King Charles to present new colours to Kate's Irish Guards regiment (2024)

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King Charles III will present new colours to the Irish Guards today - the regiment for which his daughter-in-law the Princess of Walesbecame the Colonel last year.

The monarch will inspect the guardsmen and officers on parade at Windsor Castlebefore the Chaplain General consecrates the colours with a blessing.

The new colours will be those trooped in the Trooping the Colour at the King's official birthday parade on Horse Guards Parade in London this Saturday.

Charles - Colonel in Chief of the seven Guards regiments of the Household Division - will inspect the soldiers at the parade from a carriage rather than on horseback.

The 75-year-old monarch has recently returned to public-facing duties while still receiving treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer.

MailOnline understands that Charles is not standing in for Kate today - because he is Colonel in Chief of the seven Guards regiments, including the Irish Guards, and presentation of new colours is by convention done by the Colonel in Chief.

Charles greets Kate at a Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Ypres, Belgium, in July 2017

In March 2023, Kate took over the role of Colonel of the Irish Guards from her husband Prince William.

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The Princess sent a letter to the regiment to apologise for not being able to take the salute and to wish them luck for the Colonel's Review – the final rehearsal for the King's birthday parade - in London last Saturday, June 8.

Kate, who is undergoing chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis, spoke of her pride in them and added that being Colonel 'remains an honour'.

The Princess was represented at the Colonel's Review by General James Bucknall, who acted as the chief inspecting officer of the day in the princess's absence.

Colours - adorned with a regiment's emblems and battle honours - were originally used as rallying points for troops on the battlefield.

Troops take part in the Colonel's Review at Horse Guards Parade in London on June 8

Troops of the Household Division take part in the Brigade Major's Review in London on May 30

They still accompany soldiers on operations and, more visibly, on ceremonial duties.

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The presentation of new colours to No 9 and No 12 Company will start with the Band of the Irish Guards marching them into Windsor Castle.

They will be led by the Irish Guards' regimental mascot - an Irish wolfhound named Turlough Mor but affectionately known as Seamus.

This Saturday, the King will be accompanied by the Irish Guards Regimental Lieutenant Colonel, Major General Sir Christopher Ghika KCVO CBE.

There will be a royal salute and the national anthem will be played.

During the Colonel's Review last Saturday, Seamus was led across the square by a scarlet-coated drummer. The dog was presented to the regiment as the soldiers lined up.

2023 -- (From left) Prince George, Kate, Prince Louis, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, King Charles and Queen Camilla at Buckingham Palace for Trooping the Colour on June 17 last year

2022 -- William, Kate and their children attend Trooping the Colour in London on June 2, 2022

2019 -- William and Kate at Trooping the Colour with their children in London on June 8, 2019

Field Officer in Brigade Waiting Lieutenant Colonel James Coleby shouted orders to the regiment while riding a white horse named Onyx.

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A mock-up of the royal carriage, emulating the one which will hold the King in a week's time, arrived at Horse Guards Parade in time to reach the saluting base at exactly 11am.

A royal salute was given and the national anthem was played in full. The Household Calvary and the Mounted Band processed around the square with the carriage.

Horses marched in pairs in front and behind the carriage, with two divisions in front and two behind before the group finally filed off the parade and down the mall to prepare for the mock firing of a 41-gun salute, which will take place this Saturday.

A total of 250 musicians, 20 pipers, 240 military working horses and almost 1,000 dual-role soldiers of the British Army's Household Division took part in the event last Saturday.

King Charles to present new colours to Kate's Irish Guards regiment (2024)
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