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opportunity for everyone without exception. and we can do it. we just have to remember who we are. we are the united states of america there's nothing beyond our capacity when we decide to work together my god bless you all. and thank you all for all the rava you've demonstrated over the years and may god protect our troops. thank you. thank you proud to be thank the president, united states speaking at the national museum or african american history and culture here in washington, dc, very strong words. >> and words that are designed at least in part to appeal to the african american community for support going into the november election, the president also making it clear that he went after trump and what he calls his that trump's mega supporters for erasing history in many, in many ways as well. we're going to

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continue to stay on top of all of these stories. thanks very much for joining me here in the cnn newsroom. i'm wolf blitzer in washington, and i'll of course be back later. tonight's 6:00 p.m. eastern. in this room inside politics with dana bash starts right now welcome to inside politics. >> i'm dana bash as woke just said, we have been listening to president biden speak at the national museum of african-american history in washington i want to start this hour by going straight to cnn's white house correspondents, kayla tausche. kayla tell us about the speech we obviously herded here live with the president delivered, but take us behind the scenes on the intent and the hope that this speech what did achieves pollute politically and also policy-wise well, dana, it is one of a series of events that

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president biden has hosted this week catering to the black community, that speech, of course, held at the national museum of african-american history street and culture, part of an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of brown v. >> board of education, the landmark civil rights case that led to school desegregation. and just yesterday, the president met at the white house with the planet tips in that case. now, the president was trying to deliver a message to the black community that he understands the progress that the community has made and also the work that is left to do. here's the president in his own words blanche line pell grants to go to college. and something i'm really proud of. we're making extort investments and historic black colleges and universities live from delaware so i go along with dolores state be the best hbcu commonly keeps saying is

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howard and i'm going now, i'm going sunday to make a speech at that other place. that man's car more than more more hours i got more and more house minimi administration and morehouse regardless of loyalties, it's clear hbcus are vital to our nation's progress i made it the president injecting some levity there in the announcement and that continued reinforcement, that is, his administration has invested 16 billion in dollars in historically black colleges and universities. >> part of this barrage of events. this week meant to establish more outreach to black voters and black interests scripts specifically at dana, there have been more than eight events this week that either biden or vice president harris have

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participated in later this afternoon they will be meeting with the divine in the historically black fraternities and sororities. and as the president mentioned, he'll be going to morehouse college in atlanta on sunday to deliver a commencement address that has been a fairly politically fraught with the white house dispatching officials to try to calm some tensions there and establish a rapport with students and faculty to inform the president's speech and make sure that it hits all of the right notes. there's another person that the white house has been consulting with on that species. that is dr. tony allen. he's the president and ceo of delaware state university. that president biden just mentioned. i spoke to him just a few minutes ago about how we can expect that more house speech to go. what but he believes the president will be talking about and dr. allen told me that he thinks that the president is going to be highlighting the rise and student voices, black student voices in particular, since the pandemic after the murder of george floyd, the black lives matter movement, the political unrest that followed. he told me this about that. he said all of that gave significant rise

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to the student voice in a very good way, as opposed to striking a delicate balance. i think biden will hit that head on and go back to the history of our country when young people had big things to say. of course, dana, black voters by enlarge are telling biden that his message is not resonating more than 20% of vote black voters telling the new york times in a recent poll across swing states that they would be voting for donald trump. so biden still has its work cut out for him. dana thank you so much for that excellent reporting. >> kayla, appreciate let's talk more with another group of excellent reporters. cnn's david chaldean, frank bruni of the new york times. he's also the author of a new fantastic book, the age of grievance, which we'll talk about a little bit later. zola and canada young's of the new york times and politicos. heidi pres bella, thanks so much. one and all the chaldean. you just heard kayla use the term barrage of events between the president and the vice president when it comes to outreach to the black community?

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>> yeah. i mean, i think you can't look at any one of these things individually at is the totality of this week, but i would that's not terribly different from what we've seen in past election cycles that a democratic presidential candidate may put together what is different is that donald trump, according to all the public polling out, there maybe on the precipice of doing better and performing better with more support from african-americans than any republican in the modern era. that's the different piece of this. so that's why this can't just be for the biden campaign nor do when you talked to them? i don't think they intended to be just one week kind of thing and dunn maybe the way that the president likes to joke about the former president and infrastructure week, this will not just be a one and done effort. this is going to be a concerted effort. you see it in their field to organizing attempts. you'll see it in their paid advertising. they understand this is a critical constituency. they cannot take for granted. >> yeah, and i want you to look at some of what kayla wishes talking about first, let's just go back to 2020 and the actual

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vote black voters biden got one than 75% of them. and when just look at the subset of 18 to 29 year-old voters, 24%. now, this is an actual vote now we're just looking at polls and he is down in the polls two, 49%. now, we know that for lots of reasons, polling in the black community, political polling has been fraught and maybe the sample sizes haven't been big enough to get a true sense. but as we talk about that, i also wanted to talk about what you have reported as recently as last week, you and your colleagues have a story, the justice department recommend easing restrictions on marijuana. and part of what you talk about in there is that that was a policy decision intended as an outrage. okay. just to african american voters, but to young voters in particular, yeah, that's right, that's right. i mean, look

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yes, it's early and we're looking at polling here, but one i can tell you that these numbers have the attention of some of mr. biden's closest political advisor, somewhat president biden's closest political vouchers they are, they are worried about about this frustration thus far because this very much as the base of the party and in a way sort of scrambling for different policy stevens now that you can show that can energize not just not just voters in black community, which is obviously not a monolith, but specifically young black voters as well so that falls as the marijuana announcement definitely is an example of that. look, that's that's essentially a proposed rule. it's not going to take effect for a while. file, it's like a long arduous process. the fact that the president put out a video with it yesterday, a week after the justice department sort of recommendation to the white house even shows just the urgency to really find something to energize these voters. but the concern that they didn't really get it and they didn't hear it 100%. absolutely. but i do want to say to look when we talk about young black voters, when we

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talk about version black community, many of the concerns are the same that many american voters. it's the economy, right? it's, it's frustrations around affordability so just looking for of different announcements such as like marijuana announcement is not going to suffice. and if this current moment that we're in reminds me of the last time around biden made a commencement speech at howard university. i spent the week going and talking to howard students as well as their parents to see that generational divide in a way, what you add is parents obviously worried about the state of democracy. but saying, look, if it's a choice between biden and trump, i'm gonna go with biden, but those younger voters were saying we have high expectations here. this person came in proposing sprawling proposals in, didn't get and didn't get policy achievements, legislative achievements, but it wasn't everything that they heard initially. so whether he can meet those high expectations, that's what we have to watch. what these events moving

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forward. >> thank you are and i say this with it's back, not a young voter, but you off right here. but you do spend most of your days with these kinds of young voters because you teach at duke university, what's your sense given the fact that you are very much in touch with a part of that community of how the political effort is going. >> well, i think they are a generation that's very skeptical of sort of what sound like blanket and bland promises i have to say on my campus, i'm at duke university. i don't see a lot of support for trump, but i see a lot of students who might not vote because they feel so disaffected. and i think the challenge with a lot of these younger voters, black, white, whatever is to just get them to go out to vote because so many of them don't believe that the difference is going to be as consequential as i believe it's going to be but i have to. i also want to say i'm really glad to see biden going to morehouse college in what people who are say you're going to be challenging circ*mstances in what might be a challenging reception because we keep on

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hearing from trump's supporters and from biden's critics that he's in hiding, that he's afraid to do risky things that he's not running a bold campaign or a vigorous campaign i think going out there and doing this and saying no, i'm going to give a speech. i'm going to address the concerns, however, it's received, it's received. i think that's a great look for biden on that. i want you to listen, heidi, to what david thomas, who is the morehouse college president told to our colleague victor blackwell we will allow silent non-disruptive protests, i believe right now that more houses and institution that can hold these tensions that threatened to divide us as a nation, as a society, as a world and if morehouse can hold those tensions there's probably no place in this country that can hold those tensions so interesting, heidi yeah, i think the question here is going to be whether biden

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can continue to give the speeches like the one that we just saw, which is really a conventional speech talking about all of his accomplishments, the things that he's delivered in his presidency on diversity and whatnot without going very negative on trump, because this is a discussion right now within the biden sphere of folks who want him to go more on the offensive and remind these young people of what's at stake, of what happened during the first trump presidency with the court with affirmative action, with roe v. wade. and there's others, dana, who want to go even further. i think the debates are going to be opportunity for biden to show his hand on this and whether he's going to go brass knuckles on some of this and extending to some of the advice, for instance, that river sharp had done, reverend sharpton has given which has look, we should also talk about the way back history of central park, 5 of housing discrimination. he even said he

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wanted some of these individuals to come to the debates. so you have a lot of tension here within the advisory sphere for biden to get a lot more rough and tumble. and one thing that we haven't talked about is the middle east and i have talked to people african-american leaders who are concerned about what the reception that the president is going to get this weekend at morehouse and it's not so much maybe it's a little bit about did he do what he promised to do on the economy? but it's not unlike, to your point, the concern that the biden administration that biden campaign has when he goes on any college campus, it falls him everywhere he goes. now, i mean, my colleague mike king did a great piece where she basically went to in met with black clergy members and georgia as well. and around the country who did express concern about how biden's policy towards israel and gaza would impact the black vote. we've already seen that some protests around more house and the surrounding colleges around there. we know that the faculty

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as well circulated a petition around the time that this was announced so i think it's fair to say that we can expect some protests, but to your point, i mean, that's been everywhere the president goes at this point. so whether or not it stops at speech, i don't i don't think that that would be situation, but it will definitely be something to watch there i'm still looking at the central challenge, i think, but the biden administration has had when it comes to their racial equity agenda, which is you came in talking about voting rights, sprawling criminal justice reform the fact that democracy is being threatened, and you have had policy accomplishments , but they're not sort but how can you sell? how do you sell enrollment in obamacare? lower prescription drug pricing, lower unemployment when many of the students that are in that commencement speech are worried about the state of democracy in the current state of the nation right now, fascinating reporting, fascinating conversation. don't go anywhere coming up. we are going to talk about some terrible breaking

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shani louk a meat booths both gala and good enter an idf spokesman says, these three innocent people were murdered while escaping hamas terrorists during the depraved massacre on october 7, the bodies were taken into gaza. they were celebrating life in the nova music festival and they were murdered by hamas cnn's jeremy diamond is in jerusalem. jeremy, what are you learning well, very sad news, dana, these three hostages, shani louk, i meet with scala and easily kill renter. >> now, a confirmed dead and their bodies indeed retrieved from the gaza strip by the israel israeli military, the idf spokesman, admiral daniel hagari saying in that news conference that you just played a clip of that the three of them were attending the nova

9:21 am

music festival on october 7. they actually managed to escape the festival as a hamas militants and terrorists began arriving and shooting up at festival in regime. but then in mrf lcme a town nearby is where the israeli military says that these three individuals were killed and their bodies then subsequently taken into the gaza strip. we already knew previously, according to the israeli government that shani louk, the 23 year-old tattoo artists from tel aviv, who was attending this festival, that she had been killed on october 7 after in late october of forensic pathologists discovered a fragment of her sol in israel and concluded that she was dead. but today was the first time that we've actually heard official confirmation that amit busk ela, a 28 year-old, and eat seek l renter who is 58 years old, that they were indeed killed on that grim saturday. this is, of course, as we've been watching reaction poor in

9:22 am

from all corners of israeli society, including the israeli prime minister who says that his heart breaks for this great loss. it is a powerful reminder of just how connected everyone when an israel fields to the fate of these hostages. and the nova music festival was certainly one of the reasons for that. and that's because this festival pulled together people from all corners of israeli society, all corners of the country from near the gaza strip, but also from tel aviv, from northern israel, contributing to the sense of connectedness it's that so many israelis feel to the plight of these hostages, then, jeremy, thank you so much for that reporting. appreciate it. and i want to turn two axes axios reporter barak ravid, who is also a cnn political and global affairs analyst. and al-houthi tala, the former head of israeli national security council, and former israeli national security adviser, thanks to both of you up barack, i'm going to start with you. what is your latest fording not just on this

9:23 am

mission that allowed for the idf to announce this grim news, but what it means in the bigger picture and the ultimate goal here which is to get all the hostages back and to stop the war in gaza well, i think that one of the things that are evident from this from this retrieval of those bodies is that every day that passes you find out that more and more of those hostages were either killed on october 7 or while they were in captivity, those specific three were killed on october 7. >> but the hostage talks are stalled just in the last few days, there were several meetings of the israeli war cabinet with no real progress when it comes to how to relaunch those talks. and how to create a possibility for a breakthrough. and i think that this isn't, this might be the

9:24 am

tragedy that most of the news that israelis get over the last few weeks and months about the hostages are mostly about dead bodies that are being brought back from gas and i are here in the studio with me what is your sense of i mean, obviously, we just heard barak and gerami talk about the sentiment in israel and the reminder of just how sol, a country it is, just how smallest society as, and particularly when you look at the festival, how it was a gathering of if israelis, particularly young people from all over the country but you are a national security expert. can you talk about this news vis-a-vis, not just the cultural and societal implication, but the national security implication going forward. >> these are very bad news, of course and i think the reality is that almost any israeli recognizes the faces of a talk and the meat and shiny because we know, we know them, we know them either directly or through

9:25 am

their stories throughout the time. but i think you rightly asking about the more strategic implications of this, and i just about the personal stories is harder. it will be israel isn't a very tight position in this case is of course, the public. and i think that large parts also of the government, once the hostages out. benny gantz, gadi, eisenkot, others colored. they understand the importance of this. i think prime minister netanyahu understand the importance of this. as well but this is a political decision to be made by the government. it would probably crack it because perfections in the government who don't want this to happen. >> and when you say this, what does this mean hostage deal that would bring home, first of all, the live hostages, probably several, dozens are still alive. >> it is true that every day that passes, i think there less and less of them and we need to bring them back but this will not end until we get everybody back, including the bodies. the

9:26 am

fact that the idf is risking lives of soldiers to get about his out gives us a sentiment of how important this is to the sentiment of his republic. and in the military ultimately though it is hamas was refusing to release them hamas took them on october 7. hamas murders so many of them either on october 7 and afterwards, there were several times deals on the table that hamas could've approved. we've seen president biden and leaders of the world understand and recognize that is hamas, that is not allowing this to happen because they want the war to completely end before even they release all of the bodies and the hostages. the israeli public. israel as a country, cannot agree to that. we did not look for this war. we did not enter this war. we were very much surprised as everybody knows, we've suffered a total massacre. this war's been waiting for so long for seven months for this to end, we need to get them back home. and this is a reminder of that today. >> sure and we know it wasn't that long ago that we had just the latest in the roller

9:27 am

coaster of it could happen. it won't happen. installed, it's close on these negotiations when hamas, they're political wing, clearly as a publicity is done to announce that there was a deal that they had accepted a deal. well, it wasn't actually the most recent deal that was before them or the most recent offer that was before them, that even the us secretary of state was talking about can you explain it's such a complicated thing, both on the israeli side, but also when it comes to hamas and their grip on power and how they approach the war why things continue to be stalled and what you think could be a key to a breakthrough so first of all, i think the situation on the ground is not getting better by the week. as i said before, the horsem*n continuing for several months, the idf is in curing more, more casualties we've had, of course this read more

9:28 am

casualties in gaza. and what i'm talking about gaza, yes. yeah. i'm talking about of course these civilians in gaza definitely every day that the work continues, it is a war israel has been accused of doing things deliberately. we're not doing this deliberately i will protect and defend this, but i am cognizant and empathic to the suffering and the casualties in gaza. this is a war that was brought upon us and hamas is using is on population as human shields. but there are casualties, indeed we've just passed. this debate even strong debate on rafat can do this, not do this and how this will play out from an israeli perspective for the war to end we need to. get the, hostages back, and we need to make sure that hamas cannot continue to do this. but sinwar is not willing to just give this away. we will need to force him into this unfortunate that the conditions are difficult for that. so i think this will actually continue for a while now before we can reach an opportunity to have a proper ceasefire. >> now, that's not exactly great news, but but thank you for being a realist and coming

9:29 am

on and explaining. thank you. a sentiment and the reality. appreciate it and thanks to baraka as well. and gerami for his reporting. up next, a new york times report about justice samuel alito, and whether in the days after january, he was signaling support on his front lawn for trump's effort to overturn the election stanley cup playoffs presented by geico we begin six this is going to be fine, isn't it? manders ruins stars, avalanche governors begins to 96, 30 on tnt. >> and the furniture business, things move fast. >> ziprecruiter helps us hire qualified candidates who keep up. >> we needed a project manager yesterday. we posted a job on ziprecruiter and had our guy onsite is five days he was qualified and everyone zip recruiter finds the best candidates for all our jobs. >> they helped us build a dream

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supreme court justice samuel alito has some explaining to do. an upside-down american flag, a symbol of the stop the steal movement was seen hanging outside his home and that happened what you're looking at, apparently just days after the january 6 insurrection. now that is according to a new report from the new york times, listen to jodi kantor, the reporter who broke the story, describe how it evolved the first thing people felt was really just very great surprise. >> and this wasn't up there for just, you know, ten minutes. >> what neighbor say is that it was there for a few days justice alito was responding to the report, sending an email to the new york times, claiming he had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag are great panel is back now and we have to new york times reporter is not on the by-line, but i want us to actually want to

9:35 am

start with you, heidi because just there's been so much talk about what's going on with officials who are supposed to be separate from politics, even though we know, even in the best of times, on the supreme court, they don't have their heads in the sand. >> are there shouldn't shouldn't be aware of what's going on around them. >> but this is next level. >> and the question is whether or not his apparently as he is saying, his wife did it and he didn't know about it or and if that's true. okay. and then that begs other questions about him walking outside his house and passing a flag that was upside down and not knowing it look, regardless of who done it, in this case, there's two things. >> one, it's part of a pattern, and two, it tells you about the intensity of the emotion within that household around this issue. and when i talk about a pattern we all remember the email or the text correspondence around the

9:36 am

insurrection involving ginni thomas, another supreme court justice. and that's what i mean when i talk about pattern. pattern is also clarence thomas speaking to a group funded by the koch brothers and a lot of the koch brother money was behind campaigns to seat all of these justices. so it's really the broader tapestry here that is the problem. and it's only going to pour kerosene are in this already burning fire. for calling for court reform by the democrats who say there's no way that these justices, and they lived get these things can be impartial when we're looking at an election where this court could very well be the final decider. >> i want to read the longer alito statement to the new york times, quote, i had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag. it was briefly placed by mrs. alito in response to a neighbor's use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard sayyed, let's just keep that up and break this down. first of all second time and a couple

9:37 am

of days that a high-profile person blamed his wife, bob menendez, did that in court, but also, let's just look at the actual russia suffering for breast cancer. >> she had that's right. thank you for adding that in response to a neighbor's use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs why do you think it is okay to turn a flag upside down, which even if you don't know it, it reflects stop the steal. you do know if you're most americans, especially if you are adjusted on the high court, highest court in the land that it's intended to send a messenger. the very least be disrespectful to the flag. >> it's a sign of distress that is what it is. >> i mean, you don't flip the code us code about flying a flag. you can't fly upside down in lesson times of distress. so to have whether or not his wife did it, it is home. it's on the supreme court justices property and the american flag is being hung as

9:38 am

it is in a statement that the country is in distress and yes, it is also a symbol of the stop the steal movement it's unthinkable and i understand. yes, we should not be naive. we understand that these are political figures, but there is a difference. this is, this is the supreme court of the united states. and yes, they are political figures, but they don't. there has not been a long tradition of them being sort of polit, partisan, political activity in that way. that, that is, that this appointment to that court can really live above. i want you to hold you. >> i know you had something to say. i want you to hold your thought because i want to talk about this as relates to your book because i think it very much does final thought from you. >> i was going to say also, it's worth reminding folks this court is currently it has some decisions of foot that that's directly relate to this too. i mean, this is the supreme court that could decide whether could decide trump's immunity case. also, whether or not there's any penalty for january 6 it says when it comes to the former president's, so

9:39 am

this isn't just the matter of whether an individual judge, justice as being political here, but also whether or not there's going to spark questions of a conflict of interest with future cases. >> hey, everybody standby coming up. can't we all just get along i think your fake eyelashes or messing up? it looks like the answer is nope we''ll be right back time to press rewind with neutrogena rapid rigueur repair. it has durham proven retinol expertly formulated to target stem cell turnover and fight not one, but five signs of aging physical

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consultation chi no way why would i use kayak to compare hundreds of travel sites at once i like to do things myself i do my own searching your sky. if i can't trust anything else to do the job right hi act search one, i'm done close captioning brought to you by meso if you or a, loved one have mesothelial will send you a free book to answer questions you may have called and we'll come to you 808 to one 4,000 i remember when my son was a toddler and he would get pretty cranky before bedtime, which brings me to last night's spectacle inside the house oversight committee room. let me set the scene.

9:44 am

republicans called the hearing to vote on holding attorney general merrick garland in contempt. for refusing to turn over the audio recording of president biden's interview last year with special counsel robert hur. now, they didn't begin until 8:00 p.m. why because so many republicans were absent during the day, they were instead in new york to support donald trump at his hush money trial the melee began with congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. she accused one of her democratic colleagues of employing the daughter of the judge in the new york case. now, there's no evidence that that is true. the voice you hear at the beginning of what i'm going to play is democrat jasmine crockett of texas do you do you know we're here for we're here you know what you're here for well, you don't want to talk about i think your fake eyelashes or messing up order. mr. chairman i would like to add to move to take down ms green's words

9:45 am

that is absolutely unacceptable. >> how dare you have another person? >> are your feelings, her words down? oh, oh, girl, baby, girl. oh, really don't even play baby girl. >> i don't think you're going to move and we're going to take your words down second that motion so as you just heard marjorie taylor greene set the whole thing off with that personal attack on congresswoman crockett which today crockett called racist during the hearing, democrats demanded not only that greene's remarks be stricken from the record, but that she apologize i'm not apologize. >> what they reserve the right to. i am not a problem advising, but let's go come on, guys. >> why don't you debate me and mr. chairman the minority cells ever rookie, you're not yeah. you're not aboard. don't have enough and i'm sure you recognizes mr. perry. okay move to strike three ladies words

9:46 am

again that's the two requests to strike. >> that's to request a trial. >> they cannot take another motion to strike her words again members and here's the court republicans blocked an effort to strike her words from the record, then came this from crockett i'm just curious just to better understand your ruling. >> if someone on this committee then starts talking about somebody's bleach-blond, bad built butch body that would not be engaging in personalities, correct? a what now chairman i make i make a motion to strike those. >> i don't think that's all fine. >> clarification on what you said. >> we're not gonna we're not gonna do this. you guys earlier literally case i get calm down. >> calm. no, no, no, because

9:47 am

this is what proceed you're not recognize ms crocker, you with your yellow i don't know if you've noticed that i have two hearing aids i can now, amid the chaos, you can probably tell there that the committee chair james comer, needed some help and ranking member jamie raskin bagged for an adjournment for the night. >> now, the voices that you are going to hear now, but don't see our congress man, dan goldman and congresswoman paulina luna i think these 17 hour days might not work for us something about working yeah. maybe showing up for a vote you have a lot to saving that. you're on retainer for the judge's daughter sorry, trust one kid. >> mr. chairman we should strike those words. >> too. i hope you brought your popcorn ms after we called mar, they were making comments about marjorie, his body, so we can

9:48 am

five of those are term and this is out we should, we should adjourn, mr. chairman notion at the desk. >> mr. chairman, i think my body's pretty good and i'm going to be one of order now again, there's no evidence that that congressman with naep definitely not on retainer, but that that he employs anybody from the judge's office. >> all of this begs the question, why is everyone so angry? well, it is something that frank bruni explorers in this new very important book, we're going to talk about it after why choose a sleep numbers smart bad. can it keep me warm when i'm cold wait, no, i'm always hot. >> sleep number doesn't can i make my side softer my sayyed firmer squeeze number. does that can help us sleep better and better please speak number does 94% of smart sleepers report better sleep? namdar,

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consultation, again, that's one i'm tom forming in washington and this is cnn the tradition of festival begins with the airing of grievances i got a lot of problems with you people you're going to hear about it kroger. my son tells me your company states, oh, good you

9:53 am

get yours in a minute that was 1997 episode of seinfeld word torch, because stan does father played by the late great jerry stiller kicks off a ceremony he calls airing of grievances. >> it's top of mind today because frank bruni, his new book is entitled the age of grievance. and he writes in part quote the american soundtrack has it's become a cacophony of competing complaints. so beautifully said, as is everything that you write a frank so much, thanks so much for staying and talking about this that was at a time where if you had to air grievances, ala franca stanza, you had to do it in person that was before even the notion of social media i think this is such an important book because you're saying, so much of what i think people are thinking who are wondering what's happening in society? >> what's happening is read each other's throats and sometimes for reasons that makes sense. but just as often for reasons that make no sense,

9:54 am

we've we've lost the ability to draw distinctions and discern between the battles that we really need to fight and the ones that we can let go people are itching to take offense in every situation. i mean, you just showed everyone that crazy seen in the house. now that's a cartoon version of american life, but it's a version of american life and it's an emblem of american life right now. and the story you had earlier about justice alito, and the upside-down flag outside his house? that's something i don't think we would have seen 20 years ago and that too is a reflection of how how much we've fallen. >> he makes an appearance in your book early in your book when you talk about obviously not the flag, but the reputation you said that he's developing for using appearances at conferences and so forth to use to deliver screen aedes against secularists, same-sex marriage and saying things that make him sound less like a black robe sage than rush limbaugh, more like rush limbaugh back in the day? >> yeah. and that makes him

9:55 am

sound perpetually and pre-draw naturally aggrieved i mean, he he after roe v. wade was overturned, right? that was decision he wrote you had to know that that was going to have a seismic effect on the population. you had to know if you're him, that people were going to complain and say nasty things because it because it was so important. and he then went to the court of public opinion, said woe is me there so rough on us justices come on. >> i want to read another excerpt. we've let the kind of sensitivity we lacked in the past and very much needed in the present morph in many instances into hypersensitivity . so strange and even illogical that it's kind of insensitivity, all its own as we sit on that and think about that, i want you to talk about solutions because this isn't just explaining grievances. it's coming up with ideas for how to overcome this place. we are in society. >> i think we can pivot in a better direction. i think we could do it in a number of ways. i think there are political reforms we need to pay more attention to that might give us candidates who

9:56 am

prize consensus as opposed to some of the extremists that we see in the house right now. i think there are things we can do with social media regulation and with education. i think above all, we need to talk to young people because i teach now at duke. and i know from my students there are a lot of them end up with a news diet and a social media feed that they didn't consciously construct. and that isn't aligned with who they really mean two, because it's the algorithms push things to write this they chose a few things. the algorithms kicked in and you can get them to pull back to think about what they're doing, and to reorient what they're doing so that it's in line with who they want to be in their goals. we need to have these conversations with young people constantly and from an early age. thank me. thank you. we're gonna continue talking. will post it online. so don't go anywhere. thank you for joining inside politics today. cnn news central starts after the break was that your grandfather leading armies to battle? >> was that your great aunt keeping armies alive, drafting

9:57 am

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oraa ring this is a secret, war. secrets and spies premier sunday noon, second attack on cnn closed captioning is brought to you by you, cora,

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