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Experience Micro Center in the Denver Tech Center

In 1999, Micro Center opened our first Colorado store in the Denver Tech Center area. Located just north ofI-225 off South Tamarac Street at 8000 East Quincy Avenue, Micro Center transformed computer retailing in Denver with a much higher level of customer service and employee expertise, combined with an unmatched selection of computers, electronics, software, accessories and computer parts for building your own PC. No store in the Denver area had previously offered as many computers and computer-related solutions as Micro Center.

Today, shopping at Micro Center Denver is even more rewarding. The store incorporates all of Micro Center’s latest store design enhancements along with our unmatched, guaranteed in-stock selection of over 25,000items—desktops, laptops, Apple and gaming—fromyour favorite tech brands. Denver’s shopping environment is wide open and inviting with a Do-it-Yourself area for Makers, more spacious departments for Apple, printers and TV electronics, plus a new mobile accessoriesdepartment. Come by today to experience what makes our Denver Tech Center location the unrivaled source for computers, computer-related solutions and technical expertise in the Denver area. We look forward to greeting you!

Denver, Colorado Computer Store


8000 E Quincy Ave

Denver, CO 80237

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Mon - Sat 10 to 9, Sun 11 to 6

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Discover. Learn. Solve. Evolve.

At Micro Center, we want to help expand your expertise with technologyby answering questions and encouraging you to create something new andvaluable. Visit our in-store Knowledge Bar for one-on-one tech support services or discuss in out online Community Forum. Our Technicians can help solveproblems, offer advice and converse on every type of tech, build, component andsoftware topic.

Plus, when your computer needs extra attention, our certifiedtechnicians are ready help with computer repairs, virus and malware removal, data recovery, Apple repairs and much more.

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HardwareRepair, Diagnostic Tests, & Data Recovery

If your PC has been experiencing any issues,our experts can assist with any maintenance work that it may need. If you takeyour system into our Denver location, our experts will first help by performinga fulldiagnostic of your computer, test it for any issues, and identifythe root of the problem. We can help with fixing everything ranging fromoverheating to screen freezing, to recovering lost data from damaged or corruptedhard drives.

Micro Center’s Denver location can also helpwith repairing laptops, with our services including battery repair orreplacements, replacing or cleaning old screens, and more. We can help out withboth Windows and Apple laptops,with our services priced competitively. Our team is also equipped to help with datarecovery and data backups. Schedule an appointment and will be ableto help!

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CustomPC Builds & Upgrades

Upgrading your system can be both incrediblytime consuming and tiresome. Luckily, Micro Center’s Denver location can helptake care of any PC upgrades that you need. Just provide our experts with yourcomputer and the desired parts that you’re in need of installing, and we’lltake care of the rest! Our PC experts can also help out with fullcustom PC builds as well – if you lack the experience or simply thetime and energy to build your new system from scratch, we can do the work foryou!

Micro Center’s Denver location – located at8000 E Quincy Ave —the best computer stores in the area, with dedicated expertsthat can help to deliver fast and reliable serviceat a fair price. Whether you need to upgrade a few PC components or need anentire system built from scratch, we can help. Our store is also home to a vastarray of computer components, so you’re sure to find the perfect parts for yournext custom build or upgrade.

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Meet Your Manager, Aaron Nolte

Aaron, who moved to Colorado in 2014 from the Midwest to become store manager, has been a leader at Micro Center since2004. Micro Center's culture strives to be the best computer store in the world and provide people with an exceptional customer experience. This differentiated experience for our customers is vital in today's retail/online environment.

Micro Center has been passionate about delivering a great customer experience to Denver tech consumers for over 20 years. Where else can you go to see the newest hardware, remarkable new accessories, receive top notch customer service, all while speaking with another knowledgeable tech enthusiast?

Aaron's days are most rewarding when he engages customers to help them solve their problems or enhance their lives with the newest technology, while being a supportive part of his employees' success as they pursue their passions. When you visit our team in Denver, be sure to ask for Aaron. He would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and ensure you're having a great experience in our store!


The Best Computer Store In Denver, Colorado

Where technology meets exceptional service and unparalleled expertise, since 1999, we've been the go-to destination for tech enthusiasts, business professionals, students, gamers, small business owners, and more in the Denver Tech Center area. We set the bar high by offering a level of customer service and employee knowledge that was unmatched, along with an extensive array of cutting-edge computers, electronics, software, accessories, and computer parts for building your very own PC. No other computer retailer in the Denver area could match our range of computer solutions — which is why, for over two decades, we’ve been the ultimate tech experience for electronics and IT services.

Shop Over 25,000 Items

With our unmatched, guaranteed in-stock selection of over 25,000 items— with desktop computers, laptops, gaming products, small business technology, and much more. As you browse through our store, you’ll discover irresistible deals on the industry’s leading tech brands. Explore the world of Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, and countless others while shopping at your local Micro Center.

At Micro Center Denver, we've created an open and inviting shopping environment designed to cater to every tech enthusiast's needs. You’ll find a Do-It-Yourself area for Makers, plus more spacious departments for Apple products, 3D printers, TVs, PC Parts, and other electronics. Be sure to check out our gaming departments, with a complete selection of PC gaming, Console Gaming, Racing Simulators, Flight Simulators, VR Gaming, and much more.

Computer Repair Experts

Thanks to our team of computer repair experts, Micro Center is also Denver’s premier PC repair service provider. We offer a full lineup of on-site computer repair services, from laptop repair to hard drive changes to data recovery and backup. Our team is staffed with Apple Authorized Technicians who guarantee the highest level of service for all Apple Repairs. Want to upgrade your PC’s components or even build yourself a new computer? We’ll help you get there with guidance from professionals who specialize in PC building and have strong knowledge of our unmatched selection of PC parts. Need to get your small business on track with today’s tech? Be sure to see our full range of business IT services, too.

Join The Micro Center Community!

Stay connected with our community by joining our engaging forum where enthusiasts and Micro Center experts join to discuss new products, tech-related news, review user-submitted PC builds, and much more. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

Visit Micro Center In Denver, Colorado.

Visit our Denver Tech Center location today to experience why we are the unrivaled source for all your computer and electronic needs in the Denver area. Our team is ready to greet you with the expertise, service, and selection that has defined us as true leaders in the tech space for years.

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Computer Store in Denver, CO - Micro Center (2024)
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