What's 'The Pharaoh's Curse?' The 'Curse Of Ra' And The Meaning Of The Sand Memes Explained (2024)

At first, there was Alienposting, then Pirateposting, but now, the big craze sweeping the web is Pharaohposting, which is manifesting in the viral Pharaoh's Curse memes about the alleged "Curse of Ra" and the dreaded warning "return the slab."

Images, GIFs and videos of people spitting out sand, being swept up by sand or otherwise being consumed by some creepy ancient Egyptian force have been surfacing on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. Plus, there's a cursed copypasta going around consisting of random hieroglyphics.

As the memes spread across the web, many are wondering what the "Pharaoh's Curse" is. Plus, what is the "Curse of Ra?" Are these alleged curses7 real? Let's explain.

What Is 'The Pharaoh's Curse?'

According to ancient Egyptian legend as well as evident in the stories of experienced archeologists, there is allegedly a supernatural phenomenon called the Curse of the Pharaoh. Sometimes called the "Curse of the Mummy," a person can allegedly be cursed with illness or death if they disturb the grave of an Egyptian, specifically that of a pharaoh's tomb.

"Disturbing" the grave is most often portrayed as stealing something from the tomb. As known throughout history, ancient Egyptians buried themselves with many prized possessions that they wanted to keep going into the afterlife. For powerful pharaohs, they had a pyramid filled with such objects, all of which were said to leave a curse on a thief.

What Do 'The Pharaoh's Curse' Memes Mean?

Memes about the Pharaoh's Curse ironically portray someone who's being plagued by sand, akin to the Egyptian desert. The video memes most often show someone spitting out sand, imagined to be dying for stealing something from the pharaoh's tomb.

The humor in the memes relies on the absurd fact that suffering from an ancient curse in the 21st century is ridiculous. Portraying a modern person being cursed by an ancient pharaoh is hilariously unserious.

Plus, it's surprisingly easy to find videos of people throwing up sand. Remember the Cinnamon Challenge from a couple of years back? There are plenty of fail videos from that challenge in which the participants look like they're coughing sand.

@696969trashboat696969 the Wrath of Ra. #fyp #pharoh #curse #pharohscurse #WrathofRa ♬ the sands of time – friëd shrimp
@culomanuno Return the slabbbbb #fyp #lobotomy #returntheslab #curseofra #pharaohscurse #pharaohscurse #meme #hoodirony #funny #viral #lobotomy ♬ the sands of time – friëd shrimp

What Does 'Return The Slab' Mean?

The phrase "return the slab" started with the caption of a TikTok video in July. The meaning of the phrase in the context of the meme is that an imagined "slab," likely consisting of sacred hieroglyphics, has been stolen from the pharaoh's tomb. Therefore, one must "return the slab" to rid themself of the curse.

@minecraft_blackstone The Pharaoh’s curse is no more #pharoah #desert #egypt ♬ the sands of time – friëd shrimp

What Is The 'Curse Of Ra?'

Despite sounding like a real piece of history, the "Curse of Ra" does not exist anywhere in ancient Egyptian lore. Instead, the only thing that references it is a video game from the 1990s called The Curse of RA. Of course, though, Ra is the ancient Egyptian deity of the sun, however, he does not have a specific "curse" to his name.

Instead, the "Curse of Ra" is a made-up curse that's received meme usage on Twitter and elsewhere, most often written, "Don't care. Curse of Ra," due to it being a harmful spell someone can cast on another via a quote retweet or reply.

What Is The 'Curse Of Ra' Copypasta?

To curse someone with the Curse of Ra, you're going to need the copypasta, which is a string of hieroglyphics that can be copied and pasted. Here it is for your usage:

don't care. CURSE OF RA 𓀀 𓀁 𓀂 𓀃 𓀄 𓀅 𓀆 𓀇 𓀈 𓀉 𓀊 𓀋 𓀌 𓀍 𓀎 𓀏 𓀐 𓀑 𓀒 𓀓 𓀔 𓀕 𓀖 𓀗 𓀘 𓀙 𓀚 𓀛 𓀜 𓀝 𓀞 𓀟 𓀠 𓀡 𓀢 𓀣 𓀤 𓀥 𓀦 𓀧 𓀨 𓀩 𓀪 𓀫 𓀬 𓀭 𓀮 𓀯 𓀰 𓀱 𓀲 𓀳 𓀴 𓀵 𓀶 𓀷 𓀸 𓀹 𓀺 𓀻 𓀼 𓀽 𓀾 𓀿 𓁀 𓁁 𓁂 𓁃 𓁄 𓁅 𓁆 𓁇 𓁈 𓁉 𓁊 𓁋 𓁌 𓁍 𓁎 𓁏 𓁐 𓁑 𓀄 𓀅 𓀆

For the full history of the Pharaoh's Curse and the Curse of Ra, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

What's 'The Pharaoh's Curse?' The 'Curse Of Ra' And The Meaning Of The Sand Memes Explained (2024)


What is the meaning of the curse of the pharaohs? ›

The curse of the pharaohs or the mummy's curse is a curse alleged to be cast upon anyone who disturbs the mummy of an ancient Egyptian, especially a pharaoh. This curse, which does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, is claimed to cause bad luck, illness, or death.

What is the curse of Rah? ›

Summary Inside an ancient pyramid, you fight for your survival. The mighty god RA has transformed you into a scarabaeus. Now RA is chasing you through hundreds of mazes. Can you solve all the puzzles and get out of the pyramid alive?

What is the curse of Ra based on? ›

RahJongg- The Curse of Ra Special Edition is a puzzle game based on the ancient Egyptian game of Mahjongg.

Where is the Pharaoh's curse from? ›

Among the world's most famous curses is the "Curse of the Pharaoh," also known as King Tut's Curse. Ever since King Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, stories circulated that those who dared violate the boy king's final resting place faced a terrible curse.

What is the curse of the pharaohs for kids? ›

Like other pharaohs, King Tut's mummified body was sealed in a tomb. There is a belief about these tombs that is sometimes referred to as the curse of the pharaohs, which states that bad things will happen to anyone who disturbs the mummy of an Egyptian pharaoh.

What are the 10 curses of the Pharaohs? ›

The plagues are: water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and the killing of firstborn children. The question of whether Bible stories can be linked to archaeological discoveries is one that has long fascinated scholars.

Who died from the Pharaoh's curse? ›

Alleged victims of the curse included Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt, shot dead by his wife in 1923; Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, who supposedly X-rayed the mummy and died mysteriously in 1924; Sir Lee Stack, the governor-general of the Sudan, who was assassinated in Cairo in 1924; Arthur Mace of Carter's ...

Is the hom dai curse real? ›

The horror that we see in Imhotep's eyes and those around him suffering a similar fate surely has parallels in Egyptian funerary texts. Although sensational, the Hom-Dai ritual as shown in the film is completely fictional.

Was the Sphinx buried in sand? ›

Traces of blue and yellow paint elsewhere suggest to Lehner that the Sphinx was once decked out in gaudy comic book colors. For thousands of years, sand buried the colossus up to its shoulders, creating a vast disembodied head atop the eastern edge of the Sahara.

How did Egypt get buried in sand? ›

Not all ancient Egyptians could afford to mummify the dead. The poor would be buried in the simplest graves, along with some special possessions or pots holding foods, that they had when they were alive. For the poorest of people, the body was buried in hot sand which would dry it out and mummify it in a natural way.

How did Thoth defeat the curse of re? ›

Wise old Thoth overcame the curse by gambling with the Moon God (Khonsu) for some of his light. He won 1/72th of the moon's light. Enough for five extra days in the year, allowing Nut to have her five children (Osiris, Isis ,Geb , Nephthys and Horus) and extending the annual calendar from 360 to 365 days.

What are the curses in curse of the Old Gods? ›

Curses are one of the main mechanics of Curse of the Dead Gods. They apply new rulesets and effects to create different experiences in the exploration. There are currently 5 types of Curses: General Curses, Jaguar Temple Curses, Serpent Temple Curses, Eagle Temple Curses, and Final Curses.

What was the Pharaoh's curse short answer? ›

The pharaoh's curse was that death or misfortune would fall upon those who disturbed him. The silent visitors are the first to refer to it.

What is the curse of pharaoh deaths? ›

Alleged victims of the curse included Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt, shot dead by his wife in 1923; Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, who supposedly X-rayed the mummy and died mysteriously in 1924; Sir Lee Stack, the governor-general of the Sudan, who was assassinated in Cairo in 1924; Arthur Mace of Carter's ...

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