having to search for available parking.When attending, be sure and purchase your tickets online, and you can enter at your entry time with just the QR Codes they send you as digital tickets.

Susan Herrera — Google review

It's kinda of a neat place. If you are a co*ke fanatic, a must. I already knew much of the history of co*ke, so revelations there. Neat to see all the ads and the old machines. It's not cheap and for a family, it's a little steep in my opinion... The tasting area was fun! All Of the flavors of the world!! That was cool!

David Whitehouse — Google review

My family and I had a fantastic time on the visit, which we had planned in advance by purchasing tickets. They've done a great job maintaining the historical data and relevant information. The best thing, though, has to be the variety of drinks available worldwide. We tried a lot, but there were too many to sample. The store that sold goodies was also really beautiful; we bought a lot of stuff for my two-year-old kid. Overall, if you're ever in Atlanta, I'd advise you to try to visit this location.

Sachin Verma — Google review

Had an Amazing experience here. From the very beginning we were guided , provided with lots of background details about the origin and its worldwide influence. The scent discovery and tasting part was a real hit. You can discover a large variety of Coca Cola flavors there. Didn’t have an idea prior to this trip that these flavors of coca cola do exist. Enjoyed every moment inside the museum. You can get a lot of souvenir options. They keep some awesome collection of lip smackers.

Gargee Chowdhury — Google review

Fun experience. Right next to the Georgia Aquarium. A very fun walking tour. It was like a museum walking tour or the history of Coca Cola. Plenty of cool stuff to see. Vintage ad signs, vending machines, signs, and so much more. Take your time and read the walls in each exhibit, the history is really interesting. The scent room was interesting. The tasting room was fun. Trying all the different Coca Cola products from around the world was very cool. They even had Mezzo Mix, which I used to drink all the time when I lived in Germany. The gift shop was amazing, so many cool things to buy. Highly recommend if you have 2+ hours to kill in downtown Atlanta.

Derek TA — Google review

This was so much fun. I wasn't sure how interested I'd be in a soda museum but I was pleasantly surprised. The exhibits are engaging, the initial tour guide was really entertaining, and the whole experience was positive as a whole.I will say that they claim to be ADA accessible and friendly for disabilities but they had no functioning wheelchair ramps or elevators - what I saw was out of service or blocked off. I'm handicapped, so navigating the museum was very difficult but worth it.

Matt Shafer — Google review

Title: Disappointing Experience at World of Coca-ColaRating: ★★☆☆☆I recently visited the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, hoping for an immersive and educational experience. However, my visit fell short of expectations due to several significant issues.Firstly, the 3D movie experience was a major letdown. Unfortunately, the 3D effects were not functioning properly during my visit, which significantly impacted the overall experience. The lack of visual depth detracted from the intended immersion, making it difficult to fully engage with the content.Furthermore, the first movie in the exhibit was also not working. This added to the disappointment, as it prevented me from fully understanding the historical context and significance of Coca-Cola. It would have been beneficial to have this foundational knowledge before delving deeper into the exhibit.Another drawback of my visit was the overwhelming crowds and lack of organization. The venue was extremely crowded, which made it challenging to navigate through the various exhibits and enjoy them at my own pace. Additionally, the lack of clear signage and directions made it even more difficult to find specific attractions or move efficiently within the facility.Considering the issues I encountered, I must say that the World of Coca-Cola did not live up to its reputation, and I found it hard to justify the price of admission. While it is undeniable that Coca-Cola has a significant impact on popular culture and history, the overall experience at the attraction fell short of my expectations. If you decide to visit, I would recommend checking the status of the 3D movie and other exhibits in advance, as well as considering the potential crowd size during your visit.

almaherman_ fit — Google review

This visit was spur of the moment while visiting Atlanta. A full fun experience with the family. The video you watch before entering the exhibit, was very heartfelt. Great experience at the smelling stations and at the “Guess the smell” game. By far the best part was the tasting stations. You are able to sample sodas from all over the world, and from different countries, which was very fun experience. My favorite was the Philippines soda.I would recommend visiting, great for all ages young and seniors.

La-Kesha Hardeman — Google review

Excellent place to spend a few hours and enjoy exploring the exhibitsWe paid a little extra to have a tour guide, not an excessive cost and certainly added to the experience. Didn't have to queue up to see "The Bear" or the Vault or the cinema presentation. Got lots of additional educational information and were able to ask questions. Have free soft drinks at the start too

Steve Findlay — Google review

We enjoyed the various exhibitions and shows here on a Saturday afternoon. It was busy but not overwhelming. The history and memorabilia were really cool. The tasting at the end was neat, but my shoes are still sticky from the floor in that room 🙃 probably not much they can do about it with all those soda fountains! It probably took us about 1.5 to 2 hours to go through it. We enjoyed our visit and would recommend it, particularly if you're going to the aquarium, as it's right next door.

Chris Perry — Google review

I couldn’t possibly visit Atlanta without checking out the World of Coca-Cola. The staff was friendly and generally cheerful which made for a great first impression. It was quite busy during my visit so I couldn’t experience all the spaces. I would recommend to allow sufficient time and to pack your patience to make the most of all the wonderful attractions. I particularly enjoyed the 3D theater and the opportunity to taste the mind blowing variety of beverages made by the company.

Michael Benissan — Google review

World of co*ke was a unique experience with the tasting portion of the museum. Heads up on the beverage lab: it says you can create your own beverage and drink it, but that’s not true. It lets you design a beverage on a screen and then tells you what co*ke product is similar to it; it’s definitely not what it is advertised to be. Other than that, the museum was great and the Georgia aquarium is in the same courtyard. You can buy a combined ticket to go to the museum, aquarium, and zoo and some other place. Expect traffic to be heavy and arrive at least two hours before the museum closes due to it being very crowded. The staff was fun and you can take a photo with the co*ke polar bear and buy it for $25. Fun place!

Ashley Marlow — Google review

Good place to visit. Lot to know about coca cola but a little pricey. Couple of shows about product. Tasting room is what got me excited about. Every international flavor of its brand can be tasted here which is great. Lot of good stories on how it started and expanded.

Danda Naveen — Google review

Easy entry, but we pre purchased tickets. Got there early..parking was a breeze and close to elevator. Took our time navigating both floors, watching the shows and exhibits. Employees were helpful and courteous. Gift shop overpriced but had some decent sale items. Tasting the different flavored co*kes from other countries was my favorite!

Joanna Arieta — Google review

The World of Coca-Cola is definitely one of those places that you have to visit once. It was smaller than I expected unfortunately, and there is not very much to do on the inside. Upon entering, you have to watch a very short film about Coca-Cola, and then you are allowed inside. Once inside, you can go inside the Coca-Cola vault and learn some of it's history. They also have an interactive scent room and best of all, the Coca-Cola tasting room. In the tasting room you can try different kinds of soft drinks from certain countries. You can tour the World of co*ke at your own pace or book a guided tour experience. Overall, I recommend this place if you're in town and need an activity to do to pass some time. The employees are very nice and helpful, so that's a definite plus. Tip: although not necessary, book your tickets in advance for faster entry!

Laura — Google review

It's good to see some of the interesting facts about the history of their products. Try to go afternoon/evening so there won't be much crowd and probably you could enjoy the Taste it! , a place where we can taste all of their products.As it's so close to the Aquarium and parking is common, it's better to plan together.

Sreehari Kottoor Madam — Google review

Tickets are cheaper by a few bucks online versus buying them at the kiosk!This is a very cool 1 & done experience. You will have a good time and some of the employees are very interactive and outgoing!We did go during summertime so it was very busy (as expected). But it was just too many people throughout. Especially in the tasting room area.Recommend if you’ve never been!

Isaac Monroy — Google review

So this was a fun little stop during a work trip to Atlanta. I went by myself and walked from my hotel, and was able to attend a show within 10 minutes of buying my ticket. I spent about an hour to an hour and a half here. I enjoyed each section of the museum, as it held much more than I was expecting. I went on a Tuesday afternoon and there were probably 20 other people in my "group." It wasn't crowded at all and I had time to spend at each section.Of course the highlight of this is the tasting portion. It's very fun to try different sodas from around the world. The gift store is also huge, there's a lot of souvenirs to choose from. I enjoyed spending some of my free time here. The ticket was $21 and I found it to be worth it.

Emily F — Google review

One time visit is good. It’s a must visit place if you’re visiting Atlanta. I recommend buying tickets in advance online to beat the rush (although those tickets are non-refundable) so if you can’t make it past 5pm, don’t buy tickets online. I couldn’t get refund when i got stuck in a crash slowdown. Overall nice place to hangout with family.

Shailee Bhatt — Google review

Pretty cool spot to see the history of Coca-Cola. You can save $1 per ticket if you purchase them ahead of time. Definitely go earlier because it will fill up pretty quickly. We were able to find street parking, but it wasn't too close. There are paid parking garages as well. When you show up they give you a little introduction and tell you that it is a self guided tour. I wouldn't say it is a self guided tour as it is more of a pick the next mini tour or activety you want to wait in line for. I definitely recommend visiting if you have never been before. The best part of the tour was the tasting room, which once you enter you can't turn back so make sure you hit all the other tours first. The gift shop was surprisingly affordable too!

Cee Dupree — Google review

We had a good time. We went in May, during the week. There were a lot of kids... there might have been a few field trips? It was cool to see the history and all of the memorabilia. Love the international aspect. Be prepared to leave with a sugar high... the tasting room is fun and where you end your tour

Emily Anderson — Google review

Definitely we had a blast. We love co*ke products so coming to this place was very entertaining. I love the mix of information, history, and interactions. You have 3d movie, but also a guided explanation about the recipe, you get to use your taste and your nose too, the scents section was very interesting to experience. Definitely my favorite part was to be able to taste flavors from around the world. Some were nice, some were pretty bad, others were quite unique. It was also great to mix my own version and then be able to taste it. My only 2 negative aspects were, on one hand, that during the vault section the guide was speaking but at the same time there were recordings on the background, so it was hard to understand because both sounds would interfere. The other aspect is the fact that I was expecting to be able to try the old-school way to serve coca cola, a place like the should have it, and I wouldn't have minded to pay extra just for that. Regardless, the price was cheap given all you can do, experience and learn, so I highly recommend this place.

Aaron Castaño — Google review

We had an overall okay experience at the World of co*ke. There are a lot of cool pieces of the company’s history, which is cool to see. I wasn’t a fan of how long it takes to actually enter the exhibit area. You have to go through a ~10 minute tour to look at all these older pieces. You’re then taken into a theater to watch a 6-minute film about co*ke and happiness. Upon entering the museum, we were under the impression it would be self-guided, but the vault exhibit had a tour along with it too. The tasting section was pretty awesome, with five fountain stations containing ~8 flavors each.

Anna M — Google review

A great way to learn the history of Coca-Cola. We had a 10am reservation. The area that is basically the hub for the exhibits is quite underwhelming. The theming and decor for the different exhibits were nice. I felt like we were rushed through the vault. Tasting the different drinks from around the world was fun. The staff was amazing! They were fun and energetic. This is definitely a must-see if you are in the area. A lot of memorabilia.

Tammy R — Google review

Amazing place to visit. This is my second time coming to visit World Coca-Cola. I would suggest purchasing tickets online it just speeds the process up. 10am actually is a great time to go. By the time we came out of the gift shop to leave, the line was so long to get in.

C — Google review

We enjoyed a fun time exploring all the different exhibits! The kids loved the tasting room and making their own designs. The smell lab was interesting. The staff were amazing and friendly. Bought as part of the City Pass

The Dunhams — Google review

This is a great place to take the kids. We all really enjoyed all the memorabilia. It took me way back. The kids had so much fun tasting beverages from around the world and making their own. It was actually still very affordable too!

Amanda Hopkins — Google review


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121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA

(404) 676-5151


Zoo Atlanta

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (28)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (29)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (30)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (31)

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Zoos & Aquariums

Zoo Atlanta is a large and modern zoo that houses many animals from 220 different species. It features giant pandas and a Panda Conservation Center that is home to the only twins of the species. The zoo operates with the goal of conservation and education, which makes it a great place to learn about different animals and their habitats.

This is one of the best zoos I've ever been to! The animals have so much room to roam around and explore and though zoos usually make me sad this one made me very excited. There are so many animals here other zoos simply don't have and it was very fun to see them up close and personal. Though some animals were away due to the cold weather I still feel like I had a great time. This zoo is also very clean and well kept which is always good. The bathrooms and other facilities are clean as well which is definitely a bonus. When we went for whatever reason there were barely any people so it was like a private tour of the zoo all by myself! That was definitely a once in a life time experience. Also, there's a petting zoo here which is something many zoos don't have so that's fun for all ages to stop by and pet some goats/sheep.I was also here for illuminights and had a great time there either. The zoo is transformed and instead of live animal exhibits you got to see the park lit up with the animal light displays around the zoo. An unexpected bonus was that the pandas were still out so we got to see a sneak peek at them at night too! Overall, it is definitely worth the time and money to stop here and see the animal - you won't regret it.

Trinity L — Google review

We went on a weekend and it was not at all crowded. We spent more than 3 hours there and it was so much fun. Found new species. Was damn excited to see the lions but they were just sleeping the whole time. Even the tiger was missing. Overall, we had a great day at the zoo.

Reeha Desai — Google review

Had a Great time here they have lots of animals and everything is spaced out well so your not bumping in to all the people I went on a Sunday and it was only mildly busy at around noon. They have shows as well talking about the animals and lots of reading material near each animal. They have a cafe in the middle with refreshments and food, kid zone near the end and gift shop as well. Pay for the Daily parking as you can only do max of 3 hours for hourly.

Royce Pitts — Google review

This is a great zoo. Not overly large which makes it better for families with little kids still finding their legs. Most of the area's were shaded well to keep from getting too hot. The exhibits looked well Maintained and the animals seemed healthy and taken care of. Food options were just OK. Go early to find close parking.

Greg Poole — Google review

I can't rate for how this zoo ranks compared to other zoos. This was the first time I'd been to one since I was a wee lad. But, I wasn't impressed. If you want to go to a zoo, because you've never been, or because you really like zoos, or like in my case your daughter has never been to a zoo and wants to go, I guess this zoo is as good as any other. Maybe I'm being a little harsh. I had a good time, but that's because I was with my wife and daughter, and we always have a good time together, but the zoo itself was blah. For the price, and how big the place is I feel that there should be more to do. Not even sure what that would look like and no suggestions for what those things to do would be, but it just felt like a nice walk. "Oh look, the elephant." It doesn't take long to look at an elephant. It's cool. But really, how long do you need before you say, "Yup. I have now seen an elephant in person," and move on to the next animal? That's the zoo. And it really felt like there wasn't enough to see for the price of admission. Maybe I'm just not a zoo person.

Gary Smith — Google review

What a great zoo and definitely an elephant encounter made it even more special. The zoo has the rare Giant Panda, red panda and even has lions. We did the elephant encounter and what an experience. The zookeepers are extremely knowledgeable and you can see their love of these mammals. The zoo has a zoo explorer club for kids that we didn't do because we were focused on our first time seeing all the animals first. Next time, I would entertain that for my kids. They have an amazing treetop zine and ropes course for little tots and bigger kids. Definitely worth the money. Great adult options around the zoo, never made time for eating as we had lunch prior to entering amd dinner afterward. Very pleased with this zoo overall.

Julie — Google review

Such an incredible zoo!!! The zoo is laid out very well so it is easy to navigate to ensure you see all the exhibits. Lots of kid friendly areas for when the little ones need a break. The exhibits are spacious with multiple ares to view the larger animals. Plenty of staff to help answer any questions or point you in the right directions. Lots of food options for when you need a break. And the pandas are a must see as it is only 1 of 3 zoos in the US where you can see them!!! Definitely a must do!!!

Chuck Stoudemire — Google review

Enjoyed my visit at the zoo. A lot the animals were hiding to stay warm . They have decent food options . I haven’t been to the zoo in about 3 years . They have added a virtual reality ride . It was fairly decent. It lasts about 5 minutes . It was fairly packed being it was Saturday afternoon . All in all … it’s a place to take the kids when you need a day out . Buy tickets online as well to save time

eloise evans — Google review

Great zoo experience for kids and adults. A few species of animal we hadn't seen in other zoos. If you're fortunate enough to visit Thanksgiving through Christmas, I highly recommend the evening light presentations. We went both during the day to see the animals and returned at night for the lights, which were just spectacular!

Brandon Tang — Google review

Huge zoo, very clean and well maintained. Lots of sections separating different types and regions of animals and species. Most animals were active and playful when we visited. Plenty of restrooms in every corner of the zoo.There’s a wonderful children section in the zoo. There’s petting animal, carousels, train ride, playground and tree climbing. Carousel and train require separate ticket, $3 per person.It takes about 2-3 hours to fully explore the zoo. There’s a cafe and bunch of small vendors around the zoo. The gift shop is pretty nice, got lots of zoo specific merchandise.

Nehal Ahmed — Google review

The Atlanta zoo is not the same when you go in the winter vs summer time. Be aware of that before arriving. My wife and I still enjoyed our time but the vast majority of the animals can't be seen due to the climate. We wanted to come before we missed the opportunity to see the pandas leave Georgia.

Jeff Thompson — Google review

Zoo Atlanta is much improved after additions and changes over the past few years. The new parking deck, new savanna area and the reptile building have made the visit more enjoyable. Kids find lots of things to do and see. The petting zoo is especially fun.Monday admission is free for military and veterans. Food court prices are high as expected and quality leaves something to be desired. Still a recommended visit.

Mike McFarland — Google review

I have been to A LOT of Zoo's, and this one is definitely in my top favorite. They have so many cool/different animals that a lot of Zoo's don't have. We came here specifically for the Panda Bear as that was the first time we've seen one. It was well worth it!

Rhiann B — Google review

Best zoo! You can tell they care about their animals. Loved the red panda and giant pandas! The lizards house was also amazing! The girl running the carousel was great! My daughter was big enough to ride alone, but freaked out when they started moving and she hopped on and stayed with her calming her down and making her comfortable enough that we came back for many more goes on the ride. Will definitely be back!

Mattie Duffield — Google review

This is a very good zoo. The pathways could have better direction signs, but the displays are, for the most part, designed to make animals visible. The educational signs are easily accessed. A really good variety of animals. The children's petting zoo could be enhanced with more staff and more animals. Well worth a few hours of your time.

DANNY DAVIS — Google review

We had a wonderful time at Zoo Atlanta. As a family of 5 it took us about 5 hours to see everything. Everyone was very nice and polite. Our kids loved every minute of it. Very easy to navigate around. Great petting zoo section that's free entry. They have a playground and a carousel for everyone to ride. You can buy tickets and take a ride on the train. There is a tree top playground. Tons of animals, reptiles, and more to see and also learn about. Definitely recommend coming and seeing what all Zoo Atlanta has to offer if you haven't been before. Great experience and will be back.

Linton Neal — Google review

This is an awesome zoo! For being in the middle of the city, it felt like it was pretty secluded. Parking was easy with the Park Mobile app. We didn’t have lines to get in, and had bought our tickets online so that process was a breeze. They give free tickets to veterans! The elephants were our favorites, but there are tons of great animals to see. Zoo Atlanta is a well laid out, clean zoo. If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity in Atlanta- going here and the Aquarium will be well worth your time!

Meredith Wuori — Google review

Great zoo with different species. Most of them were inside due to weather drop, they are setting up the zoo for Xmas lights, also they are arranging stuff to view animals in a closed setup with temperature controlled rooms. We had a good experience, The weekend is recommended for the crowd, if you want to see the animals in peace choose the weekday.

Sorna Chocks — Google review

Really nice zoo and good for kids. We went in winter on a cold day so not all the animals were in their normal habitat exhibits but we're instead in their houses. Still really cool though. Saw a few animals I've never seen before. Definitely go before the pandas leave at the end of '24!

Morgan McNamara — Google review

We regularly visit zoos of a higher caliber (education and animal welfare focused) when we travel. This zoo was a favorite for us.-Parking was close to the entrance & uses the park mobile app ($12 for the day) or pay at the kiosk-Employees/ volunteers were very friendly and helpful-Food was higher priced (as expected) but very good quality and flavor. Health inspection stickers around the zoo restaurants/kiosks all had scores of at least 96.- There was a wide variety of animals (from naked mole rats to African elephants)- many of the exhibits had multiple viewing spaces but were still 50% enclosed (good for us and the animals!)- Each exhibit had a small plaque that told a little about each animal (an interesting fact + their eating habit/ habitat/ where they're found in wild + level of endangerment & causes). This was perfect for my little who only wants small bites of info. My older and I both wanted more, but we only got that at a handful of exhibits; it was a lost/ limited learning opportunity.-A few of the exhibits have QR codes that link back to video presentations from the zoo's animal experts. We loved this feature and I hope they expand this to many more animals.- They listed animal talks and feeding times on their website, which made it easy to incorporate them into our day. Because of this, we got to watch some gorilla training first hand.

Stephanie G. — Google review

Great zoo and even better to see the pandas before they are gone. luckily, we went on a day where we were able to see a good amount of the animals. a lot of the staff were walking around and talking about the animals which was great. I just wish there were more baby changing areas and restrooms kind of randomly around. Some of the food stands were closed, but we did get a nice warm pretzel, which was really good! You should definitely walk around two or three times because it is easy to miss something. The map was somewhat helpful, but looking around was the best course of action. We will definitely be back!

Clarke Eads — Google review

I loved it here. Where intimate and close with animals in my opinion. I had a great time. I was able to go behind the scenes and see how the panda were taken care of but that is extra and that can also be utilized for other animals. Definitely a great time and would go back!

MARTIN Monesar — Google review

Part of City Pass. This was our 3rd and favorite stop of the weekend. Very big crowd. Had to park a few blocks up but it was free so that’s fine. Strollers of all sizes allowed. No bag checks so the line into the park moves quickly. Took about 4 hours to hit everything. Very clean, private baby changing rooms throughout park. Most areas large stroller accessible. The playground at the end (going clockwise) was underwhelming. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Danny — Google review

WOW! We had so much fun at there! We spent most of our time in the reptile area because it was cold outside and most of the animals were in indoor habitats where we couldn’t see them. They have an amazing collection of snakes and other beautiful reptiles. A whole day should be dedicated to that area. It’s a very family friendly place and the annual membership is worth it if you’re coming with family. Can’t wait to come here again! I attached some of my best shots below!

Ayushman — Google review

This was our first trip to the zoo and it was mainly to see the Pandas before they leave. We loved the zoo and the staff were so nice and tried to answer every question. Take your time and plan on 3-4 hours at least to really enjoy the animals.

Scott Russell — Google review


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(3710)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (36)

800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, USA

(404) 624-5600


Georgia Aquarium

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (37)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (38)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (39)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (40)

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Zoos & Aquariums

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the world's largest aquariums and is perfect for both adults and children. It offers an educational experience while also allowing visitors to see fascinating marine life. The attraction often hosts special events such as Sips Under the Sea which sells out quickly.

We took a 2 day trip here. You could see everything in 1 day without any issue, but we took our time and wanted to see things more than once. There are extra experiences to do, but they do cost extra. The extra experiences are definitely worth doing if you have the extra money, but you won't feel like you miss out on anything if you don't. There is a cafeteria there, it's a little pricey and the food is alright. Every exhibit there is absolutely amazing. Everything looks natural and not like a standard fish tank. Even during busy times, there is plenty of room to see everything. Some of the bigger displays have places to sit and relax while you watch the animals. The shows they have are a lot of fun and definitely worth seeing too. The staff there were all very knowledgeable and open to whatever questions we had. We spent a lot of extra time watching the sharks and the whale shark exhibits.

Mike — Google review

Beautiful place to visit. I liked the tunnel where people walk and you can see all the fish, sharks, whales and other creatures swimming next to and above you, it’s amazing!!! But if you really want to enjoy the visit to this aquarium, you must buy tickets to see the different shows they offer. Without seeing the shows, the visit won’t be worthy. They always take a picture of you right before the entrance so be ready with a nice outfit so you will look good on the photo that will become one of your best memories!!! Highly recommended!!

shanpixels — Google review

It was very well worth the visit! Huge! Lots to see. If you like reading the information as you tour the area, it'll take some time. We spent 5 hours here and saw all the exhibits and shows that are included in the ticket price. We also had lunch in their cafeteria style dining area, Cafe Aquaria, and did some shopping in one of the gift stores. They have hand sanitizing stations, clean bathrooms, all accessible areas, plenty of photo opportunities, and extra activities you can experience for an additional fee. You will do a lot of walking and standing, so wear comfortable shoes! It's easy to purchase tickets online. June 2023

Marvilla Marz?n — Google review

Excellent aquarium! We went on a Sunday afternoon in the summer so it was quite crowded, but manageable! We just took our time and were able to see all the exhibits! If you want to see the shows, you have to make a (free) reservation once you get there. We opted to skip the shows to give us more time at the exhibits. Each section is very well done and you get to see so many beautiful creatures up close! Favorites were the shark exhibit, the whale shark, manta rays, sea turtle, penguins, beluga whales, otters and dolphins! My kids absolutely loved it! Food is overpriced and nothing special but we went in between lunch and dinner so we could get by with just a few snacks. Also, there is a small nursing pod for breastfeeding up on the second floor by the food that was very convenient! As with many attractions like this, you exit through the gift shop so be prepared! Overall it was an expensive day (buy tickets in advance to save$5) but worth it for the experience for our family!

Cheryl — Google review

I had a wonderful time visiting this aquarium. It is a well-designed and well-maintained facility with a wide variety of marine life to see. The exhibits are well-organized and easy to navigate, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.One of the things I appreciated most about this aquarium is that it is easy to get around. There is a clear central hub from which all of the exhibits radiate, making it easy to find your way back to the beginning if you get lost. The aquarium is also wheelchair accessible, which is a great plus.I also enjoyed the two main shows, the seal show and the dolphin show. Both shows were well-produced and informative, and the animals seemed to be well-cared for. I appreciated that there was also the option to make a free reservation for the shows, as this helped to ensure that everyone had a chance to see them.In addition to the exhibits and shows, the aquarium also offers behind-the-scenes experiences and educational programs. I did not have the opportunity to participate in any of these, but I was impressed by the variety of options available.Overall, I highly recommend this aquarium to anyone interested in marine life. It is a great place to learn about and appreciate the diversity of the underwater world.

George Terplan — Google review

The Georgia Aquarium is a breathtaking aquatic wonderland that left me in awe during my recent visit. From the moment I stepped inside, I was captivated by the sheer diversity and beauty of marine life on display.The highlight of the aquarium has to be the massive Ocean Voyager exhibit, featuring the awe-inspiring whale sharks, manta rays, and a mesmerizing array of colorful fish. The enormous viewing window allows you to feel like you're underwater with these gentle giants, making it an unforgettable experience.Aside from the Ocean Voyager, there are numerous other exhibits showcasing a wide range of aquatic species, from playful sea otters to graceful beluga whales. The interactive touch pools were a hit with visitors of all ages, offering a hands-on learning experience.What impressed me most was the aquarium's commitment to conservation and education. They provide informative presentations and exhibits that highlight the importance of protecting our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.The only downside I encountered was the crowds, especially during weekends and holidays, which can make it challenging to move around and fully appreciate the exhibits. I recommend visiting during off-peak hours if possible to have a more relaxed experience.

Hakan Akel — Google review

This aquarium is absolutely incredible! It is so well planned out & we didn’t feel overwhelmed once. I love that everything let back to the center of the aquarium so you never got lost. The food was expensive but surprisingly the best we’ve had in Atlanta so far. The dolphin show was a great length & had some really cool spins/jumps with the trainers. Gift shop had awesome but pretty expensive stuff. We love that they had a scuba mermaid, something for our daughter too. So many cool interactive things with the animals for our kids to enjoy. Highly recommend!!

Laura R — Google review

It’s expensive!! From admission to food inside. Free on your birthday dasssit!! Overall it’s a great time. This was our second time going and we always have a great time. We love the dolphin shows the aquarium is huge, exciting and beautifully built. It was accessible for my physically disabled mother. They have wheelchairs for free just give them your license. I appreciate that accommodation. Although the food is expensive it is a full eatery with tasty options. We will definitely go back. I don’t know if we would buy a yearly family membership, we may not go that often for it to be worth it. I can see why others would if they would go more than two times in a year.

Maya Ansong — Google review

Very crowded on a Friday afternoon. Make sure you book your show reservation the morning of your visit. (Purchase tickets in advance online. Even if your arrival time is later, the shows will be full if you don't.)The food in the cafe is not good. Almost inedible. My chicken sandwich had black/grey gelatinous gristle in it. The cheese pizza was burnt. Fries were soggy. On the plus side, there was a gal wiping tables and sweeping the floor-that was appreciated.Bathrooms were clean and not packed.The tanks seemed pretty small for whale sharks (two!) and upon further reading, they were not rescued. They were captured from the wild. 🥺🐬🚨 BEWARE: The splash zone (front 10 rows) of the dolphin show truly mean YOU WILL GET SOAKED. Not just splashed. It was hard to enjoy the rest of the show because we were so shocked.No security. I had a backpack and when I asked if they wanted to check it, they told me, "no, inside." When I went inside they scanned my ticket codes but no one checked my bag.Overall, it is a neat place. With a 4 & 8 year old I appreciated the brief informational blurbs at each exhibit-it felt doable without being overwhelming.Had we packed a lunch, dry clothes, and less of a crowd, it would have been a better experience. For the extreme cost, we would not likely visit again.

Shanna Schweitzer — Google review

Will be coming back! I'm so impressed with the size of this aquarium, it was very easy to walk through, all sections set up easy to navigate. The dolphin show was great. The whale sharks were so impressive. I saw some people doing the shark dive, it looked like so much fun. Plenty of seating in the different exhibits, we sat and watched the fish and the sharks for quite a while. The gift shop had a lot of items to pick from.

Alex Bailey — Google review

Such an amazing experience! I took my four year old and my eight year old and they had so much fun! It is educational and breathtaking! We saw the dolphin show as well as the sea lion show. I highly recommend going during the weekday if you can and definitely get there early. Very friendly staff and clean restrooms and private nursing areas for breastfeeding mothers.

Kaitlyn Brewer — Google review

The museum experience was great. It was crowded but the entering the aquarium didn’t take long. The place is large and divided in sections which you can visit based on your preference. Their dolphin show was great. If you want to sit in the splash section you need to plan ahead. You can easily spend half a day here. I would recommend this for families with kids who enjoy seeing sea life. The jelly fish were beautiful and the sharks were amazing.

Anand — Google review

I love the Aquarium! I have visited several times and enjoyed each time. It’s amazing and educational. It is great for kids or even a fun date. If visiting on a holiday be there early. The dolphin show is awesome but fills up quickly. Get your tickets as soon as you get in. The handicap chairs are first come first serve. It’s in a great area and there is tons of places to eat around the aquarium.

Amdon Always — Google review

We had a great day at the aquarium. It was very clean, decorated for the holidays, and there was a lot to see. The dolphin show was amazing. The sea lion show could have been better. There is only a virtual map but it’s easy to flow from one location to another. Our stroller was a jogging stroller but it fit within their box so it was allowed inside. Check your stroller against their guidelines. You have to reserve a time for the shows, but I was able to sign up for a different time later in order to move our slot up. We got there before 9 and left around 11:30. Very clean tanks and lots of viewing areas. We went on a Saturday and it started to get very crowded as the day went on. Recommended to get there at open. The plaza outside had a nice holiday set up from the Coca-Cola brand.

Courtney — Google review

Went over a holiday weekend and it was super crowded. I'd love to go again when there are less people. The Cafe was very good, we got the bowl and salad and fries. They were all delicious and even though there was a large crowd, our food came out quickly.

Dr Dawn Mavromatidis — Google review

The best aquarium we have been to in the United States! Not your typical aquarium at all. Big fish and sharks and rays. Lots to see and shows that are included. Get there about 30 minutes early for shows to get a good seat. Dolphin show is better than the seal on for sure, but both are included, just make a reservation.

Mike Vandermus — Google review

We had an absolutely amazing time when we visited last month, if this is on your itinerary at least budget 4 hours to fully enjoy all the exhibits, activities, and shows the aquarium has to offer. Definitely highly recommend coming as close as you can to opening so you can enjoy the mostly empty aquarium. The staff are all so informative and love to chat. When we come back we are looking forward to a behind the scenes tour.

Brittany Ledger — Google review

It's a great aquarium but some exhibits were empty and I didn't get to experience the 'extras' 3D and dolphin shows specifically. They do have cool pop-in holes where you can take pictures and it looks like your in there with the animals. The location is great! It's across the street from Olympic Park and walking distance to several other must see attractions. There is food available inside and they take a pic of you entering and you can buy it if you'd like. Great for the kids and couples!!!

Reganda Smith — Google review

What an amazing experience. I came from Florida to go to this aquarium. They have beautiful exhibits and the animals who look happy and are swimming without a worry. I recommend eating before or bringing food because the food is very average especially for the $. The main attraction is the whale shark and I could sit and watch that exhibit for an hour. I highly recommend signing up for the shows they have going on (dolphin and sea lion). 100% worth it. We spent about 5-6 hours in the aquarium. They take a picture at the entrance which they put a backdrop on it and a live background. If you’re hesitant on going, there’s so much to see. I will definitely be back when I’m in Georgia.

Briana Harricharan — Google review

First time visiting. Had a wonderful time. From the check-in to leaving the staff made, my family and I feel very welcomed. They were professional and helpful. I enjoyed learning more about fish. The only downfall was that I didn't see turtles, we couldn't take pictures behind the whale jaw, and the dolphin show was short. Great place for the entire family!

Rhonda M — Google review

Enjoying going to the aquarium. It's nice and clean. The crowd was pretty intense. Please be patient and don't rush. I promise you will get into the show that you made reservations for. It felt as if I was going to be trampled going into the dolphin show. Other than that it was spectacular. The outside grounds were very clean as well. Just slow down and enjoy the Aquarium!!!!!

Mrs Lynn — Google review

Superb experience, spent nearly 4hrs here, we thought we would go for maybe a couple of hours but time went so quick. Just fascinating to sees many different species through the many huge viewing tanks. Sealion and Dolphin show were great too. Didn't use the canteen but food was available here if you need a break and a sit down. Gift shop have good variety of gifts, difficult not to leave with at least one cuddly toy

Steve Findlay — Google review

Always wonderful! Worth every penny! Best aquarium I have ever seen in the US. Go and take the kids and plan to stay for 3-4 hours at least. Definitely buy tickets a day or two in advance or even several more if it’s a holiday weekend. It’s timed entry. Can be busy and hard to get in if you wait to last minute on a weekend.

Chris De La Feld — Google review

This aquarium was a great experience. I came here on a Tuesday morning . It was not crowded at all . I do recommend buying tickets in advance . I got a discount through my job . If you are active or retired military personnel you are eligible for a discount as well. The aquarium is broken up into different sections . It took around 2-3 hours to cover the whole aquarium. They are shows as well other interaction things to do here .The staff were very knowledgeable which I loved and the facility is kept is great condition. I truly had a great time .

Nicole H — Google review

Flew here for a day trip date ✈️ from MD.Best aquarium I've ever been to, it's a must visit location! I highly recommend! I will definitely be visiting again. There is no way to describe how truly incredible it is to be face to face with whale sharks and belugas. They also have a Tiger shark! Amazing experience!

Moriah Ritchie — Google review

This is an experience you absolutely need to have! There is so much to see, you will spend hours here. Very organized and easy to navigate though the aquarium and the different types of sea life. Had the opportunity to watch a Sea Lion show and a Dolphin show all in one day! Concession was well organized and easy to navigate even in large crowds. Would highly suggest getting there early to experience great views of aqua life as the aquarium definitely picks up spectators as the day goes on.

Jason Mumau — Google review

This was our first time visiting and I am so glad we made the trip. This aquarium has the best layout. We visited on Easter Sunday and it was very busy, but there is so much to see and several viewing areas for the same exhibit. I wish we would've had more time to spend there, but I guess that means I'll have to go back. I highly recommend the dolphin show.

Tammy R — Google review

My recent visit to the Georgia Aquarium left much to be desired, warranting a three-star rating. While the facility boasts an impressive array of marine life, including some rare species, the overall experience was dampened by several factors.First and foremost, the check-in process was marred by the rude and unwelcoming behavior of the staff. Instead of offering a warm greeting, some check-in personnel were observed screaming at guests, which created an uncomfortable atmosphere right from the start. Such behavior is entirely unacceptable and detracts significantly from the overall visitor experience.Furthermore, despite the aquarium's reputation, the actual exhibits felt rather average. While there were certainly some highlights, including a variety of marine life and educational displays, there simply weren't enough fish to captivate visitors for an extended period. This lack of diversity and quantity in the exhibits left something to be desired, especially considering the high expectations associated with a renowned aquarium like Georgia's.However, the one shining aspect of my visit was the dolphin show. The spectacular performance by these intelligent creatures managed to salvage an otherwise lackluster experience. The show provided an engaging and entertaining display of their agility and intelligence, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.In summary, while the Georgia Aquarium offers glimpses of the wonders of the underwater world, its potential is undermined by the discourteous behavior of some staff members and the underwhelming variety of marine life on display. Visitors may find it worthwhile to explore other aquariums in the area for a more fulfilling experience, though the dolphin show remains a highlight not to be missed.

Stylish — Google review

Great experiences! Sign up for shows at arrival. We started first thing and that was too busy with all the field trips. Ended up coming back later in the afternoon, which was much better. The shows were informative and fun. We could have watched the tanks all the day. We bought the tickets in advance as part of the city pass.

The Dunhams — Google review

This was by far the best aquarium I’ve ever been to! We had a blast. Well worth the price!We spent 5 hours completing the Aquarium and watching the shows that were included.The theater is actually the animals preforming not a tv screen. Highly recommend especially if you have kids! They will be busy for hours.

B Hampton — Google review


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225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA

(404) 581-4000

I'll never travel to Montgomery without this trip planner again

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32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (46)

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I will never travel to Montgomery without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Centennial Olympic Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (53)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (54)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (55)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (56)

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Sights & Landmarks

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park is an oasis of green space and interactive attractions perfect for a summer day out. The fountain, the Fountain of Rings, can be synchronized to music and light displays and is great for children to enjoy. Nearby attractions include the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Childrens Museum of Atlanta.

This is a nice peaceful park even though there's plenty of people there. The view around you is amazing and gives the park so much energy. The park is in walking distance to the world of co*ke, aquarium, college football hall of fame and so much more. The view at night when the lights come on is great! You just feel Atlanta in this park. Great place for a picnic and to come throw the football with your kids. I'll definitely be going back to write some poetry, read, and even just to chill in a peaceful place. It's dog friendly for all dog owners. Depending on where you park you may have to walk a little to get in the park. Most parking areas are $20 and up to park with no time limit but no overnight parking.

montrell thomas — Google review

It's a lovely place full of history, each step you dive is a pass into past Olympics games. The place is very green surrounded of between buildings, gardens, and concrete. It's a perfect balance.

Efrain Castañeda — Google review

I haven’t visited Centennial Olympic Park in some years and since the hotel we were staying at was within walking distance, we decided to go for a stroll. It was beautifully decorated for the holidays, very family and dog-friendly. There were some “characters” around but it’s Atlanta.

Millie Brown — Google review

We went in late February! The weather was cool so there weren't many people around! We walked from Georgia Aquarium! It's a great place for walking, taking pictures, and potentially picnics! I will return again!!!

Jimmy Lee Davis — Google review

This park is a worth visit if you are on a trip to Georgia aquarium or the co*ke factory. It lies just beside them within walking distance. Parking is a bit difficult since it is in downtown and no street parking is available most of the times. The entry is free of cost for the park. There are plenty of paid parking places around the park from $10-$20.

Sai C — Google review

This is such a relaxing fun environment in the middle of downtown Atlanta! When the weather is beautiful you can spend hours playing in the open. The Olympic rings are a great photo op! When we went the water springs were not functional. But those are great entertainment for children! Lots of great restaurants within walking distance of the Centennial Olympic Park.

Bugs Subu — Google review

The Centennial Park is free and it's location is in the heart of Downtown, Atlanta! There are great places nearby, so you will not be bored. It's a huge park where you can hang out with friends & family. We went to Atlanta at December so the weather is really nice! I like the coldness while walking! The park is also a good place to exercise. A lot of people are doing it in the area.We also enjoyed the view, the establishments nearby and the buildings!!! This is free so I recommend you stopping by if you plan to visit Atlanta, GA!

Christian Garcia — Google review

A beautiful experience for tourists and locals alike. I dislike that the park is shut down for events most weekends. But it is a joy to walk during the week. It is a great event space to enjoy the skyline. I enjoyed one of the best concerts ever with Outkast once upon My Weekend in Atlanta.

Tlaw Foto — Google review

This is one of the free places to visit for free in Atlanta. Centennial Park is in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, very close to the Mercedes stadium that hosted the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. It is a vast park for walking around and relaxing with fresh air...It's an excellent place to enjoy the view, take pictures, and have an amazing time reminiscent of the memories of Atlanta '96.I recommend you stop by if you plan visiting Atlanta, GA!

Adetoyese Oyedun — Google review

Had a chance to visit Atlanta in Sept. The weather is abt the same in Singapore, good public transport connectivity between airport and downtown. The place reminds me of Sydney with high rise buildings and a good mix of American/Asia/Japan/Spanish food. Not much sight-seeing but a good place for family as they have nice parks and beautiful houses.

PP — Google review

Not a whole lot to do here. A lot of open space. It was safe walking around at night and taking pictures. Park was clean. Locals were friendly. Free admission.

Nicholas P — Google review

Nice space in a busy city. Visit the park and just walk, sit or bring the kids to play.It’s been a minute since the 1996 Olympics and this area was abuzz with international voices and the spirit of the world coming together for the best in athletic competition. That is of course when someone tried to darken the event but alas the human spirit and the City of Atlanta showed perseverance. Visiting the park conjures up history for me and the victory of a metropolis that continues on, adapting and showing resilience. Enough of history. Visit this park and enjoy the fountain and maybe take in the nearby attractions.

EA S — Google review

First time visiting Centennial Olympic Park we were very excited to visit such a Iconic Historical park. The park is public, well maintained its big there's plenty of seating areas, great for families and friends. It's located in Downtown Atlanta and surrounded by amazing Buildings and famous placec in Atlanta such as SkyView Atlanta, CNN Center, the College Football Hall of Fame,World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, and Children’s Museum of Atlanta. We enjoyed our time there took beautiful pictures, I definitely recommend it.

Kan Alcf — Google review

This is the park that was made to mark the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta. It is a huge park with lots of free space to walk and relax. There are many fountains and playground spaces here. The park has many monuments to commemorate the Olympics. There are a lot of statues too. The tiles have the names of the Olympics participants to honor them. One can spend a good weekend with family here and enjoy the greenery around.

Bhushan — Google review

Centennial park such a beautiful park with so much amusem*nt around it you have to Coca-Cola do you have the civil rights you have the Georgia aquarium and you had the history of the Olympics when it came to Georgia it’s just a beautiful place to the family to look at history, you can See all the contributors names written on bricks. You can see the fountain the greenery the fountains. It’s a beautiful place. You can even have a picnic there if you want it to you or just walk and hold hands with your significant other arches. Enjoy the park with the kids or just a great walk alone. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy if you’re in the Atlanta area absolutely beautiful.

Tawanda Polidore — Google review

Centennial Olympic Park is located in the Midtown area of Atlanta.The park is very beautiful and clean, and popular to locals and tourists.It’s free for all visitors.Took rest and enjoyed its ambience!

MM Opel — Google review

Very nice park in downtown Atlanta. Great place to go for walks, and you get to admire the beautiful skyline of Atlanta from within the park. Very beautiful and clean park and lots of water fountains, too, so you don't have to worry about getting dehydrated while you're out there in the heat. Everything is just walking distance too from within the park since you're in downtown.

Jorovie Muñoz — Google review

It's a nice place to visit on your way to the aquarium or Coca-Cola world.Definitely a piece of history.Kids will have fun with the playground and splash zone.Great views on the surrounding downtown.However not much of the shade available to hide from the scorching sun

Alex — Google review

The kids enjoyed running around this park. There are multiple playgrounds and another park with aquarium and co*ke tours just across the street. A lot of places to takes cool photos and view downtown Atlanta. The skywheel is also right next to the park. Definitely a nice place to walk around In downtown and spend time.

Milo Allerton Bateman — Google review

I visited Centennial Olympic Park during the Christmas holiday. It's a very walkable park with a nice balance of open-air and wooded spaces. I recommend visiting the entire park if you can as it's something that can be completed in an hour or so. There are plenty of nearby attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca Cola Museum.

James Mims — Google review

Centennial Olympic Park commemorates hosting of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Serving as both a commemorative site and a hub for community engagement, the park offers a green space connecting the bustling city on all sides. There are numerous statues and fountains scattered throughout the park.The park started a trend for a remarkable wave of economic revitalization in downtown Atlanta, spawning numerous restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments in its vicinity.

Sara Govero — Google review

A great place to chill, read, or enjoy the company of others doing the same. Lots to do and see here, and the environment is clean and well maintained. The park centralizes access to the Georgia Aquarium, College Football Hall of Fame, Center for Civil and Human Rights, and the World of Coca-Cola. A great SkyView ferris wheel provides breathtaking views of the city. Do nothing or everything in this amazing city center.

Anthony Henderson — Google review

The center that holds the downtown Atlanta attractions. So huge and so much to see. The fountains spreading all around of it are truly amazing. Looks coll both at daytime nd at evening.

Md. Al-Amin — Google review

Excellent park for walking! Lots of space! Great photo opportunities! Loved the water fountain and Olympic rings! Many different types of restaurants nearby. We enjoyed the ferris wheel. There is a large map right next to the ferris wheel with all food and attraction options located across the entrance to Olympic Centennial Park.

Ann Buckley — Google review

this history here is uncanny! i took a solo trip at Xmas time and this easily became one of the BEST memories of my entire life!! I love Centennial Olympic Park and every little beautiful thing about it!!

Steven McHugh — Google review


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(4378)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (61)

Atlanta, GA 30313, USA

(404) 223-4412


Marietta Square

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (62)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (63)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (64)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (65)

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Sights & Landmarks

Marietta Square is a charming city park, bordered by restaurants and shops, featuring a replica of the Liberty Bell, benches and a fountain. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with live music, browsing through numerous vendors' stores or simply relaxing on one of the benches. The surrounding murals add to the park's aesthetic appeal. Free 2-hour parking is available nearby for convenience.

This visit was a pleasant surprise. We visited thinking just a quaint little town with lots of shops,etc., but there was a full blown Festival happening! So much to do and see, so many little shops and vendors, live music, eating, browsing, buying, watching or just hanging out. We were traveling from Ohio and had toddlers to teens + our pooch and there was something for everyone. Great job little town of Marietta Square ❤🐕

DarcyDoodle (DarcyDoodle) — Google review

The best place in Cobb County to go for a date, meal, shopping, etc. a safe and exciting place to walk around and experience fun factor that gives without ceasing. Eclectic and interesting cultural experiences await you. Many weekends throughout the year they offer farmers market and craft guilds. Truly a place to be anytime of the year day or night. 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👏🏾🐺

Rand Eberhard — Google review

It's literally a small square with a tiny park in the middle surrounded with restaurants and shops. The murals around it are nice (see pictures). There's free 2-hour parking by the park which is nice.

curly ceibe?a — Google review

The square has so much so offer! There are so many great restaurants to explore. My kids love to make wishes in the fountain and play on the train in the park.

Sarah Martin — Google review

Tomorrow's morning will be the annual MS walk. They have a 1 mile trail and 3 mile trail. Dogs are welcomed, and the city police take care of blocking the path for everyone to enjoy the walk at your own pace. They have stands along the path with water also. It I great event for a great cause....

Cynthia — Google review

I visited for a food festival. So very disappointed. Vendors tripled prices for just tasting items. Food wasn't good. Would not go to a food festival held here. Parking limited. Marietta police and fire dept. Were available to assust with situations. Very professional. I have visited just to sit in the gazebo or listen to live music. I have eaten at many of the restaurants there and was never disappointed. I’ve gone there on a date night and even was a spectator of several weddings at the gazebo. Enjoyed very much.i have never been disappointed with any of the restaurants that I've dined at. Many small restaurants and you can eat outside and enjoy. It's very quaint. Would recommend for a date night or just to go chill.

Joyce Griffin — Google review

Marietta Square is a great place for July 4th celebration! There was a musical concert from 7 pm and kids' Games from 10 early morning 🌄! Lots of food stalls and crowds!

Bishwa Subba — Google review

So many things to do at the city center of my hometown! The Strand Theater is still right there on the corner! There is a playground for the kids to enjoy, and there are public restrooms (real ones, not port-a-potty!) There are restaurants and bars all around the square. Social events are held frequently here. I was most recently here on behalf of Team Trivia filling in to run the weekly Trivia Game at Red Hare - The Still on the Square. Great bunch of folks there to enjoy a fun game of Trivia!

RICHARD MCLEAN (Cut Loose Entertainment) — Google review

Beautiful, friendly place to hang out with lots of families, restaurants, and shops. A wonderful large fountain in the middle that is very scenic and well maintained. The whole square is wheel chair friendly.

Larry Landrie — Google review

The summer concert series and arts festivals are really enjoyable. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in the area to enjoy when there aren’t large gatherings on the square. Traffic can be really hectic on event days and I recommend early arrival or ride share services.

__ — Google review

I always have such a great time when visiting Marietta square. So many restaurants and bars that are in walking distance of each other. The square itself is a great place to grab a bench and people watch or read. I visited for Chalktober fest, breakfast, and a book club meeting this week and every time was a different experience. There is a bookstore, magic shop, art studios, boutique shops and places to eat all around the square.

Christie Fuller — Google review

Located in the center of downtown Marietta, Marietta Square is a really fun and cute place that is centered with a pretty water fountain and a nice little park called "Glover Park." The vibes are great, and it's a great spot to bring kids or sit down and enjoy yourself!There are a bunch of really cool shops directly next to the square. Some places I visited:Rocket Fizz - super cool candy store with some exotic candy that I haven't tried before!Tsunami - Latin American & Asian fusion cuisine, very yummy!There was also some dragon store that I can't quite remember the name of, but the people working there were really kind and had a great sense of humor. Overall, very very cool place!If you found this review useful, consider liking it—it helps me and others out!

Saiteja Nagabothu — Google review

Loved the art festival they had over Labor Day weekend at Marietta Square. The quality of the artisans were better than I expected. There was very good quality and creative art throughout from many of the vendors.

Kenn C — Google review

We visited on Saturday during Chalktoberfest. Do wish parking could be a little easier around the square, but it is to be expected during events. Really enjoyed the music and the art. Not sure why this year they didn't have as many food vendors out. But overall it was really nice day out.

Phoenix Bray — Google review


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99 S Park Square NE, Marietta, GA 30060, USA

(770) 794-5601


Tanger Outlets Locust Grove

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (68)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (69)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (70)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (71)

Outlet mall


Factory Outlets

Shopping-mall chain featuring a variety of brand-name & designer outlet stores.

We love going there and you always get all your steps in for your daily walking goals. Even with the hot weather the place was packed as normal and there were a large number of specials and sales today.....A+

Keith Peterson — Google review

So I haven’t visited this Tanger in about 3 years so I am comparing to what I remember. I used to leave here with a truck filled with stuff and today I left with 1 small bag from Bath and Bodywork. We (my 18 year old son and myself the shopaholic) found nothing of interest. And they removed the customer service office which makes this a doble whammy for Tanger outlet members. I used to love this place but now it’s just a shopping center. Nothing special! The only pic I have was in Nike and there was nothing special there either.

Ydkm — Google review

There are a lot of nice shops to check out in the outlets. Photos are from the coach outlet, sports memorabilia store, and direct tools oulet.

Eddy Stinson — Google review

Nice variety of stores, always see a police presence, only downside is everything closes too early. Nearly impossible to get there and have time to shop if you want to go to multiple stores on a weekday and you don't work in the area. By the time you get there, you have time for maybe 2 stores, most of them close at 8pm.

Christina W — Google review

Fun times are in store for you at Tangier Outlet Malls, My mother and I were doing some holiday shopping and it's so convenient for us everytime we go .. There's plenty of space for parking as well as cross walks all throughout the place making it so much easier for people to Walk around safely, as my mother needs a walking fixture to assist her...We just loved The Jockey Store and The Gap Outlet as well as Old Navy, and Polo Ralph Lauren as well....all are very accommodating and accessable too..My mother just loved the Christmas tree too..

jaime — Google review

Spacious and well maintained Mall with good parking space. There are many stores in this mall and most of the stores have products with good discounts. There is no on-site help desk in this mall. Eateries are limited. The restrooms are very clean.

Siju KJ — Google review

Was very busy on a Saturday but we’ll organized especially at the Nike store. I’ve never seen such a long line move so fast. Also on a whole the entire outlet was really clean good job.

DAVE TOLLIVER — Google review

Got to see the lighting of the Christmas tree and I had so much fun!! I also won the grand prize which was a Vera Bradley blanket and handbag!!! Best year and best memories ever!!!

Axel Underwood — Google review

Very nice shopping center. There are many different places to find what you're looking for.

Samantha James — Google review

This place has lost its charm with very few choices and shops were mostly empty. We went around the Labor Day holiday and haven’t seen any good discounts but same regular season sales. We drove almost 1.5 hours just to reach here but we were disappointed. Hope to see better crowds and sales next time!

K Aggarwal — Google review

Spacious and good presence of known brands. Spread out over a rectangular layout...No shortcut to traversing the Stores... Get ready for the walk.Some luxury brands are missing, but the Stores are bigger here and probably better bargain to be had than at North Georgia Premium outlet. Great shopping experience overall.

Emmanuel Feyisetan — Google review

We revisited this location looking for summer clothes and shoes for the kids. Not a large variety of choices, the prices were almost comparable to a regular non outlet store. I would not drive the distance to attend this outlet again.

Harmmom — Google review

There is a great variety of shops to shop and choose from many with sales and very friendly associates. Some were more willing than others to assist several no longer are giving military discounts but overall still a good place to browse shop and get great gifts.

Kimberly Seymour — Google review

This is a somewhat smaller outlet mall, extremely convenient. It's very easy to find all the stores. I love the fact that you can walk around the large rectangle parking area and easily see everything. Could use a few more places to eat but very convenient for shopping.

Mike Shank — Google review

I think the locals like this place more than the transients. Like the consistency of COACH CLARKS and NIKE. I have always found amazing deals in those stores!!! Oh yeah GAP & BANANA REPUBLIC for sure! 👏🏾👏🏾

Basil Hamilton — Google review

GPS took us to the back of the mall, which was awkward to then get around to the front. Bathrooms were very far apart. Wish there were better food options. Long walk from one side to the other.

Brian T — Google review


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(164)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (73)

1000 Tanger Dr, Locust Grove, GA 30248, USA

(770) 957-5310


Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (74)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (75)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (76)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (77)

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History Museums

Smithsonian affiliate with hands-on permanent & traveling exhibits on the Civil War-era railroad.

This place is amazing. It is a completely new museum, far from the giant barn it used to be. Apparently they are now associated with the Smithsonian and have really expanded their exhibits. It is also completely handicapped accessible. At $10 or less per person, this is a great place to visit.

Team Tardis 404 — Google review

They give discounts to seniors (age 65) $8.00, active duty $5.00, but no discounts for disabled military. Regular adults are $10.00.This is not a Civil War museum, though it has some Civil War memorabilia, it is a train museum, and a place for kindergarten children age to go.The museum is pro-Union, not so much for the Confederacy though located in Kennesaw, Georgia.I recommend going someplace else unless you are into trains or have very very young children.

R B “The Reverend” Langston — Google review

Enjoyed this place, went with my friend, her mom and her two sons. The kids are ages 9 and 6 and love trains. I happened to catch the time of the museum celebrating it's 50th Anniversary that Tuesday the admission was free. It was a few hours away from home as we visited from Columbia, SC. The children love trains and it would have still been worth the price as they enjoyed a lot of the interactive exhibits and the children's interactive stations. Then after a couple of hours at the museum we went across the street to the Frozen Cow and enjoyed some very good ice cream. I personally liked the Banana Foster's special on the menu.It was well worth the trip as the museum was not busy and the gift shop had plenty of unique items for train enthusiasts of all ages to get things big or small. We definitely plan on returning to the museum and the Frozen Cow soon!

Ari George — Google review

Great weekday activity for a 3 year old. Wasn’t very crowded and the kids area only had one entrance/exit so I could let my kid run around without worrying he was going to run away.

Sean Allen — Google review

Fantastic experience. The film they show gives you a much better understanding of the history of the great locomotive chase!

Jennifer L — Google review

This is such a unique place for a wedding or any event! I recently photographed a wedding here and I was really impressed with the whole facility and all that they offer in the space. If you rent out the building for an event, your guests will be able to go through the whole museum and you'll also have a large space for dinner tables and dancing under some market lighting. It's also in a great spot because it's right in downtown Kennesaw area so there are lots of restaurants close by. Highly recommend!

Katrina Poggio Photography — Google review

We recently moved to the south and I've always loved history. This place was a wonderful, insightful, and educational experience. We told the ticket booth teller we were new to GA and they gave us a quick run down of everything as well as a handout with a map. Some of the historic artifacts left me speechless and the stories they told were just amazing. I highly recommend visiting!

Trae Chappell — Google review

Very pleasant surprise. Quite a bit more to see here than we had anticipated.Museum is laid out well with a tremendous amount of information to absorb. I love looking at all the detail of the iron work, and the equipment used. Couldn't stop thinking about how they could accomplish all that detail back then.There's a short version of The Great Locomotive Chase movie that was very well made for a local production that was worth watching as well - about 20 minutes.So much more insight as to how important the supply line from Atlanta to Chattanooga was in the war.And the "General" - the train itself, was in there at the end.Missed the senior discount cut by a few months, and I never worry about getting military discounts , it was only $10 anyway, and worth it.We loved it! And the people working there were extremely helpful and friendly as well.

Matthew Tocco — Google review

We didn't know what to expect, but we are so glad we went! So much history, so many pictures and exhibits! Very family friendly! Lots of interactive exhibits for a fantastic family adventure day! We enjoyed the 3 hours we spent in this great place! Only 10 dollars for adults and 5 dollars for children. The staff was very friendly and helpful to us. We recommend taking a day trip to visit a few moments of history we all need to remember.

Stephanie Stephens — Google review

Small museum but interesting with a good bit of displays. Spent 2.5 hours here and grabbed ice cream at the Frozen Cow afterwards.

Rachael Smith — Google review

This place is amazing! It is interactive for kids, and incredibly educational! The best part is it's super inexpensive! My oldest son has autism and is in LOVE with trains. My youngest loves everything military. So, this place was a win for us!

Amanda Meyer — Google review

Very informative. Not huge, but big enough to enjoy. 1-2 exhibits features not working - model train track up high which operates via button, not working, nor is one of the screens inside. Overall worthy of a visit.

Peter Dimako — Google review

Nice little museum. Spent a total of 3 hours here reading all the tags and did the narrated "ghost" tour. Mostly informative with a few interesting exhibits. The train assembly line and machinery was really cool and the General is great to view. Nothing to blow your socks off, but definitely enjoyed our trip.

Rick Hladik — Google review


(913)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (78)


(357)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (79)

2829 Cherokee St NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA

(770) 427-2117


Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (80)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (81)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (82)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (83)

Animal park

Nature & Parks

Set on 250 acres & founded in 1978, this non-profit animal sanctuary is home to over 1,500 animals.

We love coming here as a family. It's free but they accept donations of cash and fruits/food for the animals. The animals all seem healthy and not depressed like some zoos. It's also mostly shaded which is great in GA summer heat

Lawryn McDonald — Google review

The kids had a great great time and definitely will have to do this again. Next time, I will not bring my pup. I found out that pets are not allowed. As a whole, the environment seems clean and family-friendly! I look forward to experiencing it again through its entirety!

ClaudeZ — Google review

The idea and concept of this place is amazing, way beyond 5 stars. May the creator of Heaven and earth, The LORD bless yall to continue shelter and provide healing for these animals. However, the bears, lion, tiger, baboon that we were hoping to see were distant or hiding; that's okay. At least they are safe.The birds were some of most amazing colors: yellow, white, green, pink, blue, black, etc..

MJ News — Google review

‼️‼️ UPDATE: new board has taken over and completely ruined this animal sanctuary. She's just letting the animals die ands is stealing the donations!! Shut them down or give back ownership to those who really careStopped here since it wasn't too far out of the way of our original route but I am so happy we did! This was one of the cleanest, best kept sanctuaries I've ever been to (including other sanctuaries, zoos, etc). The animals look so healthy and they have SO much space to roam around, play and enjoy themselves. I love how natural their habitats are kept so it isn't too artificial for them (unlike some other places I've been to). The volunteers and workers here are also so kind and welcoming. I talked to Danielle (the volunteer coordinator) throughout my time here and she was absolutely amazing! She was so informative and it was a pleasure getting to talk to her about the animals, their care, and other information relating to the sanctuary. I also had a lovely conversation with Wayne about Liberty the tiger which was a very nice experience. Overall, I learned a lot more than I would have otherwise if I had just walked through by myself without asking any questions, so I am very happy about that. Though the admission is free, really try to donate all that you can to this wonderful animal sanctuary. Especially with COVID and the financial backlash from that, this place deserves all the generosity possible.

Trinity L — Google review

So much more than the pictures show. Such a wonderful place to take the kids and have a day of family fun!! We love to go at least once a month to check up on the animals and feed them. Beautiful trail, sweet and caring volunteers, gift shop inside, nice playground and swing area. Just all around good, free fun! Do not forget to donate what you can! It will help to take care of the animals and with keeping the sanctuary beautiful 🥰

T Wilson — Google review

My family and I first time at Noah’s Ark. Nice spacious parking lot. Beautiful peaco*cks walking around the parking lot. It appeared to be mating season for these beautiful creatures. Not a big fan of the picnic tables being right in front of the parking lot. We didn’t get to see all the animals this time. The kids wanted to play in the playground more than see animals. We’re hoping next time we get to see more animals. The service was good in the gift shop. I’ll definitely update the review when I get to have the full experience. Overall, so far, It was fun and all that matters is that the kids enjoyed their time there.

Lottie L. — Google review

Terrible disgraceful and shameful.The board in place now should be treated the exact same way they have treated these once magnificent animals that were entrusted to their care.PEOPLE!If you care one iota about animals please don't visit and enrich the boards pockets any further.Your money is NOT going to help these poor starved animals.A despicable event that everyone involved in should be ashamed to their core and renounce their position here.After all its obvious they have renounced their humanity in the name of money!

kevin raynard — Google review

This place is so cute. As soon as we arrived a peaco*ck was casually strolling around the parking lot. The kids loved feeding the animals. My kids want tk volunteer here now. I wish they served food instead of just the vending machine so we could stay longer.

P Mac — Google review

We loved our visit. The grounds were clean and well kept. The animals all looked well taken care of. It shows that they actually use the donations to help keep the place up. I truly appreciate it the self-guided tour being free but highly recommend you donate to the animals. The story of some of the animals were interesting and it's nice to have a safe environment for them.

Nyetta H. — Google review

This place has a good variety of animals to see. Its a great place to explore for all ages. My three year old especially loved the bears and big cats! We didn't get a chance to explore the whole sanctuary since it began to rain but we loved what we did get to see and we will definitely be back!

Heather Wilkins — Google review


(2144)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (84)


(240)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (85)

712 L G Griffin Rd, Locust Grove, GA 30248, USA

(770) 957-0888

I'll never travel to Montgomery without this trip planner again

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32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (86)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (87)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (88)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (89)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (90)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (91)

I will never travel to Montgomery without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (93)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (94)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (95)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (96)

Mentioned on

3 lists

Battle site

Nature & Parks

Preserved site of an 1864 Civil War battle, with a visitor's center featuring a film & artifacts.

I purposely went to the park late in the afternoon, so I expected parking to be a pain, which it was. I really love visiting national park units though (40+ and counting), so it wasn't the worst thing in the world. I was there to hike anyway, but I used my America the Beautiful pass to cover the parking fee.From the overflow parking lot, I bee-lined to the Visitor Center to get a map and my stamp. After that, I immediately started the 1-mile hike up the main trail to the summit. The trail started to ascend almost immediately and it's very rocky, so pace yourself if you need to. There aren't a huge number of benches along the trail, but the trails are extremely well marked.Overall, this park is honestly one of the best maintained units I've ever seen, but I have to assume it's because of the number of locals who visit. Seeing it in spring is probably the best part because of all the beautiful flowering trees.Shameless plug: I visit all kinds of parks and share them on my IG @domsdillydallies if you're interested!

Dominique Brooks — Google review

First time here. The trails were awesome. Such a good place for walking/hiking. Great exercise and beautiful nature scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3.5 mile walk. So many different trails to try. I'll be back to try other trails.

Courtney J — Google review

Great mountain, with views at every turn. Either walk through the forest or hike to the top of the mountain roughly 1000ft elevation and 1.5mile road up and enjoy the view of Atlanta. Bathrooms are available at the welcome center.

Derick — Google review

Beautiful hike on a beautiful day! Lots of folks our enjoying the day. Saw so many dogs 🐕 and friendly people. Even saw a few horses as well!

Darrell Cowan — Google review

This was my first time hiking the trail, and I loved it. The facility at the parking area was clean. The trail is well maintained. The informational placards along the trail were a pleasant surprise.

Penny Lester — Google review

One of my favorite National parks to go to. A great park to live by and encourage you to walk/hike weekly. Plus the snow this year was amazing to see at the peak.

Gabriel Gandia — Google review

I enjoyed being here, is a beautiful place to visit, I recommend bringing a map because the trails are not marked, and you can do short and long hiking. Take like 45 minutes for each hiking trail.Another piece of advice is if you have trekking poles are very useful 👌

Alejandra Diaz Angel — Google review

Super cool outdoor activity. The trail is great for all fitness levels...not too steep or dangerous. Lots of wildlife too!

Donald Martin — Google review

Kennesaw is our halfway point between our Florida and Kentucky home… love hiking this park every time we stay over… so many good trails with a list of history and landmarks.

Laura croson — Google review

Sundays best workout ever.At the peak of the day it was beautiful & amazing to see the skyline from the top of the mountain. Especially when it was storming thru the entire city. Enjoyed my climb with nature's best...

Jevell Harris — Google review

Late afternoon stroll through the fascinating woods at Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield National ParkThe Noses Creek and Hardage Mil area was new to us and we appreciated both the beauty as well as the historyThere is a short connecting trail that follows alongside a creek at the base of the Dead Angle field on Cheatham Hill where the Illinois Monument is located. Along that trail are two of the most magnificent trees in the 2965 acre park. They’re both about the same size though one has it’s massive moss covered roots exposed.

pooja dinani — Google review

Beautiful hike, nice views and you can bring dogs! Good incline on the way up. Almost 3 miles from top to bottom.

Jana Collins — Google review

Visitor center is really nice. Has a short film about the battle I found pretty touching. They have a first rate museum with a lot of items that are significant to the battle and Sherman’s campaign to capture Atlanta. There did not seem to be a lot in the way of interpretation on most of the trails other than a few plaques, but the visiting the “Dead Angle” and knowing what happened there is a really sobering experience.

Shane Bonin — Google review

Historical places are always a great place to find inspiration and reflection. There were some interesting lessons here along the self guided trails. Lots of walking and running, and families spending time together, while engaging in discussions about nature and history.We will co.e and spend more time here on our next trip to Atlanta.

Deborah Buma — Google review

They seem quite apologetic and even celebratory of confederate war nostalgia, under the guise of "history". This is evidenced by their various monuments and historical markers that attempt to subtley depict the losing pro-slavery racist condederates as heroes whose deeds are somehow worthy of respect or rememberance. Utter gaslighting nonsense. A better monument would be to the countless slaves that were forced to undergo neverending unpaid labor under horrible conditions for their entire lives, to the sole benefit of the ruthless, unenlightened brutal confederates.

David Elliott — Google review

We only had about an hour to spend here but enjoyed the museum. I really like the battle field log with the cannon balls embedded in them, very cool. Didn't have enough time to hike too far, but the trails looked very nice from what we saw.

Jacob Kizer — Google review

An amazing place if you really like to walk towards an historic place, the costume service in that place is really great the museum and the historic field… amazing!

Amalia Schaad — Google review


(6776)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (97)


(940)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (98)

900 Kennesaw Mountain Dr, Kennesaw, GA 30152, USA

(770) 427-4686


Road To Tara Museum

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (99)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (100)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (101)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (102)


Specialty Museums

Unique collection of Gone With The Wind manuscripts, costumes & Civil War history exhibits.

We stumbled upon the beautiful quaint town of Jonesboro while visiting Atlanta & the neighboring towns. We fell in love with the charm of this small town and had to stop the moment we saw the stunning mural of Scarlett O’Hara & saw the Road To Tara Museum. As a big fan of Gone With The Wind, I saw this wonderful happenstance meant to be. We were greeted warmly by a warm wonderful young lady and the museum had all the amazing artifacts and original props from the movie and all the interesting facts about the cast and characters. It was nice to see the costumes and memorabilia. The museum is clean & well kept. They also have a lovely gift shop w/lots of interesting GWTW & Georgia souvenirs. I’m so glad we came across this town while passing through. It wasn’t on our itinerary, but the stop here made our visit to Georgia even more memorable & wonderful.

Jo C — Google review

A must-visit for fans of movie history! They have props, scripts, and even iconic bits of wardrobe from the movie, not to mention great history on people like Hattie McDaniel and Margaret Mitchell.Gift shop has everything you could wish for "Gone with the Wind". Their tshirts have all the good quotes!

cmellisi — Google review

I've visited this remarkable place way back in 90's. It is amazing and is almost a miracle that this facility is still standing, although there has been nation wide destruction and carnage done by BLM's cancel movement on American heritage.

Chris Chir — Google review

Great museum. Lots of great memorabilia. As a lifelong Gone with the Wind fan, this was a definite stop on our Atlanta vacation. Actually, it was the main reason for our trip. I was not disappointed.

Jenn Setyanto — Google review

What a happy welcome we received! What a cheerful staff! We loved everyone and everything about this museum. The exhibits are full of trivia, facts and history. Photo opportunities abound.

Marion Percy — Google review

Very interesting stop! If you like it appreciate the book and movie Gone with the Wind, you'll enjoy this place. Not expensive to visit the museum and it's not too big so you really only need maybe an hour to 90 minutes to view. I appreciate the information on all the actors and tributes to Hattie McDaniel and Butterfly McQueen. Wonderful costume replicas as well as a few actual costume pieces.

Laurel Clark — Google review

What are great museum, run by the nicest people. Best gift shop ever!! The way the have included ALL cast members...even in the smallest roles. The information they provide and their exhibits are amazing. If you can only do one GWTW Museum, pick this one. But both are great!!!

Mysti Brueggemann — Google review

Great for even a casual fan of GWTW. Self guided tour can be done in an hour or so - or longer for sure. Emily in the gift shop was so pleasant. Nice stop off. Great bath room too !

Kevin Wohl — Google review

This Is the Real Thing!You are a history buff and want to see some impressive Civil War artifacts at the very place of the 1864 Battle of Jonesboro? And you love Margaret Mitchell's & Hollywood's GONE WITH THE WIND?Well, in this case this is exactly for you!Housed in a Historic 1867 Train Depot on North Main Street wonderful Road to Tara Museum is waiting for you.Here you may browse Scarlett's stunning dresses and many impressive things such as the portraits of the four main characters reminding visitors of the 1939 Atlanta premiere of the movie.But there is more, much more to see in this lovely museum: Merely its gift shop is worth visiting, and they also offer their "Southern Belles & Whistles" bus tour thru Jonesboro with numerous stops at different attractions. Last but not least at Road to Tara Museum you can book a great tour to "Stately Oaks Plantation" with its various buildings that a costumed docent will guide you around.We at PHIL'S WORLD TRAVEL have been recommending this attraction to our European clients for years and their feedback is so full of good memories.

PHIL'S WORLD TRAVEL — Google review

Historical, well done in capturing detail and history, a lot of work was put into the display of information and artifacts.

Night Hawk — Google review

I loved seeing this museum and everything related to gone with the wind it was a true treat to see.

Sheryl Fox — Google review


(198)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (103)


(195)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (104)

Historic Train Depot, 104 N Main St, Jonesboro, GA 30236, USA

(770) 478-4800


Stately Oaks

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (105)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (106)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (107)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (108)

Historical place museum

Sights & Landmarks

Event venue

Historic Sites

Points of Interest & Landmarks

A beautiful example of the old South! The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely worth a stop in!

mkylelewis — Google review

Niece's sweet 16 parry. Love the history that can be found here! Caretakers are delightful, and house is very beautiful and majestic! If you're in Jonesboro, be sure to check them out, especially if you're a history buff!

Jason Mancil — Google review

I loved the attraction. The gone with the wind info...where the house came from, being able to roam the property. I wished the little store was open to see the antiques. I grew up in this area so it was always something i wanted to do as an adult. I went as a child with the elementary school.

Lekeisha Hester — Google review

Our tour guide was so into it that you had no choice to enjoy the tour. Very knowledgeable and authentic

Petra Cruz — Google review

If you're looking for a genuine pre-Civil War home, you'll find it here. The house and its surroundings are furnished and outfitted with period wares. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions about the house and the people who owned it.A must-see for the student of local history.

Terry Harroun — Google review

Site of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain where the Shermans Atlanta Campaign began

Gabriel Contreras — Google review

Historic, charming, beautiful, tranquil, educational. Takes one back in time! Feels as if time stands still. Memories of a period long ago. The friendly south, loving to all! An awesome place for special events, such as a wedding. Volunteers love it.

Shelia Kathryn Bradley — Google review

Our tour guide Ashleigh was so knowledgeable & friendly & answered all of our questions! It felt like we went back in time with the neat historical furniture & trinkets. Please do more events here!

Anne Knight — Google review

Absolutely love this place. Quite and peaceful. Every step in the house, feels like wandering in the corridor of time. Breakfast was delicious, owners hospitality left us an unforgettable experience.

lou lou — Google review

I did travel from Los Angeles area to Atlanta a week before thanksgiving 2022 I have always been fascinated whit American History, Being in this place it was like traveling back in time, the lady in charge of the tour did a great job explaining details about the house and how life just to be back then, great learning experience.

rafael reza — Google review

We had such a great time! The grounds were gorgeous and the house was immaculately preserved inside and out! The grounds included many out buildings one of which was the original kitchen. Darlene was our docent and was extremely informative. She really knew her stuff! We learned so much from her! Just be advised that the site is open Friday and Saturday from noon to four as of 4/'23. Please come here there is so much history to see and hear! It's worth every second!

Liebherr “Liebherr” L — Google review


(167)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (109)


(318)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (110)

100 Carriage Ln, Jonesboro, GA 30236, USA

(770) 473-0197


Sweetwater Creek State Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (111)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (112)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (113)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (114)

Hiking area

Nature & Parks

State Parks

Historical wooded state park offering hiking, picnicking & boating, plus fishing.

A very well-staffed park. Excellent signage to direct you on where to go. We only took the Red Trail to see the Mill Ruins on a quick visit, but I do recommend that one for beginner hikers! The path is nicely packed and wide for comfort without much of a grade. I was a little disappointed in all the fencing around the ruins keeping you from getting a closer look, but I totally understand the purpose of it being there. The water was lovely and calming also. I would recommend this spot for a nice, relaxing afternoon in nature.

Toni King — Google review

Close to the city and never disappoints. The State Park is well maintained, with recent updates to the property. A nice place to enjoy solo or as a group. The trails are moderate, well marked, and hosts beautiful scenery regardless of the trail your on. Good walking/hiking shoes highly recommended. Don’t forget water and snacks! You could stay out there for hours enjoying the outdoors. The day use areas and lake are also cool places to enjoy.Check weather conditions before starting if it rained recently to make sure no portion of the trails are under water. Definitely recommended and we shall return!

Down2Earth Hiking & Adventures — Google review

Absolutely gorgeous park, a great escape from Metro Atlanta. Leashed dog friendly. The mill ruins are cool and easy to get to for people of varying abilities, yound and old. They have many trails which are very well marked with lots of blazes. One big thing to note is that after the ruins, the red trail does become more difficult. If you are unsteady, around lots of rocks and tree roots I would take the white trail from the ruins back toward the interpretive center, but If you are up to the challenge the remainder of the red trail is worth the reward.

Colleen Beran — Google review

Beautiful state park! Lots of parking space. Many trails to walk or run on! Beautiful scenery. Perfect for family hikes. Dog friendly. Parking only cost $5.

Nickolle Diaz — Google review

This park is so great. Mill ruin is pretty. The creek is so beautiful with so many rocks on its surface, you can hop on some of those. There is visitor center with a small museum displaying history of that place. You can see alot of taxidermy animals typically found in the area. Gift shop sells souvenirs like rocks, books, decoration, even plush animals. We got a beautiful bald eagle plush back pack and took a bunch of nice pictures with it.

Rays Ofsun — Google review

One of the most loved, and traveled to state parks in Georgia no doubt. The place is absolutely beautiful. You need to come early or you will not have a decent parking spot. I would highly recommend before 9 AM.The visitor center is huge. The bathrooms are clean and spacious, and it looks like it has undergone a recent renovation.Do you want to take the red trail down to the river and see the ruins. Past the ruins the trail is very rough and not for children. The white trail is all woods and has a giant circle about 5 miles. We did see some snakes and other animals totally worth it. One of our favorite parks in Georgia .

Shawn Toole — Google review

Great park that’s only a short drive from the city. The grounds are clean and signage is pretty good. Park staff is pleasant and helpful. I went up to rent a kayak for a couple hours and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to do the rental. Boats are in decent shape and there’s a small ramp for getting in and out of the water. No beach area, but there’s a nice shaded section with picnic tables and room for blankets or your own seating. If you’re looking for this area, go away from the main visitor center and follow the signs for the bait shop. This may be my new go-to spot to get out of the city!

Shayla Nicole — Google review

It's always nice to come here and I like how they have been updating it. I came last weekend and I was surprised as to what they have added like the swing by the water, sitting there was very relaxing & the view was very beautiful. The water was really nice, the clearest i've ever seen it. It's always very clean here too!

Catherine Solis — Google review

Stayed in tent spot 5. Uphill climb with all the gear. Many trips with wagon full. But so worth it. Beautiful lake view. Warm bathhouse. Temps got pretty cold overnight in November but had campfire going all week. Lots of hiking trails, variety of difficulty. Great experience.

Laurie Simmons — Google review

Nice place to visit very peaceful. There's areas to barbecue or have a picnic. Surrounded by beautiful lake trees and beautiful ducks floating in the water. Place to fish and also put small paddle boats, had a lovely experience. There also a charge it enter someone at the booth to collect the fee or you can put the fee in the box. Have a blessed day everyone 🙌

Katrina McCants — Google review

Always have a great time at this park. So many different trail options and different routes to take. Plenty of places to throw up a hammock and relax. When the water is lower lots of great spots to walk around the rocks in the middle of the creek. Trails are well marked.

Brandon Adams — Google review

This state park is beautiful, and the trails are great. I love the white trail loop (going counterclockwise), and I also love the red trail loop, but it’s currently closed due to erosion. Overall, this is a great morning/day trip if you live close by. Our hike took around two hours, and we did a little over 5.5 miles. 10/10 recommend!

Chyna Gowan — Google review

Great place for some mushroom spotting! We walked the Yellow Trail for 2 hours. Lots of water to see. Nice hills. Beautiful lush scenery. The Visitor’s Center is a cool learning space for any age! It has a nice mix of nature and history of the area. Parking looked dicey when we left, so get there early.

Thomas F — Google review

Sweetwater Park is a phenomenal place to walk/hike. There are tons of different trails which mixes it up nicely when you have a season pass and go frequently! It’s beautiful along the water…only complaint is that the fisherman litter up the banks with the trash they leave behind. Ruins the beauty!

Eva Arnold — Google review

What a nice place, many hiking trails and beautiful views of the river or the lake. Not too many people, dog friendly and plenty of parking. There are plenty of picnic tables, located all over the park and around the lake. Some trails are under repairs but rangers advised us to take the red trail to the yellow and it was very nice. We were able to enjoy the river, bridge and see the ruins on the other side of the river. Beautiful.....

Kaja SWIEB — Google review

This is a great state park located in close proximity to Atlanta. For just a $5 parking fee, you can take a car full of people out and enjoy a day in nature. Make sure to check out the ruins and spend some time by the water. The views are definitely worth the hike!

Quest and Consume — Google review

Good for walking trails, a lot water around. Expect a few more attractions for both kids and adults.

Jijeesh M E — Google review

Sweetwater is a beautiful park, especially after they reopened the trails near the old mill. We finally broke down and bought an annual pass so we could take our puppy out more. It can be crowded on nice days, but it's worth the drive.

Mjol nir — Google review

Sweetwater has nice walking trails and has a nice lake for fishing, boating, canoeing, and is great for a picnic. The parking fee is $5 with a daily pass. The park has clean restrooms. The boat ramp opens at 7am, and the bait shop opens at 8am.

Preston Davis — Google review

Had a great winter hike with my family. Too bad the red trail was closed for maintenance so we could not get up close to the mill ruins. But we had a very fun hike over the bridge, up some hilly terrain, past a large cave, and back to the large creek with nice views of the mill.

Mathew Richard — Google review


(6606)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (115)


(228)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (116)

1750 Mt Vernon Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, USA

(770) 732-5871


Candler Field Museum

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (117)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (118)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (119)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (120)


Specialty Museums

really great place! everyone was incredibly kind and friendly. i was toured by someone who frequently visits the airfield, the restauraunt also had some great food. if you love antique airplanes and georgia history, it's a great place for you!

lapissia — Google review

If the visit to the Delta Flight Museum gave you the aeronautical bug, the Candler Field Museum is another must-see attraction. Its vintage set up will also be of interest to anyone who enjoys history however.The aim of this privately-created museum was to demonstrate what Atlanta’s now mammoth airport would have looked and felt like during the 1920s and 1930s when flight was still limited to the extremely rich.Beyond the vintage check in desk there are also a number of small aircraft. The earliest dates to 1917, while another can be taken out for test flights – alongside an expert pilot of course.The museum is based at the Peach State Airport, in Williamson, an hour south of Union City.

Ankit Patel — Google review

It's really neat to see a museum at its start. While the finished exhibits here are few, the ones they have are free and you can walk around the hangers. Better still, you can see Young people learning the craft of airplane flight and maintenance. Seeing the guys on that level is a rare treat and the staff make it all accessible.

Robert Drake — Google review

Amazing museum!!! I will be overjoyed when this replication of Candler Field is truly complete. They offer a fantastic display - good customer service and an awesome restaurant attached to the museum. Great job on the museum!!!

Beth Carter — Google review

Great place to see old and new planes

1Airplane1 — Google review

Situated in hangar runway-side rural airpot. Aeronautic decor. Adjacent historic aero-museum, archival photos, chronicling first flights, air service to Atlanta, also famous pilots. (no charge) Menu American/Southern items, salad bar, Sunday brunch, special holiday service & menu. Eat outside, watch planes take off and land, reserve flight open co*ckpit Barnstormer's plane. $100.

Limelite NoGA — Google review

Lots of active vintage aircraft - a good, old fashioned grass strip. Barnstormers has great food. Welcoming & enthusiastic people.

Jeff Rees — Google review

Nice vintage review, even the dresser full of clothing.

Renee RobbTruitt — Google review


(69)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (121)


(46)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (122)

349 Jonathans Roost Rd, Williamson, GA 30292, USA

(770) 467-8318

I'll never travel to Montgomery without this trip planner again

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32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (123)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (124)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (125)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (126)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (127)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (128)

I will never travel to Montgomery without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Matt's Smalltown Pizza

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (130)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (131)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (132)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (133)

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4 lists


Pizza restaurant

Nestled in Historic Downtown Senoia, Matt's Smalltown Pizza is a laid-back eatery with an industrial-chic vibe. The menu features classic pizzas, wings, pasta dishes, and a salad bar. The restaurant also offers gluten-free options to cater to different dietary preferences. Guests can savor the freshly made pizza dough that adds a delightful flavor to every bite.

I’ve picked up from here before and it’s always been good. This time we dined in. I called beforehand to see if there was a wait, which there wasn’t. We were able to pick our seat immediately, with extra tables to spare on a Friday night. The service was great. The Gouda mac n cheese bites were amazing. The thin crust bbq chicken pizza was amazing, I couldn’t stop talking about how good it was all night. Will definitely be dining in again soon and bring our out of town friends here when they visit.

Sarah — Google review

This actually was very good thin crust Pizza! Loved how it was well done and the flavor was great. Pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting much because I am used to NY pizza. But we will definitely be back.!

Kristen — Google review

This is by far one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. The crust is fluffy and soft, but slightly crunchy on the bottom. The flavor is outstanding. I asked for a side of pizza sauce and it’s so good, not acidic, lightly sweet, and full of delicious chunky tomatoes. So glad we tried this place

Lou — Google review

We love Matt's!! Definitely regulars for a few years now. We do take out about half the time, but prefer dine in...the mozzarella sticks are better hot! Servers are always attentive and friendly. Great pizza place!

joe bordage — Google review

I do to go orders from here at least once a week for lunch. The staff is super friendly! The Spaghetti marinara is amazing, I am addicted to it. I tried the meatballs for the first time today, I usually am picky when it comes to meatballs, but oh my, it was delicious!I've had the buffalo chicken pizza before and it was soo good. I had left overs for lunch the next day with a small personal pizza. Matt's Pizza, whatever you guys are doing, please do not stop!! You're restaurant is my treat myself spot in town and my guilty pleasure.

Chelsie Delli-Gatti — Google review

Amazing pizza! Definitely our go to place for pizza! 5 Stars is enough should be 10!Serving staff is knowledgeable of the menu and always greets with a smile!

Ann Latham — Google review

I eat there at least once a week. Sometimes twice. My friends always want to meet there too. The food is fresh, tasty, and reasonable. Staff is friendly and attentive. Try the fried mushrooms! Oh so good!

Mary Bennett — Google review

We have been going to Matt's for five years now. The pizza is fantastic. They don't skimp on toppings either. It's a smaller restaurant with a few tables outside as well. The staff is always incredibly friendly, and the food arrives quickly. They also offer a discount for active military and veterans, which is always appreciated. If you are looking for pizza in and around Senoia, please check out Matt's.

John Koth — Google review

Everybody was very nice and prices were reasonable. I got 7 mozzarella sticks as an appetizer and they were delicious. My only complaint is the marinara sauce that was served with it was dry. For lunch I got a piece of pepperoni pizza. It wasn’t great to be honest the pizza was very burnt and probably the thinnest piece of pizza I’ve ever had. It’s almost like they used a tortilla shell. Sry no photos. Didn’t think to take any till after it was gone

THEWAco*kID — Google review

While their pizza is good, do not order wings with your carry out order because you will be waiting a while. Our last two carry out orders were for a pizza and 10 wings. Both times, our pizzas sat in their warmer for over 20 minutes while waiting for the wings to be ready. One time I had to leave without the wings because I had already waited 30 minutes past the time I was told it would be ready. The second time our pizza was ready and sat for 20 minutes in the warmer leading to the pizza being soggy and very chewy. The staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Corey Hendrick — Google review

I ordered a steak and cheese sandwich at 7:15 pm, on a Wednesday night. Went up there twice to get it, by 8:00, and was told “it’s not ready yet.”My friends at my same table who ordered at 7:40, a pizza, got their food at 8:15. At 8:28 they called to say your sandwich is ready.One hour and 13 minutes to make a Philly cheesesteak?? Really? And to fill orders ordered after mine, before you make mine?Terrible service. Staff didn’t care. Two or three people standing around every time I walked in.Thanks for terrible service, thanks for the list $14.Not trying these guys again. They just don’t care. What a waste of time and money.

Robert Pierce — Google review

Ordered at 630 via phone. Was told 30 minutes to pick up. Was there around 7. Had to wait to be helped for about 10 minutes - which isn't a huge deal.. but just adds to my review. I ordered based on their prices seen on the website. The individual pizzas are about $4.20 more than the listed online prices. I live close by, but by the time I got home, the pizzas were ice cold. $40 for two medium thin crust pizzas that were cold. Just not worth it to me.

Kiersten Good — Google review

We have enjoyed several visits to Matt's and like that we can sit outside with our pup. The food is always fresh, hot and tasty with plenty to take home. When you are in the mood for good pizza, drop in and see the crew at Matt's.

David Futch — Google review

Had a slice of pepperoni with mushrooms and a salad. The salad was fresh and delicious. The slice was extremely thin if I had known I would have upgraded it.

Alberto Perez — Google review

A really lovely place to sit and enjoy a meal. The outdoor area is dog friendly, the food was fresh and tasty. Therr is a good variety of items to choose from for a pizza place. The staff was so friendly. It has become one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy the atmosphere inside and out.

Ariyanna Moon — Google review

Cheese garlic bread was just hogie rolls cut in half with melted cheese, no garlic at all. Pizza was 50 percent crust, was bad. Wings were good, we ran out because that was the only good thing.

michelle mackinen — Google review

We ordered delivery. Delivery was fast, pizza was hot and very delicious! We've ordered from Matt's several times and have never been disappointed.

Lori Anne Pritchard — Google review


(786)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (134)


(489)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (135)

53E Main St, Senoia, GA 30276, USA

(770) 599-1226


Georgia Tour Company - Senoia (home of The Walking Dead)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (136)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (137)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (138)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (139)

Mentioned on

5 lists

Tour operator


Walking Tours

Movie & TV Tours

We took the two hour walking tour and it was amazing! Our guide, Kiersten, was fabulous. She knows her trivia and made everything so interesting and fun. We will be back and definitely will book the longer tours with Ga Tour Company! Thanks!

Tammy Madrid — Google review

My daughter and I had the best time on all three of our tours! We did the scavenger hunt in town which afforded us the opportunity to visit many of the local stores and see what all Senoia has to offer. We also did the walking tour in town and had the best tour guide, Will. Finally, we took the west bus tour on which Wendy and her husband were a hoot! We learned so much about The Walking Dead and enjoyed the sights and information very much. Thank you for giving us these opportunities.

Jaime Wallace — Google review

The tour was really good and the tour guides were very kind and ready to answer any of our questions. We had a lot of fun, especially because it is really interesting to see places from The Walking Dead. Overall it was a good and fun experience!

A. Racic — Google review

We had the most amazing time!! Senoia is like Mayberry ,we will certainly be back. Our tour guide was a young dark headed girl working to pay for college, keirston and she was awesome!! Knowledgeable and so much fun. She toughed it out in the rain with us, laughed with us and made our tour a great experience. My 8 yr old said mama please make sure you give them 10 stars!! It was the best trip ever!! I highly recommend this tour 100%.

sabrina wolff — Google review

Lovely tour guide named Jan, very knowledgeable about everything TWD. Brought our 9 & 11yr old kids and she made it enjoyable for the whole family. We were able to go inside what was left of the wall. Windmill and church were already gone, but we were able to see Deanna's, Rick's, Carol's, and Aaron's houses. I would 100% recommend using Georgia Tour Company to see behind the scenes of The Walking Dead!

Stacie Owen — Google review

One fantastic tour. If you are lucky to get Ms. Malle, you are in for a treat. She pointed out things that only someone who was in the show would know. Amazing tour and the golf cart was so fun. Take it and you won't be disappointed.

James Colburn — Google review

Had a great time!!! Excellent tour! My daughter and I were the only ones on the tour that day. Visited many locations and had a wonderful lunch at a local Cafe. Had a BLT with fried green tomatoes!! Sooo good! Would definitely use them again for another Walking Dead Tour! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Our tour guides were Julie & Wendy ( I believe), they were great!

Kim Nickell — Google review

Fun and informative for the Walking Dead nerd in your life. Our tour guide ( I'm sorry I've forgotten her name. Patty I think.) Was very knowledgeable of the Walking Dead universe. I will do this tour again if I find myself in the area in the future.

jeremy reed — Google review

Lots of walking in this tour. Make sure to have comfortable outfit or else you'd be walking dead yourself. Jan is our tour guide. A walker herself, she knows alot about the movie. Fun and informative tour. Took fun and nice pictures along the route.Highly recommend if you are a fan of the series.Not too recommended if you never seen the show. Mostly talk about the scenes and where they took them.

Rays Ofsun — Google review

HAVE A BLAST!!! Mrs. is a big fan and loved the walking tour through and around town. It brought back so many wonderful memories of earlier episodes. And yes, she'd toss me for Rick in a heartbeat 💓. They also gave us some pointers for other locations where the pharmacy and bar shootout scenes were located, and the gentlemen that owned the second hand store had left the fake blood on the floor and were gracious enough to pose with a very scary Zombie (my wife) for a laugh and an unforgettable experience.

Dan Johnson — Google review

We came into town for our son's 20th birthday! He is a HUGE Walking Dead fan!! Julie and Wendy were wonderful and very knowledgeable about the show! Thank you for making our tour so awesome and we will be back!

Beth Arquitt — Google review

This was an awesome, affordable tour with an excellent tour guide!! Probably the best that you could get, in the area. Being huge Walking Dead fans, it was amazing to see Woodbury and Alexandria. We were able to get out of the cart, take pictures and hear some great stories about filming and different actors. I highly recommend using this company, you won’t regret it!

Jennifer Soprano — Google review

I loved this tour totally worth it. We had our tour with Jan and she was amazing and very knowledgeable. Why tour on your own when you can really get some cool stories by touring with them. Plus we can keep the walking dead businesses alive if we support them

Keshia Otero — Google review

Jimmy was amazing! My family & I are huge fans. He made each moment within the tour feel like I was on set as they filmed! From fresh cold water, great background knowledge, sneak peaks, and trivia he did it all! We enjoyed every second! Thank you so much for making our tour such a great experience Jimmy! I highly recommend each walking dead fan to pay a visit!

Krysten Rodriguez — Google review

My son and I had the best day with our wonderful tour guide, Jan. She was even a walker in the show. How cool! Jan was thoroughly versed in all things TWD. She took us to many cool sights and included some town history and cool facts along the way for my homeschooler. Very impressed! Would definitely recommend, this tour and Jan as a guide, to others. You will not be disappointed!

Kristina Hooks — Google review

The Walking Dead tour was so much fun! Our tour guide JAN was AMAZING!! She was super sweet and very knowledgeable! I was only on tour for my daughter but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I will definitely be back for another tour :)

Barbara Seletos — Google review


(556)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (140)


(575)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (141)

53 Main St, Senoia, GA 30276, USA

(770) 599-0091


The Woodbury Shoppe

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (142)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (143)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (144)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (145)

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Playful store featuring Walking Dead-inspired clothing, gift items & collectibles from the show.

Sadly we didn’t get to see the cafe or the bigger version of the museum since Alexandria is taken down and now the homes are sold but the fact you can drive and walk around and imagen the set is amazing

Cristian Prieto — Google review

A must see if you're into The Walking Dead. I almost missed it thinking it was closed down. It's around the corner from the store that's on the actual corner. If you're looking for it, it is still there as of my review. Nice staff and an amazing collection of used-on-set items.

Samantha Riley — Google review

Warning! Be careful, you may see a walking dad or sometimes also walking mom inside!A small store filled with walking dead memorabilia, souvenirs and gift items. Somehow I was expecting bigger but it is not walking dead. It is running alive with props and stuff fun to take pictures with.

Rays Ofsun — Google review

If I could give it 0 stars I would. It says open on google, the website and the door, yet the lady inside shook her head and said were closed all week for inventory. Thanks that would have been nice to know before travelling all the way from Australia and a three hour detour just to visit. Very disappointing. All they needed to do was update Google, could have saved us so much time.

Hope Oldham — Google review

Saw many things in this beautiful museum. Must see for all walking dead fans. My mom in particular almost passed out when she saw a Rick and Abraham lookalike. Prices for the gift shop were good. Overall, must visit.

Ali Al Lawati — Google review

This is The walking Dead museum and shop. There is a museum at street level and a lower level where the shop is so make sure you don't miss that. Great place to grab some fanbased items from The walking Dead show. Got some sweet Negan socks for mtb'ing! Some things are cheap like socks ($4/2 pairs) and other things are pretty pricey but there's something for all budgets here. There are also bathrooms in the lower level.

Ronnie Esquivel — Google review

Such a cool place. Came here after our tour with DTours which I highly recommend. The artifacts in the museum portion of the shop are cool and the merchandise to purchase is great. Very cool place and if you are a fan of TWD you will enjoy.

Erin Kadosh — Google review

The Woodbury Shoppe is the best shopping destination for fans of The Walking Dead! Lots of memorabilia, clothes, souvenirs, and more to choose from! Reasonable prices and diverse selection of items featuring all the main characters from the show. They have done a wonderful job bringing the characters to life in this small but quaint store. The entrance isn't very well marked from the front. Thankfully, we had a private guide to show us the way. I don't think we would have found it otherwise.

How it is Liz — Google review

Go Earlier in the day...We went to The Woodbury Shoppe on Thursday afternoon and it was 20 min til close so we didn't get to see inside Abraham's where it appeared there were photo ops set up.Cool Merch here though!!

Michelle Kirkland — Google review

If you are a fan of the show, make the extra trip to visit the Woodbury Shoppe. Tons of memorabilia, and also cosplay actors were on site. There is a little something for everyone, from pens and key chains to higher end pieces. Prices for merchandise are very reasonable, and merchandise comes in all designs and sizes, minus kids. My only suggestion would be to perhaps include a few t-shirts in children's sizes. Our four year old was disappointed not to get a tshirt, but he was thrilled to bring home a stuffed Dog and pictures with cosplay "Rick" and cardboard "Daryl."

Amber Viers — Google review

Always a pleasure to visit here, we did the Walking Dead Tour in the morning but our visit would not be complete without a visit to the Woodbury Shoppe. They have moved to a smaller premises since our last visit back in 2019 but they still have a good selection of Walking Dead goodies to be had. And a lot of memorabilia from the show on display. We bought quite a few things that you can only buy from them as souvenirs of our visit. This is a must for all Walking Dead fans and I would deffo be back when we can make it. The staff are excellent, helpful and friendly. Keep up the good work guys...

Shaun McNeill — Google review

What an incredible place!! This’s like a TWD fan dream! I loved the museum/shop as a fan of the series it was my dream to visit the town, and that dream came true a day before thanksgiving 2023… it was amazing!!!the lady from the shop was very friendly and kind! So don’t doubt to visit the shop you’re not going to regret it!!

Michelle Pineda — Google review


(539)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (146)


(268)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (147)

48 Main St LL3, Senoia, GA 30276, USA

(770) 727-9394


Stockmar Gold Mine Historic Site

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (148)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (149)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (150)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (151)

Historical landmark


Specialty Museums


(1)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (152)


(77)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (153)

1881 Stockmar Rd, Villa Rica, GA 30180, USA


Historic Banning Mills

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (154)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (155)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (156)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (157)

Adventure sports


Lodging known for its zip line, plus an outdoor pool, rock climbing, kayaking & a spa.

Awesome time doing the zip line tour levels 1 through 3 with the add on Ridge Runner. We ended up with Joseph and Jacob and they were amazing tour guides. Explained everything well and took great pictures of our party. The office staff is great: very accommodating and helpful. The view is beautiful and we will definitely be back for different lines! We have been going there for years and will continue to come. LOVE banning mills.

Jena Desormo — Google review

We just got back from an amazing anniversary weekend at Banning Mills. We wanted to get away for a weekend but not have to drive super far and are glad we picked this place. We stayed in a tree house with the creek view which was super cozy. We played mini golf, hit the trails and of course went zip lining!!! We did levels 1-3 then added on the ridge runner which was spectacular. The gourmet dinner was amazing and the whole weekend they were accommodating of me being a vegetarian. We will be back for more adventures and highly recommend.

Katie Medina — Google review

5 adults 38-60+ kids 13-17yo, Were never board. Fantastic Environment and Activity’s all fun can over lap go zip line while others go on a well set up kayak or go E/ATV while others hike by beautiful creeks deer and Green everywhere. Main lodge/Food, Food main meals 100% can’t say it better excellent, humongous sandwiches surprised us for bag lunch to go on adventures perfect package perk won’t be disappointed on food PERIOD. Main lodge spacious flowing with windows to nature while you or enjoy a cool drink sitting in a rocking chair reading a book gather before adventures or just relaxing place to ease. Staff, attitude effort communication (100%) we’ll organized and very enjoyable entertaining and appropriate.! On side Note we had a Faimly member with dem. And went miss walking hours away! This group of staff though unexpectedly having to assist search in the dark jumped in to help all of us Roving with flash lights carts radios and constant concern the team that worked to help us played a key role in the tip that led us a town away and safely finding her, unexpected with no warning they acted 100% stayed committed. Zip lines kayak hiking Eatv putt putt junior Olympic swimming pool Children’s tree obstacle courses all 100% everyone had room every thing worked was clean Cold water along the way and for truly courageous there’s a place deep into level 3 near the Rest Chapel only for the serious hard core most don’t dare but few survive Known only as “The Level5 Green Machine” it’s not on a map hardly visible from the trail it’s not a ghost story we saw it Go Find it! I and family really really enjoyed our time here the facility and setup and food prep fun staff and adventure were Expectation setting across the adventure camp world, the Owner has created a absolutely wonderful experience with cares for the Natural kept Nature, safety cleanliness fun and team building also supports the active and veteran community whom I belong offering the same energy and experience. I place this trip in my top 5 I hope you do too. Kids won’t need phones they’ll have fun!

Robert Tho — Google review

We enjoyed a great two night stay in an Overlook Room. The accommodations were spotless and very comfortable. The hot water supply is excellent which was nice for the spa tub. The bed is very comfortable. A Keurig coffee maker is in the overlook rooms. We brought our own pods. We dined both nights at the lodge with excellent service and well prepared dinners. Wine and beer are sold by the bottle. Wine $20/bottle. Breakfast was delicious! The staff is primarily young adults. They have been trained well in guest services. Every staff member we encountered was friendly, polite, well mannered, and enthusiastic. It was very refreshing. We did not zip line but enjoyed watching. We walked several trails and enjoyed the scenery and peaceful surroundings. We were there off season so I can’t comment on crowds. We will return!

Peggy Stone — Google review

This place is amazing. We did the Big Daddy package and stayed in a tree house. The tree houses are amazing. But if you get any kind of motion sick then get a cabin instead. They do move and sway. Dinner was over the top awesome. I just wish they had a regular resteraunt that you could sit down and order whenever you are hungry. But hey, what they have is very good. You can't have it all. The staff was amazing. The guides and the zip line tours are so much fun. I was very nervous at first, but by the third zip line, I was confident and had tons of fun. I would definitely recommend Banning Mills 100%. We are already planning our next trip.My only regret was leaving.Lots of really fun activities and trails to explore. You can't get bored.

Michael Cenatiempo — Google review

We did a cooperate retreat at Banning Mills. Christy was fantastic at helping us plan everything out and giving helpful suggestions. The food exceeded our expectations!! We had steak the first night. The zip-lining tour was amazing. We had 2 fabulous guides and got to experience Banning Mills from the treetops. Half of our group did the ATV cars and the other half did horseback riding. Both of these adventures were so much fun. The guides did a great job and were very knowledgeable. The work/conference room met all our needs. Banning Mills provided all the items we needed to meet, along with beverages and snacks. We would highly recommend Banning Mills, you will not be disappointed!!

Ashley Bounds — Google review

Me and my friends went here for her birthday to do zip lining and had an amazing time!!! The guides are really friendly and funny. I was really scared at first but the guides were reassuring and encouraging and helped me relax. The location is beautiful and the view from the lines was amazing. Definitely an amazing experience and worth the money. We did level one and two. Level one was the perfect warm up and level two was the perfect amount of thrill for someone like me who’s never done anything like this before. Nice way to get out in nature and get in some physical activity. Shout out to our guides Aidan and Gary!!!

Toriana Douglas — Google review

We had a fantastic experience at the Banning Mills zip lines. The staff was super friendly and they do a great job of guiding you through everything. We did the level 1 & 2 courses and it was a blast. We got through pretty quickly since there ended up being only 2 of us in the group (just over 1hr). Our guides took great photos of us throughout the experience. Would highly recommend for a group, team, or family fun day out. The course was mildly physically intensive, so appropriate for parents and even active grandparents. The equipment and the course itself were in good shape and well maintained.

Tom West — Google review

We did the Two Springs zip line tour with Josh and Austin and they were amazing. They put everyone at ease with their knowledge and humor. They were easy-going and super energetic but kept everyone safe and comfortable. I don’t think we’d do it again without specifically requesting them to be our guides. Completely recommend Banning Mills, the zip line tours, and (especially) Josh and Austin!

Lydia Waters — Google review

We stayed in a tree house and did the Level 4 Zip-lining with the Flight of the Falcon add on. It was better than we could have expected! Service is top notch! Their attention to detail is superior and they make everyone feel comfortable and safe as they explain everything and really emphasize directions along the route all while making the whole experience an absolute blast! I highly recommend and already have friends going to give it a try! We'll definitely be back and explore some more adventures! Thank you!

Trisha Batchelor — Google review

Perfect fall adventure weekend with our kids! Absolutely beautiful views. Low stress with a great staff dedicated to making it an enjoyable time. Big thank you to Charlie and Hayden who's professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm guided me, my wife, our 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter thru 6 hours of zip lines and bridges that culminated through the level 4 coarse to include the Rogue River and Flight of the Falcon lines! The lodging is unique. We stayed in a tree house and though the accommodations are minimal, they are all you need and neatly nestled into nature. If you want an adrenaline releasing adventure in a beautifully tranquil outdoor setting that gives you the best Georgia has to offer, this is for you. The lodge is breathtaking and the history of Banning Mills is fascinating! Do not pass up an opportunity to experience this gem!

Robert Fox — Google review

We took an annual planning trip here with our team, and it was beautiful! We enjoyed the ziplining, Mainly because of the tour guides Taylor and Charlie, they made things so much fun! The beauty this place has is unmatched. The rooms are great. They have good views and convenient location to everything around. We also enjoyed horseback riding with Laura. It was an amazing experience. We will definitely be back for another visit! The food was great! We thoroughly enjoyed our experience there.

Jackie Sanders — Google review

Our family went for the zip line course and it was great! The staff and guides were awesome and the kids had a blast. The main lodge and all of the cabins looked like a ton of fun if you're staying there (which we will be when we go back).

Joel Hall — Google review

I came here this spring and we had the best time! The office staff were so amazing shout out to Darren for making us feel so welcome, for telling us all the "best" spots, and for being so kind. Zach was also great and our zip line guides were great, and the food was awesome. Such a great place with the best staff and I was so excited to explore the area!

C Smith — Google review

My husband and I just returned from a last-minute weekend getaway. I am so glad we found Banning Mills. Every staff member was extremely nice and helpful. Our first night there we went to the 6 course Valentines Dinner****WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Hiking the next day with a picnic lunch they prepared with enough food for the day. We cannot wait to visit again and bring the kids with us for a great family trip.

Melisia Diamond — Google review

Visited here today and had the best time. My wife and I were welcomed at the Main Lodge and were immediately impressed with the beauty of the place. The staff at the front office were very polite and professional,kind and helpful.Took the Nature Trails and visited the old Mill Ruins. Love the hiking trails! The markers helped to keep us on track. In the end, we had a great day out and we’re happy we got to spend it here. We will be back! I’m sure of it!

Terry Chapman — Google review

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Historic Banning Mills. We stayed in a cabin close to the lodge and while it was nice looking inside and the bed was comfortable the lighting in the bathroom and shower was weaker than I would have liked.The grounds are gorgeous, the lodge is lovely and the breakfast was very good! We will certainly be going back again!

Matthew Gaither — Google review

The horse ride and the games were fun. The zip line and instructions were nice and through. Breakfast was nice and dinner was great. The bison dinner was delicious and the fish was great. I would pass on the spring rolls they was not great at all. The beds were nice but they had putting two twin beds together to make a big Bed and we kept rolling in the middle of it. Still an wonderful time

Tamara Davis — Google review

We won a stay in a Pine Log Cabin with a 4 course meal, and it was AMAZING from start to finish*the dinner was probably one of the best meals we've EVER had, the staff were all lovely and so helpful, the cabin was beautiful inside and out, and it was such a peaceful/romantic location! We had the best time hiking the trails, taking the suspension bridge, playing mini-golf, and befriending the local cat. It was just the rest and relaxation surrounded by such beautiful wildlife/scenery that we needed! ♡

Micheala Whitley — Google review

I went zip-lining for the day years ago and the whole experience was amaaaazing! We had very nice guides and the views are just amazingly breath-taking!! I loved going 55mph over the water… it was so freeing and exhilarating! It was my first time, so I was a little anxious but they explain everything to you and you feel very confident right away! The cottages are so cozy and would be perfect for a weekend away up in the mountains! Definitely would recommend checking this place out!! I was just thinking about scheduling another visit down there!!!!

Tricia LaFrance — Google review

Went to go ziplining and after having to walk across the bridge to the first line, I chickened out but my boyfriend and his cousin had the time of their life's. For starters they the stuff we're very accommodating as we were walk-ins and had missed the last group that would have been able to do all four levels. The boys really liked that each level had multiple lines to ride at different heights. I loved the that instructors were very fun and caring when I chickened out. We also loved that you can purchase cameras to record the full experience and that they took pictures along the way. Five stars doesn't do the justice for the full experience. This is a 10 out 10 and we will be back to finish the fourth level and go horseback riding.

Felicia Washington — Google review

We enjoyed zip lining with Charlie and Mackenzie yesterday! I was very nervous about walking across that first bridge and they encouraged me so much that before the end I was walking across more confidently. I actually made it to the 4th level and enjoyed it! Now we just have to get my husband up there! 😂

Shannon Pettenger — Google review

My husband and I stayed at Banning Mills last weekend after our micro-wedding with our families. Upon arrival the park was clean and busy. There were activities going on all around us, and despite how busy it was the staff was still patient, kind, and attentive. The instructions about our stay they we received when we checked in were clear and easy to follow. The cabin we stayed in was clean and was the perfect little spot for us. We enjoyed a nice view from our cabin porch and were nestled in perfect location to the lodge. The breakfast that came with our stay was delicious, far more impressive than any hotel breakfast we would've gotten elsewhere. After checking out the morning after our last stay, we enjoyed a zipline tour with Matt and Cyril. They were such fun guides and were really personable. We actually talked with them so much we discovered we went to high school with some mutual friends! Thank you so much to the staff at Banning Mills for making our stay so memorable. The laid back vibe of the park was exactly what my husband and I needed after wedding week! Can't wait to be back!

Evie Martin — Google review

My daughter and I did the level 3 zip-line adventure and had a fantastic time. We had never been zip lining before and our guides Nate and Jacob did a great job instructing us. They were knowledgeable and humorous and we felt safe the whole time. We loved soaring through the trees and taking in all the beautiful views of the gorge. We will be back to try the level 4 adventure. We highly recommend Banning Mills for your next outdoor excursion. They have so many activities to try in addition to zip-lining. Plus they have some really neat looking lodging options if you’re looking to spending a night or two to take in all they have to offer. Good time for sure! Thanks again to Nate and Jacob for a fun afternoon.

Sherri Lennon — Google review

The guides were so friendly and helpful. They took photos the entire trip and sent them to my email for free! I’ve done other zip lining tours before in different states but this place was the best! My kids ages ten and eleven who did the extreme tour are already begging to go back again! Must do! Fun!

Heather Dunnam — Google review

Wow, what an incredible experience! Trevor at check-in and throughout our stay was extremely friendly and more than accommodating. Taylor was our guide on the Swin tour, so friendly and knowledgeable. Catherine was amazing, service was spot-on and she was so pleasant and charming. The entire staff was incredibly friendly.Our room and surrounding scenery was quiet and serene.Dinner was prepared perfectly, the wild boar and bison were perfect and the best mashed potatoes I've ever had.Such a great place, highly recommend.

Jonathan Groemm — Google review

We did the 1 hour trail ride by horse. We didn't stay on site. I will say the facility is well kept. The horse was great and recommended. The cabins were unique by design and looked clean. The long bridge high above the creek was a great surprise. Zip lining and wall climbing were available and looked fun. We'll likely return to try something else😁

Battle Against Misinformation — Google review

Wow - the zip line was amazing. All 3 generations loved it, great family time. It was our 1st time so we did level 1 but we look forward to a return trip and conquering the next level. The staff was great - made it extra fun.

Cindy Shinabarger — Google review


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205 Horseshoe Dam Rd, Whitesburg, GA 30185, USA

(770) 834-9149

I'll never travel to Montgomery without this trip planner again

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Sprewell Bluff Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (167)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (168)

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Sights & Landmarks

State Parks


My husband and I spent the day hiking at this gem of a park. The trails we hiked were very well maintained and challenging in some areas. The trails are color-coded and clearly marked. They have maps available at the Trading Post that are easy to read. Simply pick your trail and follow the color. There was a little water still standing in some spots from the storms we had last week but it only added to the lure of the park. The restroom at the entrance was very clean but there was "outhouses" staged throughout the park. We spent about 3 hours just hiking and enjoying nature.

Pamela B — Google review

This is a hidden gem and must see if you are in this area of Georgia. There river rocks that are actually crystals. The views are breathtaking. We also learned that an episode of The Walking Dead was filmed at Sprewell Bluff.

Rachel Rigdon — Google review

My most favorite place to go swimming and fishing. Also a nice place to just decompress by the river and cookout.

LovelyW?lf — Google review

When you arrive, there is an overlook with a beautiful view. We stopped and looked at map to get directional confirmation. You keep going down a very steep, and winding road, that also has cabins and you end up at the Lake/River/Beach area. Very Big area, Dog friendly. We went after 5 so the office, and store was closed. Not sure how much the arrival fee by car is but there may be one. Would recommend floaties and definitely water shoes. You can fish or kayak also. Went back to take my dog on hike...loved it.

Deanna Jacobs — Google review

Beautiful scenery. Great hikes w/views. Newer, clean picnicking shelters and camping cabins, playground. Staffed store. Clean bathrooms and porta potties. Shoreline benches and picnic tables.

Lisa Metcalfe — Google review

Great park! We LOVE coming here! The cabins are great and the staff is so nice! The trails are very maintained and marked well.

The Nicks Family Adventure — Google review

This is a beautiful place to visit. Go boating, swimming, picnic. It's gorgeous! I loved every moment with my fiance!! We will be back again soon!!The bathrooms are very well kept! No smell!! All cedar wood walls and plumbing work beautifully!Go see!! The veiws are spectacular!!!

Christie Tackett — Google review

The family stayed at one of the cabins. The park is great. We kayaked, fished, grilled, made smores, hiked and tubed. The swimming area is huge and you can park right on the riverbank with benches, grills and picnic tables. My not-so friendly dog even was chill here. We tired her out too. We hiked to the other pebble beach about 1/4 mile and had it to ourselves. No shoals there so fishing wasn't great but the tiny frogs were everywhere and was a very unique experience. Everyone was friendly.

Erin Henry — Google review

This is our second time camping here. There are six camping spots and maybe six camper cabins. The biggest draw is that you are right by the drop off for kayaking. We rented all six of the camping spots. Three are on one end of the camping area and three on the other end. The camper cabins are in the middle.The bathhouse is older but clean and well maintained.It is a great place to come to camp and kayak. We highly recommend it.

Stephanie King — Google review

A beautiful park to visit. My husband and I camped in our RV there a few weeks ago. It was clean and quite. It's a small park but certainly worth the visit. The river was really high though. So much rain. Still very beautiful. When the river is lower. The rock formation is so amazing to see.

Lisa Summerlin — Google review


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700 Sprewell Bluff Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286, USA

(706) 601-6711


F.D. Roosevelt State Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (173)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (174)

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State park

Nature & Parks

Vast, natural oasis with hiking, camping & seasonal activities plus the historic former home of FDR.

Always love our visits to FD Roosevelt!! Beautiful hiking trails. Pine Mountain Trail is awesome. 23 miles with plenty of back country sites to camp along the way. Stop by the visitors center, the staff and Rangers are extremely helpful and friendly. The main campground is also very good. Clean comfort stations and big, spread out campsites. Very well maintained.

SeanHiggins thegoodlifeinc — Google review

FDR State Park- we hiked the Pine Mt. Trail (out and back) to Cascade Falls. This was a beautiful hike! My husband and I went with our teenagers. We spent about 3 hrs, hiked 4.5 miles, took a picnic lunch with us. You cross the water over stepping stones quite a few times through this hike. We wore waterproof hiking boots, so we never got wet. They have bridges and wooden planks you walk along in certain areas of the hike. It was fun and pretty easy to cross. They have a well established trail along the way. There are a few spots where the ascent can be tiring, but they have some benches along the way, which is really nice. The waterfall at the end of the hike is beautiful and relaxing. Great hike! There was a 720 ft ascent total I tracked during this hike, and I burned 800 cals! Good workout :) Our family enjoyed this hike. We will definitely be coming back and may check out the back trails campsites they have here next time.Just FYI there are no bathrooms here at all, just a map, a few picnic tables and a trash can area in the parking lot.

Angela Olson — Google review

This is definitely on the repeat list. A beautifully layer out park with all the perks. We went for a hike around and visited the small lake, but the scenery is even more spectacular if you get above and view it. Also took a tour of The Little White House, FDRs vacation, home, and where he passed. Also went to the Sanatorium that he had improved and renovated to help his polio. It was open to the public and is fed by a natural spring loaded with minerals and is a warm 80 is degrees.

Amy Del Prete — Google review

Loved our cabin stay at FDR State Park over New Year's. Cabin was a mix of original 1930's with updated kitchen and bath. Nice, comfy bed, Direct TV, big fireplace, complete with linens, full size frig and oven. Lots of trails. Staff are friendly and helpful. Definitely will return.

2 Italylovers — Google review

Beautiful! That is the best word to describe this place. The campgrounds are excellent, the bathouses are always clean, the hiking is amazing, the rangers and staff are friendly and helpful, and the overall experience is one in a million

Drew Millwood — Google review

This is a very cute park. It’s very quaint. We loved the small lake that you can fish on with the cottages and camping right next to it. The visitor center building was really cute and there were amazing views just right there by it. The liberty pool wasn’t open yet, so we didn’t get to swim. We only stopped in for awhile and didn’t get to hike any. I was very disappointed that they didn’t have trail maps for you. Every single park I’ve been to has had free trail maps and maps of the park. They told me I had to buy one.

Kasey Loftis — Google review

We did the Cascade Falls hike in and back out !! So pretty ! About 2 mile hike in and than we hiked it back out. Stopped at the visitor center to get the details and directions to the parking area. Also drive thru the park a bit to stop at some of the scenic stops. Such a gorgeous park can’t wait to go back !

Colleen & Peter Isabella — Google review

This is one of my favorite parks! We come here to hike the trails in particular. The Pine Mountain trail runs for 23 miles through the park. The trails are well maintained, have a lot of elevation changes, beautiful scenery and amazing views. We especially enjoy the hike to Cascade Falls. I definitely recommend this park if you love the outdoors!

Jim Thompson — Google review

Beautiful park. We love the scenery. We camped there for a weekend and our site was lake front. Full hook ups, spacious and they have a picnic table and fire ring. Is dog friendly. Have nice bathrooms and showers available and they were clean. I saw a lot of primitive campers here too and the sites for the tents are huge I really liked them. Near this park there is a lot of things to do. We visited the Liberty bell pool with the kids, which is a public pool that you need to pay to use it, but it’s really nice. We also went to the Little White House museum -spectacular history- and we saw the fishes near by this museum. We ate at the little downtown in a small Jamaican restaurant, we really enjoyed it here.

Stephy Rangel — Google review

This is a nice quiet campground. The sites are close together, but the way they arranged does give you some privacy. We were in the 200 area, so we entered through the back gate and set up first, then drove the incline to check in. The park is full of hiking trails. A visit to Dowdell's Knob and the Little Whitehouse is a must.

Sylvia Tucker — Google review

FANTASTIC! I rented a cottage for a two day stay at FDRoosevelt State Park and found it to one of the most relaxing trips I can remember with the family. The park office is easy to find and plenty of information is available online. The best way to find anything out however is by calling the park office. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and will answer any questions you have.

Cliff Higgins — Google review

Beautiful, clean, and quiet campground! The park is loaded with history. I only gave 4 stars because even with a filter on my water supply, I could still taste rust in the water when I showered or brushed my teeth. It’s a minor thing and definitely will not prevent me from coming back here again in the future! Would recommend visiting this state park!

alan harrison — Google review

We brought out RV and had a great time. The park is nice, the play grounds are wonderful, the bathrooms are very clean, camp host was very helpful. The only bad things was the camp store/trading post was closed the entire stay and the directions to the visitors center/check in are not correct so it has yoylu wondering around a bit, which isnt easly in a 40ft motorhome. Overall a great experience.

Tamara Joiner — Google review

The state park has so much to offer, hiking, camping, fishing, and swimming. Along with the Roosevelt White House. You're also right on the back door of Callaway Gardens and can pick up a quick 18 holes of golf if you want or go look at the butterflies. Swimming in the Liberty Bell pool was absolutely incredible. I stayed at the campground and saw a lot of Wildlife but it was some great sites and not a lot of noise. I plan to be back.

Robert “Sasquatch” V. — Google review

Excellent park, great experience with beautiful views. If you’re into geocaching this is a great place for that. There are several regular geocaches with many goodies inside. We even came across a fairy house in the tree. It had some goodies inside and we were able to unload a good bit of our extra geocache swag inside for the kiddos to enjoy.

Phillip Mills — Google review

Loved this park! Clean bathrooms, great showers. Easy check in and helpful volunteers. Loved how the Campsites were spaced out and not stacked on top of each other. Great, well maintained trailed. Beautiful views. Will definitely be back!

Mollie U — Google review

This is an amazing State park. Many attractions near by. Lots of hiking trails and a gorgeous lake.

William Baltazar — Google review

Field trip with my granddaughter ... loved it!!!The park rangers did a great job keeping the children active and entertained while teaching them. Awesome nature program! Beautiful area!!!

Karen Strickland — Google review

Huge park! Lots of campsites, clean and the staff are very nice and friendly. Would love to come in the summer to be able to go in the Springfield pool. They have paddle boats too

Linda Jones — Google review

My husband and I were looking for a quick getaway to celebrate our son's 11th birthday. We love to camp as a family and we're looking for a new spots to pitch our tent for a few days. We found FD Roosevelt State Park in pine mountain Georgia and absolutely fell in love! It's nestled at the foot of the mountain with plenty of hiking trails for all levels. Beautiful Delano lake is situated on the property and great for kayaking, paddle boating, and fishing.As far as the camping goes...First and foremost, when I'm camping I need clean bathrooms. The bathrooms were exquisite and maintained throughout the day. So if you're like me and that's important, you're good to go.We stayed in a standard campsite and it was outfitted with water, electricity, a large fire pit with a grill, picnic table, and a camping pad that was perfect whether you have a tent or a RV.There was plenty of room to hang our hammocks and stare off into the forest. There is of course wildlife but mostly squirrels around the campsites.This park is also dog friendly which was great for us because we brought along our little Chihuahua mix.My favorite part, quiet. The campsites are spaced out enough where if you're looking for a quiet serene getaway you can definitely find it here. We also took a little bit of a tour around and noticed that there are some pioneer campsites that are back in the woods. Well they need a little TLC when she first get there they look like a great option if you're on a budget.Overall, great stay! We will definitely be back soon and hopefully in the summer so that we can enjoy their large Liberty Bell pool.Key point, Callaway gardens is just around the corner. If you were interested in visiting there this is a great way to stay on a budget and get to enjoy the gardens as well!

Noelle Cosby — Google review


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2970 GA-190, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, USA

(706) 663-4858


Callaway Resort & Gardens

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (179)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (180)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (181)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (182)

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Botanical garden

Nature & Parks

Resort with vast gardens, 2 golf courses & multiple dining venues, plus a beach with water sports.

The best place to visit and enjoy the Amazing tropical butterflies flying all around you. Beautiful trees, and plants in the room really add to a breath taking experience. A place to watch the different kinds of butterflies and learn all about them at the Day Butterfly Center.Tons of interesting, old trees. Great walking and biking paths, and a super cool garden and tons of parking inside the park and you can feel the life all around you, very peaceful.Great family place, lots to do.But there is so much more, like the beach, pool, golf, restaurants.The Fantasy in Lights Christmas light show. It is a 7 mile journey through the wooded areas of Calloway. Each area has its own theme and soundtrack ,So much to see and the Christmas Village was so pretty .The front desk staff was extremely helpful and friendly .

Rola Sam — Google review

First time visit to Callaway Gardens and it did not disappoint. The birds of prey experience was awesome. The birds literally fly right past your head as the handlers talk about each bird. The butterfly conservatory was also very cool. Butterflies flying around you at all times, beautiful flowers and even aquatic turtles swimming around. We decided to buy a season pass. The woman that helped us at the visitor center was very nice, very helpful and very friendly. She explained all of the features of the park, explained all of the benefits of the season pass and made sure to let us know of the discounts we would receive inside the park with having that season pass. We will definitely be taking advantage of the pass over the next 12 months.

lenzie mauzey — Google review

We've been coming to Callaway since 1981! We love the cottages and the Summer Family Adventure. What a wonderful tradition to carry on with my kid! Robin Lake has a nice beach with cabanas or umbrellas to rent. There's a pavilion with food and drink options. The Butterfly Center is always breathtaking! Not to mention the Birds of Prey show at the Discovery Center soars above the rest!

Elizabeth Keltz — Google review

Friendly and helpful staff. Super nice rooms and comfortable! Relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful nature surrounding. Butterfly center so much fun and the birds of prey show awesome experience!!! The beach/aqua island is fun for all! My favorite is pumpkins at Callaway and fantasy in lights especially since they have added to them!!!😊

Sarah Hammett — Google review

It's beautiful but a little pricey. For three adults and a 3-year-old it cost us basically $80 with a military discount. The butterfly exhibit we saw three butterflies LOL and they say that's because the sun was coming through the glass roof, I'm not sure. Kind of bummed out at that. we saw a turtle though!

Janice McKernan — Google review

Callaway Gardens is a pretty well-kept secret day trip destination a little more than an hour away from Atlanta. Springtime visits are glorious, with more varieties of azaleas in bloom from early March through late May than can be counted. There is also an incredible native wildflower trail that allows up close and personal experiences with numerous varieties and another walking trail devoted to a stunning collection of mature rhododendrons. Numerous lakes, trails, golf courses, and scenic drives are also found within the gardens. My favorite stop within the gardens is the Ida Cason Callaway Chapel - a jewel of a chapel with gorgeous stained glass windows built beside another of the numerous lakes. Other highlights are the Butterfly Center and the Discovery Center. The Lodge and Spa at Callaway has been thoughtfully placed within a wooded setting and has the potential to be a lovely and luxurious getaway. There are some kinks to be worked out for full potential to be reached there. The gardens are so worth the drive from Atlanta, especially in springtime.

Valerie Watkins — Google review

The room was nice. The staff was helpful. The Bar had amazing food. I was not impressed with the buffet for breakfast or dinner. The property is massive. We went to see the lights and I must say it was worth it. I'd like to go back in the spring or summer to look at the gardens.

Michael Wills — Google review

My husband and I were just there this past weekend for a 1 night stay so we could see the Christmas lights. The whole experience was amazing. Everyone was so nice! We ate at The Piedmont Room for dinner and then the next morning we ate there for breakfast. That Restaurant has the BEST sweet tea! Thank you everyone for your courtesy and professionalism! we had a wonderful time!

Stephanie Hurt — Google review

Hands down, the best customer service experience we've had in YEARS! The entire staff from the valet, front desk, grounds keepers, restaurant servers, and cleaning staff... Everyone was incredibly social and friendly! Our room was modern, bright, and gorgeous! The breakfast in the dining room was phenomenal! My husband was a major fan of the waffles and hasn't stopped talking about them, even weeks after our stay! And the Butterfly exhibit was like walking into another world. Our ONLY complaint was that the website and all of their marketing boasts about all the lakes and all the fishing you can do but we were told at EVERY lake that it was "private property and no fishing was allowed". We were only allowed to fish out of the lake next to the beach. One area, about 25 yards of shoreline. That's it. We caught two fish in three days of fishing. But the scenery and the entire experience was still 1000% worth it! We will definitely be back but we'll probably leave the fishing gear at home.

Khaki Kulture — Google review

A beautiful place year round. Great for families, dates, hiking, biking, the whole deal. Butterfly pavilion is beautiful and beach is a lot of fun. The only complaint is the putt putt has seen better days. Needs an update or honestly removal for a playground extension on my opinion..Have never personally stayed in the on-site lodging so can't say much in that area.Bottom line, I highly recommend.

Jeremy Bialoncik — Google review

I had never been to the Callaway Resort and decided to celebrate my birthday there this weekend. We stayed at the lodge in a very spacious room. The resort far exceeded our expectations! From the live band on the beach, to the gorgeous lakes, the putt-putt golf course, antique car show, hot air balloons, butterfly pavilion, ‘bird of prey’ show, and the spectacular nightly fireworks…this resort did not disappoint! We are already planning to bring the entire family to the Xmas light display this fall. Callaway is A++

Guy Gethers — Google review

I took my kids to the gardens and pumpkin for the afternoon. It was so pretty and fun. I definitely would go again and spend more time in the gardens. We enjoyed the butterfly area and the bugs life trail. We also went to the evening pumpkins and had so much fun. We enjoyed the corn maze and the night time festivities. I would love to go again to the pumpkins too. I definitely recommend if you have the time to go.

Devin Bateman — Google review

Always a great time with the family! We saw the raptor show, which was nice despite it having to end early due to wild raptors (osprey) in the vicinity. The butterfly house is a really fun experience for kids and adults. The buffet at the Lodge was varied and tasty. There are also lots of nice trails for walking or biking.

Natalie Glynn-Wix — Google review

My family and I go for the festivities and the park. My son loves to play at the park and meet new buddies. The scenery and flowers are breathtaking especially in the spring. They do honor our military with discounts. It’s especially exciting during the holidays which is the most favorite time of the year. I can’t wait to see what’s new for Christmas Fantasy in Lights. We rented a cabin with some friends and we had a blast and it was quite relaxing.

Gloria Taylor — Google review

If you're looking to play golf here I suggest trying to find somewhere else. Both golf courses are in horrid shape. The greens have very scarce grass and multiple ones are covered with at least 50% sand. Many of the tee boxes are no better. Some bunkers have so much sand that you sink to your ankles whereas others have very little and you can see the liner underneath.I had not played the mountain course in months and had heard they had a new greenskeeper so I was hopeful to see some better conditioning happening. This is not the case. I can't believe this place used to be a tour destination in the late '90s and early 2000s. Not sure what has happened or is happening but it's going to take a lot of time and effort to get this place looking somewhat better for play. Certainly not worth the $80 green fee they are commanding. I'd say it's no better than a $30 golf course as it sits right now.

Don Weber — Google review

Fantasy In Lights is outstanding! The huge sea of lights and mega-tree and the tunnel at the end made our visit enchanting. The lights deserve a 5-star review, but I'm knocking the overall review to a 4 due to the before and after show experience.Before being allowed to drive through, vehicles are staged in groups out in a grassy field. The access to this area was a bit "rugged" by the time we went last week since it was raining and there was insufficient gravel in the right places to make the drive easy. I have a sedan that bottomed-out a few times on the rough road.The FIL experience is great, with the roads throughout the Gardens being well paved.When it came to leaving, we didn't need to go see the activities at the beach, so we followed the blinking Exit sign rather than the Parking sign. What a mistake! We were directed onto another muddy, rutted road over the fields leading to the exit. I almost didn't make it out as I got a little stuck at the end. My car was a filthy mess with mud caked in the wheel wells and along the doors. My advice to others is that you should follow the Parking signs (which keep you on the paved road) and then exit the parking lot directly to the ext.

Thomas Moore — Google review

My husband treated me to a 2 night stay in honor of my retirement! Just wow wow wow! The resort is beautiful! Completely renovated! Our room was beautiful with a fantastic view of the lake! We have to give props to Tevin at the front desk and Ebony in food service!! They were so personable! Every employee was terrific 👍. The Fantasy of Lights was magical 😁

Helen Copeland — Google review

We stayed in the lodge in a very nice room but could hear everything in the room next door, including their alarm clock at 5:15 am. The service is outstanding, particularly in the Piedmont dining room. We had breakfast there both days, good food and great people. The butterfly center is amazing! If you want to rent a golf cart to tour the grounds an online reservation is required. It was going to cost us $300 for a 4-seater so we drove our car instead. The gardens and the grounds in general are awesome!

c gorman — Google review

My family’s first visit to Callaway Gardens and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Customer service was beyond excellent and honestly Marjorie, the concierge, is the absolute best!!!! She is a huge asset to this resort. We were disappointed with the Friday night seafood buffet but everything we ordered from the menu was fantastic! I had a lovely spa experience and look forward to visiting again.

Paula DeArtiaga — Google review

Every one of my 4 day stay was absolutely blissful! The rooms are nice but standard. The service however is above par all the way. Every single staff member was welcome and inviting and met every one of our unique needs in stride! The amenities are beyond belief! Something for everyone! I would recommend 100 percent

Wanda Dillon — Google review

This place amazing. The people were so freindly. The attraction were spectacular. Would definitely recommend. Will definitely be back and absolutely tell everyone. God bless Yall keep up the amazing work!! There is an older distinguished gentleman working at the butterfly exhibit. He’s in my last picture with the green polo. He was so friendly and knowledgeable. He’s been there for 16 years and it’s clearly shows he loves where he’s at. Thank you for such and amazing experience. I had one questionable experience. When loading for the trolley my 80 yr old granny could have been let through the exit instead of making her walk around. She was clearly disabled and struggled. But it was a great experience and we managed. Again thanks you and see yea soon!!!!

Xavier Glenn — Google review

My family and I visited Callaway Garden's Pumpkin Garden with my 6 year old nephew. The lights' details in the glow by night were pure precision. The colors were beautiful, and the grounds were kept immaculate. The friendly staff and customer service were impeccable, service and friendliness which are extinct nowadays. Food and drinks are available for purchase, along with adult beverages. Also, great merchandise to purchase. I would truly recommend families to visit. Good southern family fun.

Dayle Pitts — Google review

Visited Callaway Gardens Cottages for 4 nights during Christmas. AMAZING!! My whole family had a spectacular time. When I first was going I wish there was pictures but honestly what is provided on their website is exactly how it looks. Very clean fully equipped kitchen w/ plates, cups, utensils and pots. My family and husband family had an amazing time at fantasy and lights. We took the trolly because wouldn’t be fun to drive ourselves and not being able to enjoy the light show. We will be attending in the summer for fishing and the beach so excited.

Audrey Harrison — Google review

The gardens are large, beautiful, and a great place to get away from it all. There's lots to do from the raptor show to the butterfly center, it's great fun for young and old. Rent a callaway cruiser (golf cart) and drive the whole park.

Jamie Smith — Google review

Went during October and December. I definitely by far recommend going in October. If you are someone who wants to have a magical date or outing with your family the fall season is the best time to go.Aside from the weather being much more pleasant, the decorations felt much more exciting. It had me and my partner take a second loop around! The food trucks weren’t anything to write home about but the atmosphere definitely will give you those cozy fall vibes.The corn maze in the dark is like a party, the trolley ride around the lake is nostalgic and the little plaza outside of the corn maze with the live music, overhead lights, games, food and gift shop was something we DIDNT get in December and missed ): the lights during October beat out the Fantasy Lights by a long shot and the gift shop theme is a fall lovers dream. I would recommend this over the December tickets for sure,

sarah evamarie — Google review

I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at this place. The flowers were just beautiful and perfect. Lots of activities are available. Hiking trails with a gorgeous landscape. You could spend the a day here.

William Baltazar — Google review

Great Christmas light show! The butterfly exhibit and birds of prey show were also amazing. We went in the winter so the gardens were pretty sparse but they make up for it with the light show.

Ashley Lane — Google review

We had a lovely day at Calaway. The butterfly were a great highlight of the day. There are so many of them and so many beautiful plants. I do wish the offered feeding so the butterfly would land on you. Would for sure come back.

Kristen Robinson — Google review

Thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas lights. It was my first time visit. Wagon ride to see the lights was amazing with family. Lots of pics we took on the occasion of Christmas! We visited on Christmas!🎄 we took beautiful family pictures there. Thank you for those amazing treats of lights 🫶🥰🥰💝👏👏👏

Liji's Taste Buds — Google review


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17617 US Hwy 27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, USA

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Chattahoochee Riverwalk (Columbus)

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Sights & Landmarks

Historic Walking Areas

Bodies of Water


(1087)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (189)

Georgia, USA


National Civil War Naval Museum

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (190)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (191)

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History museum

Sights & Landmarks

The National Civil War Naval Museum is a historical museum that showcases Navy ships used in the Civil War with reenactments and ghost tours. The museum features informative plaques and diagrams about the ships, artillery, crews and their quarters. One of the displayed ships, CSS Jackson, has damage from battles it was in and giant spikes holding it together. The man at the front desk is knowledgeable on both displayed and undiscovered ships being raised out of the ocean.

Visited 12/28/2021The man at the front desk was very knowledgeable on the ships displayed as well as other ships that they are attempting to locate and raise out of the ocean.The CSS Jackson is a much larger ship than it appears in the pictures, even with a portion of the middle missing. You can see the giant spikes holding the ship together, as well as the damage from the battles it was in. There are several cannons on display, and a plethora of other diagrams and informative plaques throughout the museum giving you information on the ships, artillery, crews and their quarters. Absolutely would recommend for a [Naval] history lover

Phoenix Hiraeth — Google review

If you like REAL History this is definitely worth it. They had some really cool pieces of actual history here. And you can learn a lot of Important things.

Rhiann B — Google review

This place is simply awesome. We stopped because it gave us a break on our drive to Atlanta, and I was blown away with what they’ve got for such a small place that is privately (it is non-government funded) funded. They have a ton of information all around, and some really neat artifacts. I would recommend this place to anyone, and would certainly return if I find myself in the area.

bwcritch — Google review

I’ve been wanting to go to this museum for years but sadly waited long enough for the ship to be torn down! It was a lovely experience for someone looking to get out for a couple hours! It’s not too big and not too small! It’s perfect for a family outing and the staff was great! It’s also priced reasonably at $8 for adults and you get what you pay for 😎

Ms. K — Google review

Worth the price of admission. Learn about something that isn't really taught much in any high school or college history class.

William Duff — Google review

This is an excellent museum, not government run but locally operated. This place has lots and lots of very interesting artifacts and some very knowledgeable workers who are able to answer most any question you may have.I will admit I was a little shocked to be at a Naval museum in Columbus Ga (nowhere near the coast) but they explained the why and reasoning behind the location and it made great sense and was an interesting historical lesson in itself.

Nathan Jackson — Google review

Great place! Very interesting! Well laid out, lots of history! My husband and I really enjoyed it.

Miranda McGregor — Google review

I wasn't sure what to expect. The topic seemed a bit narrow...but I have to admit I was impressed and indeed learned a number of things. The CSS Jackson is a very impressive display. Same with the historic flags. Some of the displays are like movie sets--good for the kids. If you just want to "see" it, you can run through in about 30-40 minutes. I am one of those who reads everything and ended up spending over 2 hours. Price is reasonable.

Michael Miller — Google review

Very interesting museum, with extensive illustrated history of the USA and CSA navies and the battles they fought. Great exhibits!

Terry Imar — Google review

Interesting exhibits explained by passionate volunteers. Their work is important, and they keep political conversation neutral and in context. Worth a visit.

R Bowlsby — Google review

One of the best Civil War museums I’ve been to. Well worth the price of admission. Courteous staff and a clean, well laid out museum. Excellent educational opportunity!!!

US 1 — Google review

Really neat museum for history buffs. Tickets are a little pricey but they do offer military discounts. It was not very crowded so it was nice to move around at your own pace with tons of information around the museum. The museum isn’t very interactive, but it has great artifacts including the wreckage of an ironclad. Good place to stop at on a free weekend.

M Lawrence — Google review

We took our 6th grade class for a field trip. We booked a tour through the museum and I am so glad we did!We had a great tour guide and the director of education Brandon were super knowledgeable and kind. Both were great with the kids and were able to answer all questions the students had. They were super accommodating to our group and made us feel very welcome. We plan to make this an annual field trip for our school.

Anna Beth Shepard — Google review

Beautiful museum very informative, kids loved it

Anna Gilpatrick — Google review

Educational. They have wheelchairs available, so everyone can enjoy the tour through the museum. Very kind staff!!!

Angela Phillips — Google review

Hello Peoples, Was totally well worth it, Thank U for allowing me to get my Big Truck & Trailer in your Museum. Not to many places for us Truckers to get in and see the sights. If it wasn't for parking, I would have stayed longer, & yes I will come back. When I get the chance, and again. Thank U...loved it..

Jerry Rosebluff — Google review


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(535)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (195)

1002 Victory Dr, Columbus, GA 31901, USA

(706) 327-9798

I'll never travel to Montgomery without this trip planner again

Learn more

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (196)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (197)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (198)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (199)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (200)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (201)

I will never travel to Montgomery without this app againAvailable on the App Store


The National Infantry Museum

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (203)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (204)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (205)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (206)

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Army museum


Event venue

Gift shop

History museum

IMAX theater

I don't really care for museums. But this was a very eye evening, heart wrenching, and educational visit. I'm going back tomorrow to see the rest of it. It was such a beautiful place and a great reminder of how lucky we are as a nation because of the sacrifices the men and women in uniform made for us. I would add more pictures but it's better to experience it in person. All the employees were just so kind.

Primavera Leyva — Google review

So much to learn. Truly an amazing museum. Could spend hours learning and walking back in time to see the past. The artwork is stunning. The statues are life like. If you have an opportunity to visit, invite a veteran or current soldier so personal and so many real life stories. A must see on your Ft. Benning visit. It is free to see but please be generous and make a nice donation.

Julie — Google review

Great museum located at Ft. Moore, Ga. Lots of exhibits outside. There is a WWII company street that is awesome. If you’re into military history, or even just history, then this is the place for you. This museum does a great job thoughtfully covering the history of the USA Infantry from inception to modern times. The displays are amazing and the artifacts are plentiful. I really enjoyed the modern exhibit and the WWI exhibit. The entry is free but I would recommend giving a donation by either cash or card. There’s a great gift shop and food options as well. Make sure you give yourself a few hours to really be able to see everything.

Chris Baker — Google review

This museum is AWESOME. It is free of charge but they appreciate tips. It was so much fun and my kids enjoyed it. We spent about 2 hours there. It is 3 levels and wheelchair accessible.

Christina Nail — Google review

This is the best free museum I've ever been to (donations only)! It's 3 floors very big and an extremely nice. I was very impressed. There is a theater inside along with concession area that sales food so many thing to read and see you will need a couple hours to see everything and there is even an outside area and courtyard with many facts! This museum is huge and many awards hang in the ceiling in the front entrance and I can see why. It was also very clean and friendly staff, this is a definite must if your in the Columbus area. It's literally a top 5 museum and also they offer rooms for events and weddings. Add it to your bucket list!

Tiffany Nicole — Google review

This is a simply amazing place. It is an interactive history of the United States infantry. It has many exhibits showing you the strength of our nations premier fighting force. The grounds of the parade field is laden with the soil from every battle since the American revolution. That way every soldier walks in the footsteps of those who have gone before. Totally worth a visit to see how your freedom is defended. Hooah!

Gregg Sparks — Google review

Amazing! I haven't been back to Benning since the end of the 90's. This wasn't there when I was stationed or went back for training. However, we were passing through the Columbus area with our children in a family trip so, we thought we'd show them the old stomping grounds! We saw this was there now and decided to visit. Wow! They really did a wonderful job of curation and presentation. I truly can not overstate it enough that it is worth your time (it's free so, no money).

Stone Hill (Farm) — Google review

The National Infantry Museum Is Very Awesome! It was great, interesting, and enjoyable to go there to learn all the history, and see all the models. The simulator was very fun too. Without any doubt I strongly recommend The National Infantry Museum because it's more than just a great fun adventure it's a great opportunity to take advantage of! Have a great day!

Jack Carello — Google review

This place is amazing. Plan an entire day for this. Great movies. Outside there are WW2 Barracks, a church, etc. That's open on weekends.There are tanks, a Vietnam Memorial that's smaller but just like D.C.Soldiers from every war and conflict are honored. I need to go back because I didn't get to walk through it all. If you show up on certain data days, you can watch a live graduation of US Army Infantry Soldiers ( why I was there). The graduation is amazing and quite moving. I'd recommend going on one of those days.

turtlle78 — Google review

The museum is awesome, easily rivaling anything the Smithsonian has to offer. There is so much more here than I thought so I didn't plan my visit very well and only got through half of the museum. If you are in the area and like military history in particular Army Infantry history, you have to visit, it won't disappoint. I think is free, but donations are accepted.

Tony Matthews — Google review

Fantastic and free museum. Its great, has amazing captured history, the dioramas were so intricate. The flow and design were smart and layed out well. Bathrooms clean, paintings were some of the best I've seen depicting incredible scenarios. Its one of the best museums I've visited. Must see if you're in this area.

Xavier Orozco — Google review

We actually went for a JROTC field trip, so the museum was closed to the public while we were there, but I definitely plan to return since we didn't get to see everything. The exhibits are really nice and well organized. They also have a Vietnam memorial and a War on Terror memorial outside that are very nice. They offer supplies to make rubbings from these memorials. The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable. We had a great experience!Would like to add that admission is free, but a small donation ($5) is suggested per visitor.

Talia P — Google review

One of the best museums I have been too! Each exhibit room was well laid out and provided so much information. My favorite part was going up the walkway to the 2nd floor. The visuals were so realistic and well thought out. We will be back!! We were there for the Iraq war Symposium.

Katie Becker — Google review

Highly recommend visiting this place if your in Columbus ga. Definitely one of the best places we visited on our day trip. Looking for a budget friendly place for families they have no cost but accept donations.

Fredrick Alexander — Google review

An unplanned visit turned out to be an astonishing one. There is a lot to take in, we were there for couple hours before closing time, realized we barely covered half of it. Triggers several prominent events of history right through the artifacts.The entire set up is incredible. You get to see most of the artilleries , gain knowledge on what US military goes through in a normal day or on a warlike situation. View the trails and techniques that were undergone in the history. They got a setup to offer near real-time experience of the conditions that US military had been through in the war.There are heart wrenching, eye opening moments while looking at Japan flag with autographs of soldiers, saddam’s gold gun and many many more.Staff members are so friendly and helpful at every instance.There is a lot more to cover and would want to spare a whole day to visit again.On top of all, there is no cost of ticket. It’s absolutely and totally FREE of cost. Just walk right in. Must visit place in GA.

Harihar K — Google review

Very well designed museum. Lot of good exhibits and information. Plenty of parking and good access. It's just outside the post so all can access it.It covers the history of Infantry from day one to modern day.Plan on a good 2 - 3 hours to walk through at a reasonable pace.Free, but donations are appreciated.

Shane karstens — Google review

Was probably the best museum I have ever been to, and our family has been to dozens of museums. I will say this, "I was so absorbed into the displays, recreation of the scenes and actual information provided that 4 hours seemed like mere minutes." It was an absolute treasure trove of information, history where even the random staff would stop and talk to you, ask questions and give you real world information of "how" the display came to the museum. Amazing job!!

C Ganoung — Google review

This is the first class museum that is under appreciated. It should be on everybody's go to list when it comes to learning about not just the United States. Infantry, but the army as well. It's easy to spend an entire day in there.

aueku — Google review

This is my first time to visit this place and I was in awe. The museum has several galleries and has very interesting displays to look and stories to read. It took me 2hours to finish my visit, but actually will take more than that if you truly and hearthily read all of it. The museum visit is of free admission, but a minimum of $5 per person is appreciated as donation. Outside you can visit a memorial site, an old train, combat vehicles and etc. It is located Fort Moore, Columbus, Georgia.

a_13_a — Google review

One of the best museums we have ever visited - and it's free..?Very informative and broken down by the eras.Free public WiFi, too.Plan for 3-4 hours to at least experience anything. There is a free 15 minute film in the main exhibits area that is also highly recommended..!There were some outdoor exhibits, too.HIGHLY recommended to visit!

Ryan Smith — Google review

This Museum is hands down one of the best! I was absolutely shocked at how amazing this was! Well worth your time! If you support our Military and like real history you will love this place! So many valuable things to learn and see.

Rhiann B — Google review

We were here for a basic training graduation. The ceremony was small, inside and nice. We were able to tour the museum afterwards and I definitely recommend. My children 7 and 9yo didn't want to spend as much time as I did... but they aren't veterans. Very emotive displays/exhibits. I didn't see all of it, as I was being dragged through the lower portion. You cannot bring even water bottles inside... though, I was able to check it and pick it up as I left! Everyone was polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Worth the stop if you have any interest military, any family or friends who are veterans, or just want a little insight into some of America's history.

Big Boneded — Google review

My family and I had the blessing of being able to experience the National Infantry Museum recently while in town for army purposes. There was lots to see and learn about. I appreciated how great it was organized and displayed. It was close enough to the base for easy travel and with all the outdoor space, it offers a great opportunity for kiddos to run and explore a bit.

Kelcie Quiel — Google review

One of the best museums that I have ever been too! Amazing displays, and so much history. I am already planning a trip back!

Billy — Google review


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(2281)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (208)

1775 Legacy Way #235, Columbus, GA 31903, USA

(706) 685-5800


Toomer's Drugs

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (209)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (210)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (211)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (212)

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Ice cream shop

Toomer's Drugs is a historic corner drugstore in Auburn that has been transformed into a charming old-fashioned soda fountain and restaurant. Established in 1896, it is renowned for its delicious lemonade and great food. Despite its name, Toomer's also offers an array of Auburn gear for sale. The efficiency of service is impressive, even during busy times, making it a popular spot among locals and visitors alike.

A tradition in Auburn you can't pass up. Stop in for the best lemonade you'll ever taste and pick up an Auburn shirt or souvenir to take home. Friendly folks here and always welcoming both locals and new fans and friends!

Georgiana Hatcher — Google review

I’ve heard a lot about Toomer’s Drugs and their coveted lemonade. Well boy was everyone right. This was well worth the wait. The frozen lemonade was great, the regular lemonade was amazing. The ice cream was a perfect touch. I even had to go back in to buy a bottle of lemonade to take home after my long drive. Well worth the drive out of the way from the highway.

Justin Nguyen (JNguyen20) — Google review

A must stop when in Auburn for REALLY good lemonade. Charming spot founded in 1896. Right off the corner of campus. The lemonade is really worth a stop!

Progressive Powersports — Google review

Bought one gallon of their DELICIOUS lemonade. So ggggoooooood! So almost gone. Yum! Went out of our way for this $20.00 purchase.

Anne With an E — Google review

Got to have the experience of an Auburn win at Toomer’s Corner, so much fun!!!! They kept it close of course but ultimately came away with the victory. Proud to have my son at Auburn having such a good college experience.

Christian Dodder — Google review

Excellent customer service, it’s an amazing place to stop by in Auburn. I always look forward toward coming here whenever I’m in town. They have tasty sweets and lemonade. Can accommodate desired sugar levels on the lemonade (ie: 2/3s sugar, 1/2 sugar)

Cynthia Romero — Google review

Such a fun store! Staff were friendly and quick to serve, but if you’re visiting on a weekend be prepared for a line. But WAIT! The lemonade is totally worth it!

Charity Brumley — Google review

Get the Lemonade. It really is a good as they say. Even if the line is out the door, efficiency borders on Chick-fil-A, so give it a whirl.Aside from that, Toomer's is an institution. Why wouldn't you go in to shop and get some lemonade? They've got sugar-free and all kinds of flavored lemonade. They've got Auburn gear for decent prices. My 15 yo son and I took full advantage.Our only regret? We didn't get a larger size lemonade.

Dana Gallina — Google review

Toomer's Drugstore is an icon in Auburn, AL and a must see place in the southeast because of its world famous lemonade. Handmade fresh while you move through the line. Limeade is mighty good too. They have soda and ice cream but the lemonade is why you're here.

Michael Ingram — Google review

Don’t let the game day line scare you! It moves quicker than expected and is well worth the wait.It doesn’t feel like a return to the plains without getting a lemonade.The service is always great, with many wonderful spirit items for sale. I must admit that I love the historical photographs and the original woodwork. A true Auburn institution.War Eagle.

Jenna G — Google review

Right across from the main campus and smack dab at center circle so you can't miss it. This is as iconic as it gets in Auburn! Of course, the lemonade is an absolute must! The service is quick, efficient, and friendly. War Eagles!

Linda Lyerly — Google review

Pretty much everything you’d want from a lemonade, ice-cream, souvenir shop. Good flavors, prices and services. A great location as well, right on the corner.

Silas Walker — Google review

This is just Auburn. You need to go try the lemonade. It really is good and it is a cute store.

Sheila Pownall Realtor, lpt Realty — Google review

Great game day visit. Always an intimidating line but they take your order while in line and it moves really quick. Lemonade is really good and they have a wide range of eclectic AU stuff to buy while in line. The corner is always busy and adds to the fun.

Craig Winn — Google review

If only I could have Toomer's lemonade sent to me in Florida. Best lemonade I've ever had in my life! Such a great part of visiting Auburn! War Eagle!

Lyndsey Herrand — Google review

Your visit to Auburn is not complete without a stop at Toomer’s Drugs for Lemonade and Auburn merch/souvenir’s!They have a variety of flavored lemonade, ice cream, milkshakes and other refreshments as well as a wide variety of Auburn University merchandise.Definitely worth a stop. 🍋

Rianna — Google review


(808)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (213)


(503)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (214)

100 N College St, Auburn, AL 36830, USA

(334) 887-3488


Chewacla State Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (215)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (216)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (217)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (218)

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State park

Nature & Parks


Vast, leafy park featuring sprawling lake, bike trails, campgrounds & cabins is a draw for families.

Absolutely beautiful. I love how the waterfall meets with the creek at the end and forms a nice swimming area. Great hike too. Little steep but fun. My 3 year old hiked it just fine. Carried the newborn and 1 year old on our backs.

Julianna PETER Sanchez — Google review

It was a beautiful park! Very glad my coworker recommended it. We just came for hiking to the water fall. Stayed for over an hour and enjoyed the trails!!Could use some better trail signs. Wasn’t many signs at the bottom of the deer run trail where it split off.Definitely read your map before hiking to see best ways to get up and down. We took an advanced hike trail but enjoyed the workout of it!! Can be very steep!!

Brittany Earnest — Google review

It’s a nice park to hang around for a day picnic or just short hike or even for camping. It has small lake where you can boat and swim at your own risk. Also has a small playground for kids and towards the falls view, there is a small creek to hang out.Beware of snakes 🐍 and steep hiking trails.

Dinesh Ghimire — Google review

I've been to Chewacla a few times and it's a well maintained park with good hiking trails and what looks like nice camping spots. My dogs love it here! I appreciate that there's bathroom facilities close to the falls which are a must see.

Kristen Tordella-Williams — Google review

Beautiful site with tons of hiking and mountain biking. We could have spent hours exploring around the waterfall. We did not camp here, just came exploring for a few hours. Great stop if you are going through or stay in Auburn. 🥂

Amber Dion — Google review

Enjoyed our stay at this Alabama State Park. Took a hike through the woods to the waterfall/ dam. Not into extreme mountain biking but directly across the street from the park entrance is a paved path more our speed. Lots of great exploring to do in nearby Auburn and Opelika.

Jane Gorsline — Google review

We went tent camping here for a night. The tent sites could be a little more secluded for our taste but we're very nice sites. the people who worked there were very helpful, the bathrooms/shower house was very nice. They have pay to use washer and dryers. There is an amazing waterfall you can walk down to, small creek beach area, a lake with canoe rentals, playgrounds, walking trails, Really cool mountain bike trails with jumps, bridges to ride on etc. A lot to do here. Would highly recommend

Sandy Klusty — Google review

I went with a couple of friends to spend the afternoon walking in the forest. We had a pleasant 2 hour walk. Just consider stopping over before your arrival at a convenience store to get water and snacks.

Groupe LAMRO — Google review

I must say I’m quite impressed with this stat park, it’s pretty well kept and the map we were given was helpful in finding our way to the waterfall. The trail whipped my butt but was definitely worth the hike. The views were great and the people were friendly. Maybe next time we’ll doSome fishing and stay longer . It was $4 per person to get in but well worth it for all they have to offer

William Sanders — Google review

Chewacla State Park is a peaceful and quiet park with a small two loop campground with nice level sites. We stayed in early April and there was very few people there(Mostly older couples). My kids loved the waterfall and the lake. I would definitely stay here again.

Valerie M — Google review

Great family outing and hike in the woods. We loved the trails and the crown jewel water fall. We were met at the gate by perhaps the most friendly park employee we have ever met and as a result, we will certainly be back!

David Ingram — Google review

Chewacla has always been our "go to" campground. We usually make a spring and a fall trip! The location, near great restaurants and shops, is still protected and rustic! The RV sites are spacious and offer a fair amount of privacy in the heavily wooded campground. The views at the top of the mountainous terrain in the park are beautiful and offer trails perfect for hiking. The history of the park and the buildings built by the Corp of engineers early in the 20th century are simply wonderful. What a treasure!

Alma Brown — Google review

My boyfriend and I came here to have an adventurous day outside. The man selling admission tickets was rude and seemed off. i We stopped back at the front office to ask for directions and he was very unhelpful, acting like we should already know the area although this is our first time coming here. Beautiful nature though! :)

mia natello — Google review

Looks great for those that are mountain bike enthusiasts. Lots of trails and activities for those bikers. Trail down to the falls was difficult and the trail is poorly maintained. Very dangerous path for less agile explorers. Not much selection in picnic areas. If we were mountain bikers this would be fantastic, not so much for us.

Kurt Boehringer — Google review

Very peaceful park with beautiful, large, level campsites. Easy hike to the top of the waterfalls. Tougher past there and could've used better signage as there are a lot of unofficial paths.

Ellen Bates — Google review

Great place to spend the weekend. Stayed in cabin 5, there was a great view of the lake, and the sound coming from the waterfall across the lake was very relaxing. The trails were very well maintained. The staff was welcoming and helpful. Each site has an outdoor fire pit grill and picnic table. Not sure if all the cabins have a fireplace but 5 did. I would definitely stay again.

adam ledbetter — Google review

Beautiful state park with many walking, hiking, and bike trails. Nice lake for rowing, fishing, and swimming. The waterfalls and lower creek are my favorite spots to visit. This place even has glamping. It books early for Auburn home sporting events, so if interested, reserve well in advance. Close proximity to Auburn University is a plus.

Brandon Brewis — Google review

Awesome, awesome awesome. Next level mountain bike trails. The youth of Alabama has a chance of becoming professional mountain bike/ BMX riders. Something Alabama has always lacked. Hats off to the builders, and the state for making this happen. You have to see it too believe it. There's also trails for all levels of riders. Swimming, a taco stand , hiking, boat rental, camping, grilling, picnicking, and more.

Damon Floyd — Google review

We were here 5 days with a group of our friends RVing. Clean showers with great water pressure. They keep the sites very clean as well. Walking and bike trails with beautiful scenery. We will be back.

Rene Osuna — Google review

This is NOT a hotel. It is a state park with a campground. Cell service in the campground is poor for both AT&T and Verizon. If getting on the internet via cell data is important, then do NOT stay here. We are in site #18 of the campground. The power pedestal door is falling off. I found the cover to the cable television access lying nearby. The roads are narrow and disintegrating. This is an older, poorly maintained and deteriorating campground. Site #18 lacks gravel on the door side of the RV. Heavy rains and traffic generate a nice (?) mudhole just at the bottom of the steps. This is our first and last visit here. If you like primitive amenities, or want to drop $100+ for a night in a safari tent, then this is your kind of place. I am neither and will not return.

Neal Davis — Google review

Absolutely beautiful location--very TN mountains in appearance. Amenities: bike ramps, glamping, RV camping, looked like a rentable house for large gatherings, swings, playground area, nice picnic spots, some basic park bathrooms (TP but no soap). We loved our hike to the man-made waterfall! $4 per person for age 12 to 60-something. As a bonus our Verizon smart phones had great service everywhere we hiked. We will definitely be back!

fruitsofthebloom — Google review


(1767)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (219)


(243)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (220)

124 Shell Toomer Pkwy, Auburn, AL 36830, USA

(334) 887-5621


Wind Creek State Park

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (221)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (222)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (223)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (224)

State park

Nature & Parks

Leafy Lake Martin acreage with campgrounds, cabins & hiking trails popular with families & groups.

Beautiful state park surrounded by nature and beautiful lake Martin. Great facilities and camping areas.

JonMonFish Imagery — Google review

Absolutely gorgeous park located at Lake Martin. The area is so serene and well maintained. There are picnic areas with plenty of seats and bbq grills. You can launch a boat, fish, grill, or just relax at the beach. Highly recommended if you don’t have access to a property at Lake Martin.

Khaled Robaidi — Google review

Love this park. Have stayed multiple times. Beautiful views, tall trees, peaceful setting. Good trails, some roads in rough shape, but biking still ok. Book a trail ride-the people are great and treat their horses well!

Mark and Chris Kail — Google review

Loved this cool place. Nice view and good picnic spot. Awesome-for swimming.

Sujan Gautam — Google review

Equestrian camp has 20 water and electric sites. We put our horses on a tie line between trees. Trails are mostly single track wooded trails. I rode the yellow, orange and part of the blue trail following the lake shore. These had a lot of hills and parts were very narrow along a hillside. In spots a little close for comfort. We found a spring waterfall for lunch break.

April Walk — Google review

If you’re looking for a nice quiet getaway, this is the place. we stayed by the lake and had a beautiful view. Totally recommend it. we will be going back.

Tyta — Google review

We had a 2wk stay here in the fall. Although none of the attractions here were open (ice cream shop, ziplines, putt putt), there are activities that the park naturalist puts on for all age groups. We enjoyed a free pontoon ride, scavenger hunt, bird watching, trivia night, and nature walk. The park is also home to bass fishing tournaments. Our site, D90, was spacious and had beautiful views of Lake Martin. There's an inlet that runs alongside the site that had decent size bass and ducks. Site 89 is super close. Thankfully, it stayed empty the entirety of our stay. There are trails to walk, a marina with a store full of all your camping/swimming/fishing needs, and laundry facilities. There are 2 dump stations that have 3 dumps each, although I can't imagine 3 rigs dumping at the same time. The distance between the 3 is short. There is one dumpster near the exit of the campground. During our stay, we noticed that group B fills up quickly. The premium spots in C were nearly full the whole time (they're more like rv resort sites). D was less favorable, although we did prefer it. Sites on the water look pretty, but they had no yard space and sloped down. E looked to be nice, and most sites overlooked the lake. Each section had its own bathroom/showerhouse.

Jemry Marie — Google review

Absolutely love love this place. Very clean and the staff are wonderful. The campsites are beautiful especially for RVs. I did tent camping and had a beautiful place right near the marina. I did not know they were going to have a bass fishing tournament the next morning so I had a person blaring on the PA at 4 AM and then 5:30 AM to launch 72 boats one at a time all revving their engines until about 6 AM so there’s that. And that’s an a whole different story but I’m still not gonna give him the stars because the place was so beautiful. If you want to either tent camp or RV camp, this is definitely a place for you.

Kevin Slate — Google review

Had a great time fishing on the pier off hodnett. Stayed there til 4am didn't catch anything but brought me back to nature. Also helps me feel grounded. Husband, my dog and I enjoyed the the entire night and early morning! Beautiful weather!

Sarah Beth Ritter — Google review

An absolutely amazing atmosphere. The scenery is amazing. The campground needs alot of help. Definitely in disrepair. Only one restroom in the whole campground had hot water and we checked all of them. Lots of Alabama State Park vehicles driving around and that is about all they did. We did report the lack of hot water and nothing was done about it. We would go back because we loved the view and the hiking trails around.

Cathy Lyons — Google review

A hidden gem in south Alabama! The grounds are well maintained. Plenty of picnic tables and water access, even on crowded days. You pay by the person to enter for a day pass. Military members get free day pass entry.

Trung Nguyen — Google review

Beautiful, spacious, and well-maintained this park offers something for most everyone. There are horses, an archery range, kayaks, boat ramps, glamping, you name it. The bath houses were clean and well stocked when we visited. There were 3 attendants available for incoming guests which vastly reduced the wait time when we checked in. My only complaint was the annoyance of the barking dogs. They seemed to be everywhere. Thankfully, the must be kept on a leash.

Robert Ball Jr — Google review

This is a beautiful park, with sites located along the lake. Our stay was in early December, so we had most of our loop to ourselves. Some of the sites may be a bit unlevel. The trees overhead are trimmed, so there’s no overhang. The park is close to shopping, Walmart, etc. The staff was very accommodating, and there are showers and bathrooms located throughout the park. We met a couple who operate Timberline Glamping Company in the park. They gave us a tour of the tents they rent out that are outfitted with linens, beds, air conditioning and heat. Putt putt golf, ziplines, boat, rental, archery, and other amenities were closed for winter, but it appears that during the season this is a very busy park. The laundry by the marina was clean, washer/dryers are $1.50 per load. The roads are great for bike riding, and there are hiking trails throughout. This park is a great place to camp no matter what the season.

angela k — Google review

One of our favorite places to camp. Some of the campsites are on the smaller side, so if you’re wanting room for activities for the kids- pick a waterfront site. They have more room! Wind Creek is well-maintained, clean, and spacious with lots of activities for the kids.

Ashley McCarley — Google review

Visited Wind Creek in fall of 2016. the staff was very helpful and friendly. Brought my boat and fished for several days. Boat ramp is exceptional.There is a fish cleaning station not far from the cabin we stayed in. It's a long dock you can also fish off of.We stayed at one of their 2-bedroom cabins that was at the waterfront. Very comfortable. Had a dock at the cabin for docking the boat up. The only small complaint would be no stove for cooking. But we managed with a crook pot, the outside grill and eating out a few times.Alexander City is only 6 miles away. Plenty of good restaurants and stores.Overall, we had a great time.FYI - Take a trip from the park to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. It's 30 minutes away. Free entry and worth the drive. I also did a review on that park. Check it out.

CURTIS YOUNG — Google review


(1552)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (225)


(103)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (226)

4325 AL-128, Alexander City, AL 35010, USA

(256) 329-0845


Wind Creek Montgomery

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (227)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (228)

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (229)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (230)

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Casinos & Gambling

The Wind Creek Montgomery casino in Alabama offers a variety of games, casual dining venues, and a modern architectural design. There are over 2,100 gaming machines and an on site grill. The hotel rooms are gorgeous and the live music in the restaurant is also a great perk. While the casino could do better with its high roller room, it is still a great place to visit for luck.

Went to celebrate my sister's birthday. Casino was energized and lively. The atmosphere was fantastic. Had a good time. Played the slots which was paying out on and off. Fun experience. Check it out.

Umay Pinnock — Google review

I truly enjoyed the visit. My bed was super comfy and cozy plus Ms. Yvonne brought everything extra that I requested to my stateroom with a beautiful smile and strongly suggested that if I needed anything else just give guest services a call and she will gladly bring it right away. I couldn't ask for anything else better than this except for more free stay days!!!!

Courtney Burke — Google review

The casino was awesome. The front desk staff friendly and engaging. The room service timely and delicious. The rooms clean and well appointed. But forget sleeping....if you are lucky enough to fall asleep you can be guaranteed to be woken up in the early hours of the morning. The guests think the halls are for partying and fighting. And yes, we called management. We hoped it would be different than the last time...we were wrong.

Kim Culbertson — Google review

Room was very clean and stocked. Great water pressure. Front desk clerk was so helpful and assisted me with all of my needs and questions. I didn't know about using valet to park so I ended up parking myself and walking across the parking lot with all of my bags, and it was Hot. Overall the stay was fantastic. Thank you.

aretha p lowery — Google review

We enjoy going to Wind Creek and playing the machines. Sometimes the trip is very good and sometimes not so good, win or loose we have fun. They have very good restaurants and a food court to eat at when you are hungry. They all so have a really nice little gift shop. I would recommend anyone traveling through Montgomery or anyone just looking to have a good time and maybe win some cash to stop by and play.

phil white — Google review

My experience staying there was great. The staff was friendly, the service was great, and the room was awesome!!! I got to play at the casino and get some good rest. While on the machines, I ordered drinks and that servers there were prompt and polite. Overall, I had a great time. Can't wait to go back!!!!

Bernedette Battle — Google review

Me and my husband went down as a getaway for the day. The people there are super nice and polite and very courteous. It was a great day to get away. We will definitely be back soon.

Tonya Meeks — Google review

First, do yourself a favor and go to Wind Creek Casino in Montgomery Alabama❤️. This casino is very beautiful, the bathrooms are immaculate, and the atmosphere is definitely more laid back. The food is so delicious and the staff is very professional and attentive. This casino has much more to offer. Don’t take my word for it, just see for yourself. We met several nice people there during our visit and will definitely be planning our next trip to return to this casino only. **** We had an awesome time!

A.W.H- Romans 12:1-21 KJV — Google review

First initial phone call to book reservation. Staff was so pleasant and friendly. Upon arrival from valet parking to front desk everyone was wonderful. Hallways and rooms were very clean. Room service was amazing. Saturday night blues at BB king was a great experience. I would definitely be back and will recommend others to visit.

michelle wright — Google review

I do not recommend. I have visited this place on multiple occasions with co-workers and each time has been awful. I won't be back. The machines are programmed TIGHT and playing at $4.00 & $5.00 with rarely any free spins and 10 free spins pay only $7.50, these machines need to be audited. $900 spent, with no return, on the same Big and Bad machines. NOTHING. AWFUL EXPERIENCE. The attendants walk around LOOKING, won't add paper in machine, especially the rude guy in the TIGHT Black suit and 90's high top. The machines malfunction during free spins especially when they play the jackpot song, they skip. I don't recommend any Active-Duty Service Members of any branch of the Armed Forces or Veterans play at this establishment. These are Electronic Bingo Gaming Machines not normal Casino Machines. Horrible Experience.

dede Vet — Google review

Is always a good time. The hotel rooms are gorgeous, live music in the restaurant. Not much of a high roller room. Could definitely do better with that. All in all, it's a great place and I go try my luck often

Heidi Greeson — Google review

Had a great time! I went with a friend just to get out of town for a little while. It's not a huge Casino, but it has a nice set up. It was very packed when we went, so finding a slot machine to play, we had to do quite a bit of walking. We didn't mind the walk, as we weren't in a hurry. We decided to go to the smoking room since we both smoke, and sat down at a slot machine. We took turns on the same one and it was up and down a little bit...anyway we wound up winning $538.00!!! Needless to say, we hit the cash out button and came back home! If your ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping. You never know what might happen!

janice nichols — Google review

My wife and I stayed at this casino. She was furious with me, though, because they do not have reliable Internet. She wanted me to have a good time, so she agreed to come down, but she needed to get some important work done. She couldn’t. As a result, we had to leave early, and now I’m dealing with an upset wife. This is a billion dollar industry. In the post-COVID world, there should be reliable Internet. Now…what is worst, she has to spend her entire weekend working on the work she had planned to do during our stay. Wind Creek needs to handle this and provide stable internet access to all paying guests. This is just not acceptable.

Derrick Davis — Google review

Everything was great with my stay and I definitely have to say that the BB King restaurant has the best food with the best presentation in appearance. The short lady with the long dreadlocks that work the morning breakfast shift is the best waitress everytime. Love this place.

Tracey Flowers — Google review

I recently visited this casino with my mother, not so much to gamble, but to keep her company. The cleanliness of the establishment was notably impressive, creating a relaxed environment. The staff were genuinely friendly, adding a personal touch to our visit. Parking was straightforward and hassle-free. The non-smoking aspect was a welcome feature, making it more comfortable. Overall, it's a great place for an outing.

BJ Monk — Google review

I do not recommend the barbershop connected to the hair salon located in Wind Creek Montgomery Casino. I received a cut and color. It was a simple, long layered cut with an all-over one color. No bells, no whistles. Even though I had an appointment, I waited an additional 25 minutes to be seen because she had other appointments that had failed to be written down on the schedule for that morning. So, my 10:00 o'clock appointment lasted until nearly 1:30 pm. Cost? $300.00!!! Are You Kidding Me? My hair looks better than average. However, it was nowhere near a $300.00 experience. Please save your money and go somewhere else.

Leigh Carman — Google review

We stayed at Hampton inn and the room was very nice and clean, the beds were very comfortable, the lady that was working at the front desk was Super Nice and made a few helpful suggestions, She had such a beautiful smile and really made sure that we had everything that we needed, that Saturday morning when we went down for breakfast and got the shock of our life, greeted with another beautiful smile was the young lady working to make sure that everyone had a big breakfast, As we approached her, She made sure that we knew that there was Red Velvet Waffles, and they were delicious, they also had Bacon, Grits, Eggs, Cereal, Muffins and topped it off with Chocolate Marbled Cake and it was all so good, She made sure that we felt welcomed and ate as much as we desired. She welcomed everyone that came through the door, I have been to a lot of Hotels in my lifetime and I have to admit this has been the best one yet, and we expected only to see Bagels, Coffee and Juice, they did an excellent job. I will be back again. Thanks Hampton Inn for a job well done.

ANGELA CLEMMONS — Google review

We attended the Jeep event Easter weekend. The staff at Wind Creek were amazing and an example of excellent hospitality. Thank you for going above and beyond expectations. We will be back. A+

Joseph B — Google review

I always enjoy myself when I stay at Wind Creek casinos. I love all the locations but I mostly spend time in Montgomery because I have a long drive from Atlanta,GA. The food and entertainment is great! The rooms are comfy and relaxing, but most of all the staff is excellent and professional. Jonathan, Tyler, Kay, Ebony, Bill, JoAnn, Leonard, Sandy and especially Ms. Lela you guys rock! You make my Wind Creek experience a very pleasant one. They all are exceptional and makes the Montgomery location #1. I can't wait to plan my next trip. See you guys soon!

Janice Brown — Google review


(10858)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (231)


(192)32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (232)

1801 Eddie L Tullis Rd, Montgomery, AL 36117, USA

(866) 946-3360

32 Best Stops Between Atlanta and Montgomery (2024)


What is the halfway point between Montgomery AL and Atlanta GA? ›

For a flight, the straight line geographic midpoint coordinates are 33° 4' 3" N and 85° 21' 22" W. The city at the geographic halfway point from Montgomery, AL to Atlanta, GA is Stroud, Alabama.

How many days to spend in Montgomery, Alabama? ›

I'd recommend allowing at least 2-3 full days for a trip to Montgomery in order to see all the important things and eat all the delicious Southern food you can. (For more on where to spend your mealtimes, check out Where to Eat and Drink in Montgomery.)

Where is the best place to stop between Houston and Atlanta? ›

Baton Rouge, LA: A wide variety of museums and historical sites await in the capital of Louisiana! Mobile, AL: Enjoy the coastal vibes and military history of Mobile before continuing to I-65 N. Montgomery, AL: Take one more pit stop in Montgomery for a lesson in the American Civil Rights Movement.

How far is it from ATL to Montgomery, Alabama? ›

The distance between Atlanta and Montgomery is 163 miles, which takes as little as 1 hour 40 minutes with our fastest rides.

What interstate goes from Montgomery to Atlanta? ›

Although it is nominally north–south as it carries an odd number, I-85 travels east–west through the state. It is the primary highway between Montgomery and Atlanta.

What is the loop around Atlanta called? ›

Atlanta BeltLine, Atlanta's spectacular outdoor space, comprises 22 miles of unused railroad tracks circling the core of the city's in-town neighborhoods.

Is it safe to walk around downtown Montgomery, Alabama? ›

Montgomery does have a certain level of petty crime like theft or pickpocketing, especially in the more bustling, downtown areas. It's vital to take simple precautions like being aware of your surroundings, not displaying valuables, and keeping your belongings secure at all times.

Is Montgomery worth visiting? ›

Montgomery, Alabama

Not only can you stand in the footsteps of heroes like Rosa Parks and Dr. King, but you can also taste the heart and soul of the south, find outdoor adventure on our riverfront and trails, and experience world-class arts and culture.

Why is Montgomery famous? ›

History. Incorporated December 3, 1819, Montgomery has a long and intriguing history. Once home to the First White House of the Confederacy, Montgomery grew to become the center of the Civil Rights Movement, notably the Montgomery Bus Boycotts.

Which city is closest to Atlanta? ›

  1. Stone Mountain. Distance from downtown Atlanta: 14.7 miles. ...
  2. Decatur. Distance from downtown Atlanta: 6.3 miles. ...
  3. Alpharetta. Distance from downtown Atlanta: 26.3 miles. ...
  4. Marietta. Distance from downtown Atlanta: 20.3 miles. ...
  5. Duluth. Distance from downtown Atlanta: 29.4 miles. ...
  6. Johns Creek. ...
  7. Milton. ...
  8. Peachtree City.
Feb 8, 2024

What is the halfway point between Atlanta and Houston? ›

The halfway point between Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas is: Long Beach, MS. Find a place to meet halfway. These locations are 793 miles apart and the exact midpoint is Long Beach, MS.

What is the halfway point between Atlanta and Montgomery? ›

For a flight, the straight line geographic midpoint coordinates are 33° 4' 3" N and 85° 21' 22" W. The city at the geographic halfway point from Atlanta, GA to Montgomery, AL is Stroud, Alabama.

Is Birmingham close to Montgomery? ›

The distance between Birmingham and Montgomery is 90 miles. The road distance is 92 miles.

Does Montgomery, Alabama have a casino? ›

Our 65,000-square-foot gaming floor is where all the lights and sounds of winnin' greet you as soon as you walk through the door. With over 2,200 games, your favorite machines are all right here waiting for you, and there's always a new game to discover just around the corner.

What is halfway between Birmingham AL and Atlanta GA? ›

The halfway point between Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama is: Heflin, AL. Find a place to meet halfway. These locations are 154 miles apart and the exact midpoint is Heflin, AL.

What is halfway between Columbus GA and Montgomery AL? ›

The city at the geographic halfway point from Columbus, GA to Montgomery, AL is Tuskegee, Alabama.

Where is the Georgia and Alabama border? ›

The border between Alabama and Georgia largely follows the Chattahoochee River, except for a portion in the northeast. This section is marked by a straight line between Nickajack Lake in Tennessee and West Point Lake in Georgia.

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