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Sep 8, 2023

A super quick & silly comic scribble of my current D&D character (Grace. A shifter, & the party's rogue) showing off her outfit. ... & some of the things she's recently pilfered apparently.

#eberron#shifter#swiftstride#cheetah#Grace#pockets#dress pants#rogue


Aug 15, 2023

This new chair is so cozy & the animation that goes with it is great!

Perfect for my Priory & nerd RP characters.

#gw2#reading chair#olan#Vellenay#sayll#gid#rp


Jun 27, 2023

Late posting, but here's some pics from Pride! \o/I had a lot of fun with friends, & spotting cosplayers, & riding the turtle chair through the march.

in that 1st pic; you'll see one of my friends cosplaying as "Madeline of Celeste". He had switched between Madeline & a Devil May Cry character through the march. I also will always love "Ace Rights Wizard", "Pan Rights Paladin", "Bi Rights Berserker", etc. Also spotted "Malyck of the Lost", that was fun! Anyway, I stop gushing now. o/

#tyria pride 2023#gw2


May 25, 2023

i REALLY wanted to finish some character art for a friend's D&D one shot tomorrow ... this evening. But a light-sensitive headache kept me from drawing on my new iPad.

A goal is a goal, & so I got my character drawn up on paper with ink & markers instead. HA! TAKE THAT! Stupid headache.

Some day I'll post digital art.

So ya! Meet my white dragonborn, Forge Cleric of Boldrie; Lynzelkin.

(I had fun grunging up her old armor from when she was a towns guard & barely survived it's destruction. And giving her a stripe of backwards facing scales on her neck, like the fur along the spine of a Rhodesian Ridgeback.)

#dragonborn#cleric#Lynzelkin#white dragonborn#marker art#ink#drawing


May 3, 2023



Charr / Asura / Sylvari wanted!

Send me your pretty War Cats, Gremlins and Salads. No further Questions!


Well, I need some test subjects for possible chibi bust like >> here <<, but in my current Artstyle. I also want to try Asura and Sylvari, too!

So feel free to drop any Charr / Asura / Sylvari in the comments or as reblog.

I’ll pick two or three of each Race <3

(But please don’t be sad if I don’t pick your Charr / Asura / Sylvari! ;v;)


Ahhh so many pretty cats / gremlins and salads!

Thank you so much!

Feel free to drop more Chars in until Friday! Then I’ll close this thing ;v;

Then I’ll get to work at the weekend👀


By the 5th. 👍got it. Here's some of my rp characters to choose from then.

Vellenay. My Deadeye Whispers & Ash cat that likes to demon hunt. She be a tiny runt with a sweet tooth.

Artificer Milo. A no-Legions nerd (a disguise for another character).

Sapphire. A clever but sweet thief of mine. No, she will not give you her real name.

Aleron. Another thief, but a charming idiot that causes trouble instead.

Aviator Sayll. A college drop out who likes to build aircraft with the Gear warband instead.

Nora Crushstep. My Blood & Vigil herbo that likes to headbutt things & wrestle friends. Chaotic but a soft-squishy healer friend when needed.



Apr 14, 2023

Finally got around to starting my skyscale achievement \o/

& so have a little silliness.

#gw2#skyscale#Olan Stone#egg#guild wars 2#egg sitting#gorrik


Nov 23, 2022

“Although I ran out of time this October, I'll still be working on my OC prompts. Here is GuardianBear's OC, Olan, getting ready for training! Doesn't he look so cool? #poksmOCtober”

I’m posting this really late, BUT


They did an amazing job of drawing my main GW2 RP character; Olan Stone.

lol, I originally hadnoplans for making him buff when I 1st made him (wanted to keep him a scrawny Priory nerd), but he got adopted into a norn family and then started to train in an earth-magic-based martial arts in Cantha. Whoops. Now he’s my buff wizard that RP friends like to tease with the name of“Swolan”. XD

#Poksmox#character art#Guild Wars 2#Olan Stone#elementalist#rp#gw2#cantha#norn tattoos on a human#Durmand Priory#arcanist#scars#rp character#thank you!#secretly a Whispers Creator too#Pact mage



Aug 3, 2022


ARCANE HERESY— a wizard subclass for the magicians who seek the power of the gods not through worship, but through study. I personally have a lot of fun with characters that have a complex relationship with religion and wanted to make a subclass to embody a more ambitious, selfish wizard, taking the power of divinity as their own. i hope you enjoy it and if you end up using it show me the heretics you make!

feedback is always welcome and if you enjoy my ko-fi is here.


Oh oh oh oh! This is so cool!

I can try this out in a campaign I want to run! \o/ Thank you for sharing this! I love it!

(I hope it's ok; I gush now over a similar idea I used before & it's been absolutely fun! Feel free to skip this part.)

Not D&D, but I did something similar as a secret weapon my GW2 main RP character can do on a rare occasion. It's really fun to keep it a dirty secret of his & pop it out when needed; like facing some really tough religious cultists or whatnot (with the DM's permission), often unblessing their butts so they're not op anymore.

Character's story: he's a magi-scientist from his studies in the Durmand Priory already, he quit for 3 years (returned to active duty later) after some magi-medical trauma involving Bloodstone madness, & sought peace by becoming a priest ... only to discover the truth that the human gods abandoned their people & the churches wanted him to continue the lie that they didn't leave. ... ya, Olan put his doctorate in magi-science to use; translating various blessings and scriptures into rune equations; allowing him to highjack the divine magic left behind by the abandoning gods so he could make the blessings actually work when needed. Though he knows that many would frown on this act of stealing from the gods, so he keeps this ability secret & only uses it when dire need arises in his many adventures back at the Priory or working for the Order of Whispers.

#horizonwalkers#arcane heresy#wizard#homebrew#god magic#very cool idea! I love it!#guild wars 2#rp#Olan Stone#Durmand Priory#order of whispers


Jul 31, 2022

Another art fight for another RP friend! Flap Jack the skimmer is attacking Jad with a surprise blanket hug!

An art trading game

#gw2#guild wars 2#art fight#Jad#flap jack#Jadoth Dawnfire#skimmer#attack hug!


Jul 30, 2022

Another Artfight attack on more of my GW2 RP friends!

An art trading game

#gw2#guild wars 2#charr#sylvari#Rukka#Qigwyn#art fight#line art#priory#rp#friends


Jul 29, 2022

An Art Fight piece for a GW2 RP friend of their character "Robin Avery"

An art trading game

#guild wars 2#gw2#Robin Avery#Raven#thief#rp#mesmer#trans#(this is a bf of my main rp character in gw2. It's been fun!)


Jul 29, 2022

An Art Fight piece "Arthur, the little Prince" for a friend!

An art trading game

#art fight#Arthur#pen#marker


Sep 3, 2021

A friend of mine, from a GW2 RP community, could use some help getting out of a dangerous situation. They gave me permission to share their link & some fun pics.

If you can't donate, that's ok. A share would be appreciated.

Hello - I'm Anne Ogborn, director of TransEmigrate. We're raising funds to get … Anne Ogborn needs your support for Help a young enby get o

#help#gofundme#anne ogborn#gw2#TransEmigrate#saudi arabia#rp#enby


May 29, 2021

Snagged this cool shot at the end of the current story

#gw2#guild wars 2#charr#Vellenay#screenshot


Apr 30, 2021

you know what I haven’t done in forever? Share pics of GW2 toons.Olan Stone surprisingly turned into my main RP character.

#gw2#Guild Wars 2#olan stone#priory#arcanist#RP#OC



Feb 27, 2021


I need to plaster this on every surface of my house tbh


Jun 28, 2020


PRIDE SPAM1. A silly picture taken during the LWRP Pride meet! (courtesy of Lord Rhyland)2. @kjkan caught me while taking the screenshot for the Lesbian Guardian collage lmao! Love you <3


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