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  • "By the way, have you seen... them? Some entities that are creepier than the Abnormalities? [...] We know nothing about them. No matter how meticulous the plan is, it can't control the unknown."- MalkuthOrdeals (Hangul: 시련, siryeon, lit. "trials") formerly known as Random Events, are a mechanic taking place in the Management Phase that causes facility-wide disruptive events. The Ordeals are meant to add more variety to the days in terms of gameplay, forcing the players to prepare and train for s

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  • Dusk is the third ordeal level to appear in a day. This title indicates a difficult event, disrupting the order of the facility very quickly. This is the last ...

  • Ordeals, also referred as Random Events, is a mechanic introduced in the game which take place in the Management Phase. The Random events are meant to add more variety to the days in terms of gameplay, making the players to overcome the events instead preventing them. The events can occur after day 21 and so on, at random times, breaking order and peace of the facility and giving surprise to the unaware and unprepared players. It was introduced in May's Update and later refined in June's Update.

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  • For obvious reasons these can't go into the normal Ordeal post, so they'll get their own entry here. Dawn: A Request Selects one Fixer at random from the ...

  • Let's Play Lobotomy Corporation by TeeQueue - Part 167: Mechanics Talk 17 - White Ordeals

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  • Amber Dusk. A much larger, hallway-filling version of The Perfect Meal. These sluggish beasts move lazily across hallways they appear in, biting anything in ...

  • Lobotomy Corporation Main Character Index Sephirot | Abnormalities | Ordeals | Other Characters OrdealsUncontrollable, outside forces that will invade Lobotomy Corporation at different times of the day to harass you and stop your progress. As …

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6. Gredell on X: "Aah... I almost had it, that mission of Dusk ordeal. I gave ...

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  • 22 mrt 2021 · Lobotomy Corporation - Episode 10 - First Dusk Ordeal! DualBlades · 58:36. Lobotomy Corporation - Episode 11 - A-Team Begins! DualBlades.

  • My first play-through of Lobotomy Corporation all in a convenient playlist for your enjoyment.

Lobotomy Corporation - Season 1 - YouTube

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  • 12 jul 2023 · DUSK ORDEAL TIME On Lobotomy Corporation! Frapollo94 · 5:54:14 · Yesod and Hod Core Suppressions Today On Lobotomy Corporation! Frapollo94.

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  • The Green Midnight Ordeal is the easiest of the four Midnights, considering that it is a sole immobile enemy and while it has more HP than anything else in the ...

  • Anti-Climax Boss: The Claw, aka the White Midnight is surprisingly easy considering he's supposedly the Ordeal to end all Ordeals. While he can deal incredibly high damage with his basic attacks and has a versatile list of moves, he's very easy …

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  • 16 jun 2019 · Crimson Dusk. I needed to beat one Dusk Ordeal in order to complete Malkuth's stuff. And now I think I unlocked like, 5 meltdowns at once ...

  • Melting Love related? And would be the best idea until you face Red where you have to have someone in each department hallway. Also Checking the rabbit call tab shows you any enemy so thats pretty nifty

Lobotomy Corporation Discussion 2 | Page 4 - VS Battles Wiki Forum


  • 7 mei 2022 · Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bRs3Qkz3ZYT8UN2pocl-2Goi7OEJtji*z/view?usp=sharing난이도 패치(위에것도 필요):...

  • Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bRs3Qkz3ZYT8UN2pocl-2Goi7OEJtji*z/view?usp=sharing난이도 패치(위에것도 필요): https://driv

Lobotomy Corporation Dusk Ordeal (2024)


What is a dusk ordeal in lobotomy corporation? ›

Dusk. Dusk is the third Ordeal event to appear in the day. These Ordeals are rather difficult events, trying to disrupt the order of the facility very quickly. They begin to appear from Day 21 onwards.

How to deal with amber dusk? ›

Amber Dusk's big worms do massive R damage to targets in front of them, so piling your employees in an elevator and attacking them from behind works well. Just don't put any of your employees in front of the big worms. They'll almost assuredly explode near-instantly at this point in the game.

How long is lobotomy corporation? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Lobotomy Corporation is about 61 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 125 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What are the three ordeals? ›

The main types of ordeal are ordeals by divination, physical test, and battle.

What is ordeal? ›

An ordeal is something difficult or painful to go through. Something kind of hard like taking a test can be an ordeal, but often an ordeal is a serious and long-lasting event, like an illness or tragedy. When you go through an ordeal you have to deal with something tough.

How hard is lobotomy corp? ›

This game is hard, and not always rewarding. It's a slog to get through, to put it mildly. The playtime is heavily padded by the need for restarts/resets, whether that's a single day, 5 days, or even the entire campaign.

What happened to Ayin after lobotomy corp? ›

In the end, Ayin is left alone. All those colleagues who supported him were gone and he was going crazy. Carmen's expectations, unfinished research, and the death of colleagues ruined him. He attempts to commit suicide, but he is stopped.

Is Lobotomy Corporation worth buying? ›

Recent Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (456) - 96% of the 456 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. All Reviews: Very Positive (30,165) - 93% of the 30,165 user reviews for this game are positive.

How many days are in Lobotomi Corporation? ›

Gameplay. Lobotomy Corporation spans a period of fifty in-game days, with the overarching goal of fully expanding Facility X-394.

Does Lobotomi Corporation have an ending? ›

True Ending: Complete Day 50 synchronized with every Sephirah. The Tree of Light is executed and a seed of hope is planted. The facility is shut down and all of the Sephirot are finally put to rest.

How long is the Library of Ruina? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Library Of Ruina is about 118 Hours in length.

Is Lobotomi Corp a roguelike? ›

Lobotomy Corporation is a 2D side-view micromanagement roguelike where the player takes the role as a branch manager of the in-game company and directs employees, specifically agents, to do work.

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